Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer ($29.50 for 0.19 fl. oz.) is a clear gloss with light silver and pink shimmer. There’s not a whole lot to say about a clear gloss, and it is unquestionably dupable by a variety of brands, formulas, and price points as most brands have some type of clear gloss available. If you’re a die-hard fan of Chanel’s formula and like clear gloss, it’s certainly worth considering. If you only splash out for more unique shades, more pigmented hues, or really sparkly shades, there’s nothing here for you. The consistency is lightweight, thin but not watery or too thin, and non-sticky. It’s hard to really determine when the gloss totally wears away, but it remained noticeably shiny for two hours. I reapplied it a few times, so I wore it for a total of six hours, and it was lightly hydrating over that time period.

Do you wear clear lipgloss? I’d love to hear you incorporate it into your routine!

The Glossover


Ocean Shimmer

It's clear, lightly sparkly, and it's pretty much exactly as it looks in the tube. It doesn't last too long on lips, so you'll need to reapply to keep up the glossiness since there's no underlying color.











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Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer
Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer

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30 thoughts on “Chanel Ocean Shimmer Glossimer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. What blush and foundation are you wearing in this photo? Your skin looks flawless!

  2. I know there are lots of people who don’t mind buying high-end, essentially clear glosses but I am not one of them. I do get it though–I am willing to spend the money for products I will actually use all the time but I don’t use clear gloss. I like ones with at least a sheer pink tint. I do like the shimmer in this one though–they’re gorgeous and very tasteful

  3. liz

    I like the really little shimmer but god, if I’m gonna ever drop $30 on a clear lip gloss, that shit better be FULL OF SPARKLE. this is pretty, but dang. I can’t fault anything for buying it though. it’s pretty, and seems very much like a “treat yo’ self” kind of product.

    • I’m like you, Liz! I want mega-sparkle or otherwise I’ll just wear balm.

      • liz

        yuuuup! I bought a cheap clear gloss recently cause i hadn’t worn it since middle school and I was curious, but I guess I prefer matte lipsticks unless there’s glitter involved!

  4. Samantha

    Too bad there wasn’t more (and more dimensional) shimmer to it. It is just way too plain to justify spending that much money on a clear gloss!

  5. Kim

    I agree with you Christine- more oomph needed to make this worth the money. I’m sure it’s great, but I never use clear gloss. My lips are pretty pale naturally, I need color!

  6. VickyM

    This is very beautiful, the Chanel signature lipgloss, gorgeous and sparkly, if I used lipgloss often I would totally splurge on this but I really don´t use gloss commonly so I won´t buy this, but I love Chanel products.

  7. stacey

    I dont wear clear gloss. But I do like Dolce and Gabanna gloss over lipstick, because it is not stick and makes the lipstick esp. matte lipstick more vibrant. You ask what is the point of wearing gloss over matte lipstick. Matte lipstick lasts longer and then the gloss makes it not so drying. I got this D and G sample that is sheer almost clear, not quite, and use a smidgeon each time.

  8. Stephanie

    I don’t usually wear clear gloss but I know some people who do. Usually it’s great to have if you’re going to be wearing a long-wear lipstick and want something to apply over it throughout the day so you’re lips stay hydrated. I know some people like to use lip balm for that, others will use gloss…

  9. Veronica

    It’s pretty, but I’m not one to blow lots of money on clear gloss. I barely wear it as it is – even over lipstick. I like my lip colors to match and enhance one other. Still, it is quite pretty. :) I’d love to see a true silver sparkly gloss – like BB Canary level sparkle! So many of them either use minute amounts of the glitter or reflect light in a rainbow pattern rather than true silver.

  10. This was… underwhelming.

  11. xamyx

    I love clear gloss, and I find it very useful. If I have a lipstick that’s a great color, and I wear often, sometimes I’ll add gloss to change it up a bit, whether it’s simply over full-opacity or sheered-out with the gloss. I also add pigments/loose shadows to a clear gloss, especially if I want a unique shade, but I won’t wear it often enough to justify buying one, or I just can’t procure a particular shade. I have fairly pigmented lips, so I sometimes wear it “as-is”; there are also times when a clear gloss is simply more convenient to reapply, and I’ve been known to “revive” lipstick with clear gloss if it’s fading, and I don’t have access to a mirror.

    I’m actually torn between wanting this, and skipping it. I’m one of those who is perfectly happy with a DS gloss, but although it’s extremely subtle, I love the sparkle… I’ll have to swatch it myself, but I am strongly considering it.

  12. artemis

    well, at least it’s lightly hydrating….wouldn’t buy it…maybe if it was very hydrating and i’d have a lot of money, yeah.

    • If it had more sparkle, I’d be more excited over it. With so little, then I’d go for a more hydrating lip balm that had glossiness!

  13. Love your blush in this post!

  14. Cinzia

    I like clear gloss to add some dimension and shine or just on the middle of the lip, but at this price point it needs something special! It doesn’t even last very long! I think it’s a nice gloss but you could get something very similar for just a few dollars.

  15. No

    This is much too expensive for what it is. You can get better results with a 2$ wet and wild lipgloss!

  16. $29 for a clear gloss??? I would never spend that much on it.