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Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel

Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel:  Gloss Fluo de Chanel

I admit, when I initially saw photos the new Gloss Fluo de Chanel ($27) from Chanel’s Les Pop-Up de Chanel Collection, I was pretty excited. Bright fuchsia AND coral? That’s so me. Of course I’d be drawn to them! But I am sad to report that they’re incredibly sheer. (This is why one should not get excited purely by looking at photos!) I was curious as to why they appeared fluorescent in their tubes but ultra sheer on lips, so I figured I’d better take a harder look at what they are *supposed* to be.

Chanel describes Gloss Fluo de Chanel as, “Hot colour and high-wattage shine. The electric effect of bright, sheer, light GLOSS FLUO DE CHANEL Brilliant Lip Shine mixes and matches with equally vivid shades of ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Satin Lip Colour and LE VERNIS Nail Colour — perfect for going from the beach to a night out.”

So, they had me. They suckered me in! Gloss Fluo is *designed* to be “bright, sheer, light.” Is it just me or is that description kind of confusing? Bright and sheer? What? The way I review and rate a product is always based on what the product is supposed to do, not necessarily what I think it should do. I’m going to give Chanel the benefit of the doubt and just go with these are supposed to be sheer, lightweight “glosses” rather than over the top, electric color. Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

Gloss Fluo makes an excellent lip balm. It’s one of the weirdest “glosses” I’ve played with, because it doesn’t have the texture of the gloss. It’s like a squishy jelly in a glossimer tube. They’re sheer with no real shimmer but have a fairly glossy sheen/look to them.

  • Laser looks like a brightened fuchsia pink in the tube but applies more like a lightened baby pink with just a smidgen of fuchsia in it. On my lips, it just gives it that slicked pinked pucker look — a tiny bit of enhanced rosiness to my natural lip color with lots of pretty glossiness.
  • Pop looks like an electric coral-orange, but when swatched on skin, it takes on a much pinker hue. It’s more like a pink-coral than orange at all. On my lips, Pop looks like I put on a clear lipgloss–seriously. It does less for me than Laser, unfortunately.

So, they’re some of the sheerest lip products I’ve used that weren’t actually lip balm, but Gloss Fluos are ridiculously moisturizing without being heavy. I’d wear this to bed! For those who love glossier, thicker lip balms but hate that most of them are only available in pot-form, this might be something to consider. Since they apply straight out of a tube with a doe-foot wand, it makes it easy to apply, travel with, and use on the go. Not to mention, the sheerness makes it easy to apply without making mistakes. Gloss Fluos feel like a slippery jelly on lips–non-sticky, thick without being heavy or goopy. They did remind me a bit of MAC’s Tendertones, but in a gloss tube instead.

I want to reiterate that as far as I can tell, Chanel wanted these to be sheer. They will work well with the lipsticks from the launch, as those are more vibrant (I’ve tried only one, but the other two seem promising), and designed to be more pigmented. I think these work as a moisturizing lip balm with a glossy finish, but I’m not sure I’d put my $27 towards a Chanel lip balm. It’s heaven on the lips, but I’d probably opt for one of Chanel’s Glossimers or Rouge Allures for the price and opt for a cheaper lip balm.

Don’t get me wrong, though, because these made my lips sigh in relief after a round of lip swatching. They were instantly hydrating, smooth, and wore for hours and kept my lips moisturized all afternoon.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If the idea of a clear but glossy, ultra moisturizing lip balm in a tube gets your engine running and you don’t mind paying a little extra to get Chanel, you may like these.  Not a must-have if you’ve found a solid balm that doesn’t break the bank already!

Availability: May 2010

See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Gloss Fluo de Chanel: Laser / Pop

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Gloss Fluo de Chanel: Laser / Pop

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Gloss Fluo de Chanel: Laser / Pop

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Gloss Fluo de Chanel: Laser / Pop

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Laser Gloss Fluo de Chanel

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Laser Gloss Fluo de Chanel

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Pop Gloss Fluo de Chanel

Chanel Gloss Fluo de Chanel
Pop Gloss Fluo de Chanel

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62 thoughts on “Chanel Les Pop-Up de Chanel – Gloss Fluo de Chanel Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Vale

    Well, really, I simply cannot see the difference between bare lips and lips with this gloss… o_O

  2. GretalovesMAC

    I’m going to pass on these and get the rouge allures instead…too pricey for them being that sheer:0)

  3. Christina

    woooow i could barely tell the difference if it wasn’t for the shine! It’s nice that they’re moisturizing, although I won’t be shelling out $27 for one based on that alone.

  4. Ugh how could chanel do this???

  5. Frances

    Chanel, Chanel, lama sabachthani?

    Why did they bother making SUCH sheer glosses? Surely if you’ve got one, you’ve got ’em all? That said, I would love it if Chanel could produce a fluorescent, ultra-pigmented gloss. They already do ay-may-zing glosses, it’d be cool to see them try something really different.

  6. Natalia

    Thank you for the review! A full photo of your face is also very helpful!

  7. pumpkin

    Oh no! I so wanted these to be true to the colour of the bottle :( Oh well money saved I guess! thanks for the heads up!

  8. Stephanie

    They look almost the same! That’s too bad they’re not brighter, but I guess you do have to read the packaging.

  9. ariel

    wow, when you said sheer you really meant it! goodness you would never think your lips would look like that from such a bright tube of gloss!

  10. aquarianrabbit

    Thanks for this review. Now I can safely skip. They look so…dupable and terribly un-special out of the pretty Chanel packaging.

  11. Paige

    Such gorgeous colors. I wish they were a lot less sheer.

  12. Sarah M

    I wish they were the same colour on the lips, as they are in the tube. :-( Disappointed.

  13. They look so gorgeous in the tube! I guess I wish they had a bit more colour payoff though, they look quite sheer.

  14. They look nice and jelly but I will pass since they are so sheer.
    Btw, I love the new picture where we can see how the product looks with your entire face! Great idea :)

  15. AnGeLwInGz

    Seems like the exact same thing as the Tokidoki Prisma gloss (which I like) except almost twice the price and without the yummy scent. Does it remind you of the Sirop Glossimer?

  16. MichelleChefNYC

    So MEH… I feel like I say that all the time about Chanel’s products though…

  17. JoElla

    I am actually a little bummed by the lack of color payoff.

  18. Carissa

    I cannot tell the difference on your lips at all! They look like the same shade.

  19. Marissa

    Thank you so much for including the full face shots! It really helps me see if the color “works.” It’s hard for me to tell with just the lips. Because…I’m just color-retarded. lol.

  20. Steph

    They look like they feel very nice on the lips, if that makes any sense? But for the lack of colour payoff and the price, so not worth it just to tote around a bright tube!

    • They do! Very plush, very moisturizing. I didn’t want to rate the product downward because I interpreted the photos as BOLD, VIBRANT gloss vs. what it’s supposed to be… sheer. Seems unfair to criticize it for lack of pigmentation when it’s supposed to be sheer — ’cause then that’s just a personal preference!

  21. I *really* don’t see any difference between these 2. :/

  22. noooo! there isn’t even the slightest pop of colour in those glosses as far as i can tell. wtf, chanel? didnt even need to make it look so beautifully fluro in the tube :(

  23. sharon

    no way!! they look totally different!

  24. lauraaaaaaaaaa

    too sheer!! not worth the $$

  25. This is lying to the customers really….I could never imagine that it would look so sheer on the lips. When I first saw the tubes I said “hey finally some nice pigmented glosses”….Ya right :(…it’s such a shame after all

    • Julia

      I thought so too. If some brands actually labeled them as sheer, I would feel better. Seriously, this is the sheerest gloss i’ve seen on Temptalia EVER esp without labeling it so. I am glad taht it’s moisturizing, but that’s all that tehy have. Really misleading, Chanel. then again, I rarely buy gloss over 20 anyway. LOL

  26. Amanda

    They look so pretty in the tube but the sheerness of glosses and glossimers like these always make me :(

  27. Yuck, they’re really sheer!

  28. reminds me of NYX Girls Gloss – they look just as bright in the tube, come out sheer but had more color than Les Pop-Up

  29. Jennifer

    I would never pay 27 bucks for a gloss that sheer…Goodness…

    I remember the bright pink when they had a long time ago called “Erotica” it wasn’t sheer at all , quite lovely… Those were the days when Chanel Glosses had color.

  30. Catherine

    Oh, how disappointing they are so sheer!

  31. Sharon

    I was expecting brighter colors too from the promo pics, but these are similar to glaze and sirop. There were colors like this 2 or 3 years ago for another summer release, I think they were named mango and something else. I’m not terribly disappointed & I’ll get one of the two. Clear chanel lip balm lol

  32. Whoa talk about sheer! I can’t even tell which is which. Big time skip!

  33. rachel

    why bother making the color in the tube so vivid? to me this is very poor salesmanship. regardless of what the press release says. the average customer does not read that

  34. Angela

    Soo disappointing, I was excited for these two as well.. sighhh

  35. Amy about false advertising. At first I saw the colours and I was excited thinking they would be like a glossy stain but…that is just terrible especially coming from such a lovely brand.

    Thanks again you are amazing :)

  36. KT

    Vaseline would be cheaper than these…

  37. These remind me a lot of mark.’s old lipglosses that were infused with vitamins except mark’s were a fourth the price and smelled like fruity yummies. :( I still have a couple of the mark glosses because they are heavenly as a lip treatment (I wear them to bed).

  38. Hend

    :( ahh the colors look amazing in the tube ..
    but i dunno what happened when they came out of it ..
    no pigmentation at all ! :(

  39. Inaya


  40. Amy

    The Chanel Fluo’s released in the past have been the same. It’s my understanding (and this is just from speaking with SA’s) is that these are targeted for the very young market–those just getting into makeup that are looking for something to wear to school or a night out. I’m thinking the early high school years (sort of Bonne Belle for the Chanel set). They wouldn’t have appealed to me as a first lipgloss, but hopefully this at least explains a little bit more.

  41. JEN

    whoa, these are so bare! i really thought it would be more electrifying in color than the swatches.

  42. Andrea

    i cant see the difference between both glosses, in the package you can see it clearly but not at the lips

  43. Elizabeth

    That is really disappointing!!!! :(

  44. Lili

    It is indeed really sheer!

  45. katia

    Wow, i thought it would be electric to, i was really surprised with the pictures

  46. rose

    $30 for this? really?

  47. amelia

    butbutbut….. they look so BRIGHT in the tube! no fair. im pretty sure HIP’s jelly lip balm do the same, which is sad, cos im on the market for a bright lip gloss….

  48. I expected them to be pigmented .__.

  49. Tam

    the colour in the tube is very misleading… Even if you don’t expect them to be incredibly pigmented, you don’t expect them to be pretty much completely clear. why pay a premium when you can get something very similar for a fraction of the price? I love Chanel lipsticks and blushes, but it seems like minimal effort was put into these glosses, including in terms of packaging, specially in comparison with some of the limited edition products they release in Asia.

  50. Jessica

    Are these the same glosses that came out a few years ago? I bought those and they (the SAs) said to use (or look at rather) under a black light. I actually tested this at Disneyland once on Space Mountain and the gloss really was fluoroscent, not too much though to where I was like, “OMG! Magical!” but it still looked cool.

  51. alisen

    my complexion is NC40.. or cool tone.. so would you know if these shades would look good on my complexion? or are these colors more for warm toned complexion? thanks!

  52. Sylvia

    I thought these lipglosses were supposed to have some special effect in blacklight? So if you go to a club?
    I have Laser and that is what it says on the box. So they are supposed to look sheer in daylight and very different in ultraviolet light.

    • I didn’t have any boxes with mine (they were samples), so I have no idea what it says on the box. I don’t have any UV light myself, lol…

  53. Isabell

    Hi i own the Pop Gloss Fluo de Chanel and on my lips you can really see the pink but have very pale skin so it might pop out more

    love your page

    • Isabell

      oh and i tried it with the lipstick super from the collection…
      because that is the one it goes with…. and it make a huge difference

  54. Lien

    The lipglosses are supposed to be sheer during daytime and fluorescend at night when you go clubbing. The lipgloss has a special fluorescend effect when you see it in UV-light.

  55. KARYNA

    what the?? what is this jajajaja