Monday, January 12th, 2009

Vendetta Le Vernis

In my earlier Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Review, I mentioned I was going to review and feature the nail polishes separately–and here it is! The reason why I wanted to separate it out is because…

If there is just ONE nail polish you buy this spring season, make it VENDETTA LE VERNIS ($23.00).

Vendetta is this amazing shade of dark, jewel-toned purple that looks purple and reflects such a seductive shade of violet when the light hits it, it just cannot be overlooked. The shimmer level is fantastic; it’s noticeable and adds dimension without being frosty or gritty.

I’ve always been a big fan of Le Vernis, because I find my nails do not chip, and the polish wears really well. I don’t find a need to touch-up, and I can wear Le Vernis on my nails for at least week without feeling like I need to re-do.

Poor Django! Vendetta completely outdoes it in every way imaginable except, perhaps, how wearable it is. You can wear Django anywhere: the office, work events, school, etc. It’s a creamy, pale peach-beige shade. It’s very pretty, don’t get me wrong! It’s just not as eye-catching as Vendetta. I love me a good work-safe polish color, but Vendetta has stolen my heart.

See nail swatches of the two new polish shades, as well as Django

Vendetta Le Vernis

Django Le Vernis

Django Le Vernis

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57 thoughts on “Chanel Bohemian Fantasy Vendetta & Django Le Vernis Swatches & Review

  1. Jenny

    I’m absolutely loving Vendetta! I’ll use that to get to my $85 for the Nordstrom GWP

  2. styrch

    Maybe I got a dud because vendetta just did not sparkle like that for me.

  3. I love love love Vendetta!! The color is amazing. The one thing though I HATE about Chanel np is that it is chiptastic. I personally think the quality sucks, especially for the price. I am surprised you have such good luck with it! You are like 1 out of 100 people I think, lucky! I wish Chanel worked so well for me.

    • kat

      I agree! I have a chanel nailpolish (in Jasmin) and it chips after like a day or two… :0 terrible :(!!!

    • That is so crazy! Chanel works really well for me :(

    • Nathalie

      So far the Chanel nail polishes I’ve had have been exceptionally unworthy the price (Rose Flamme and Black Satin). The staying wasn’t very good and it wasn’t easy and smooth to apply. Plus Black Satin has become thick super quickly. It was a real waste of money. Even if I’m French, I really prefer American nail polishes. Their power staying is stronger, they’re more shiny, there are more colors for any kind of style. More sexy. :)

      • I don’t own either of those, but I’ve been pretty happy with the ones I have tried though. I use Zoya’s base/top coat and it stays on just fine for me, luckily!

  4. Helene

    Vendetta is CRAZY GORGEOUS. When I first saw the midnight blue polish, I went crazy for it and i swear by this nail polish but Vendetta color, I NEED to have it!

  5. jessica

    ooo i like both of them!

  6. I am with Katee on the chipping, but then again all polish chips on me within 24-48 hrs anyway (except Zoya). But Vendetta is a nice color just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  7. CeeBee

    OPI Play ‘Til Midnight is a similar shade to Vendetta – it doesn’t have glitter but it does have that amazing indigo purple tone with a touch of sheen.

  8. Maggie

    It just looks like OPI Ink.

  9. Inky

    oh Christine, you enabler you! I love dark polishes and especially purples – thank goodness I found a Neiman-Marcus free shipping coupon code (WINTER) that was still good 😉 it pays to utilize one’s google-fu when splurging on $23 nail polish!!

  10. candace117

    I bought both of these as well as the Moscou collection, literally as soon as they came out on the website. I got them before Christmas and actually have been using Django the most. I have always had a hard time finding a neutral pink based nude that had shimmer in it, but not enough to be ‘pearly’ if that makes sense….

    I love Django because it has shimmer in it, but it is more creamy and applies really well. The color is also perfect. I also love it because I can wear it in uniform.

    Django and Feu de Russie are the clear winners to me. I think I will have fun with Vendetta as well – I used it a couple times, but right now I’m gearing up to leave the country anyway and won’t be using nail polish for a year and a half! I will come home to all new stuff, but I will literally love Django and Vendetta, as well as the Moscou polishes…forever!

    Then again, I say that about every Chanel polish and I now have 24…LOL

  11. Sarah

    i want django so bad! one of the legacies my mom left me was a love for pale nail polish like that.

  12. I was [] that close to getting Vendetta from my local Chanel counter but the lady there was so rude to me that I refused to buy it. I still long for it though…

    Maybe I’ll get it when I go out of town next week. 😉

  13. Liz

    Vendetta looks like OPI’s Ink, which is one of my most favorite polishes. I hope it really does because I’m drooling over that polish lol.

  14. Virginia

    I really like Django. I saw it on the Chanel runway models too, and it looked amazing!

  15. nico

    Vendetta is amazing.There should be an eyeshadow like this.Amazing colour

  16. Jan

    I need to get Vendetta. Like right now, need to dash off to Chanelllll. Okay, if they come up with this eyeshadow, I’ll go crazy.

  17. Aleia

    Wow! I never paid much attention to makeup brands nail polish but I am going to pick this up next time I am at the mall. Thanks!!

  18. cloudburst

    I just got Vendetta yesterday – it is an outstanding colour, I only hope it dosen’t chip as fast as some of my Chanel polishes.

  19. Inky

    *sigh* I just got my Vendetta last Friday and finally had a chance to paint my nails today – it’s beautiful! I love dark, deep shades and I can tell already I’m going to wear this one often! Thanks again, Christine!

  20. simone

    I’ve found a Dupe for this!!! And it’s 8.95 !!!! check them out at BB couture. For more details check out Katee on e-polishblog Shes awesome. I have my Vendetta on order so I’ll have 2!! Yaaaayyy

  21. Victoria

    I got Vendetta few days ago! Amazing color, it does not sparkle,but it has a beautiful shine. I’m satisfied with this purchase. There’s no chance to compare it with OPI or something.

  22. Tiffany

    i rly like django and its rly pretty but vendetta!

  23. Yay! I know it’s May 2009 but just wanted to share that I have both and I lovesss it! Another good one is kaleidoscope and gold fiction..yes!!

  24. Thanks for this post. I am new at django and this will be a big help.