Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissee

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees (Iridescent Effects Eyes) ($75.00 for 0.46 oz.) is a limited edition illuminating powder that can be used on eyes and cheeks. It’s rather massive–plenty of product here–at 0.46 oz., which is double the size of your average blush. It’s many times larger than your average eyeshadow, which this can be used for as well (think highlighting the brow bone as the more go-to use).

It has a glitter-shimmer overlay that disappears after a few uses, though you’ll find bits and pieces still caught within the woven tweed pattern for several uses. When the glitter overlay is removed, the powder is still shimmery. As far as Chanel highlighters go, this is on the more frosted end of the spectrum. You won’t find large chunks of shimmer, but it has an obvious reflective sheen. Beiges wears well without fading over eight hours, and the texture is soft and finely milled (well, after you remove the chunkier glittery flecks!). I think the higher frost in the finish makes it a bit over-the-top, and if you do get the glittery bits in there, it looks heavy.

Though there are three shades, the differences between them are slight. When used together, it’s a pale, champagne beige. It consists of a pale pink, yellowed beige, and white-beige. It highlight cheeks well, and despite its frostier finish, it didn’t seem to emphasize pores. I find it’s pretty when worn, but whether it is worth the hefty price tag is another story. The shade itself isn’t particularly unique, and with the heavier sheen, easier to find in many brands (finding subtler, more refined highlighters is can be trying from my experience). It’s more a collector’s product than a must-have staple in your bag.

The Glossover


Beiges Ombres Tissees

Pretty but pricey! It highlights nicely, but it is a heavier highlighter, so if you prefer something subtler, you'll want to look elsewhere. If you love lots and lots of glowy sheen, this might be up your alley.











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See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees

Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees (on cheeks) with MAC Rebel & Offshoot mixed on lips

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Chanel, $75.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Maybe something like MAC Shimpagne or Soft & Gentle. Dior's Shimmer Star Powders look very similar on me.

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36 thoughts on “Chanel Beiges Ombres Tissees Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Carrie

    Pretty, but not pretty enough to justify the cost!

  2. I never use highlighters, so this would be a waste for me.

  3. Nella

    Swatches and application make me laugh out loud! Haha they want $75 for THAT???

  4. Tina

    This thing looks amazing on you <3

  5. Maya

    Your skin looks absolutely flawless! What foundation are you wearing ?! Love the review!

  6. L

    Pretty, but…. $75… .__.

  7. this looks awesome! how would you compare it to dior amber diamond? greets from germany

  8. It sure looks gorgeous in the pan and on your cheeks too but its too expensive!

  9. I bought this, just fell in love with it, so pretty, like a thousand Swarovsky crystals. :) Of course I haven’t touched it yet! 😀

  10. $75 thats insaneee pretty but just simply crazy

  11. Elysia

    i would never spend $75 on just one product

  12. I got many other uses for $75……pretty packaging doesnt justify the product.

  13. Sara

    Thank you so much for all the close up photos! It’s so damn pretty, but in the end it’s just a highlighter for $75. I’m not a makeup collector, so it would get used and frankly, I’ve got enough highlighters to get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

    I did enjoy looking at it, though, thanks for the review!

  14. Brian McD aka Roulette

    The best part of this is how great Rebel and Offshoot look on your lips…I was literally looking at your lips thinking ‘what a fantastic color!’, and then I looked and saw it in the description. Thanks! I’m adding Offshoot to my Mac Me Over list. :)

  15. Dana

    Wow it’s so frosty and artificial looking for a highlighter. It looks like some cheap $5 drugstore highlighter.

  16. Constanze

    The Design is cool ;)!

  17. Sass

    The price is killing me, but it looks pretty.

  18. Marina

    So pretty! i wish it was available in Europe :(

  19. Kaytlin

    that looks gorgeous on you!!

  20. Michelle

    ooohhh! rebel and offshoot looks AMAZING!

  21. Mimi

    This item is gorgeous when worn. It’s really an eye shadow that can be used as a soft, subtle highlighter on cheeks. It does have an overly sparkly top-spray which only lasts one or two times and can easily be removed if you just dust over the top with a blush brush. It makes the most soft, beautiful glow to the skin on your eyes, unlike any other eye shadow I’ve ever tried and I’ve been a cosmetics junky for decades. Yes, it’s expensive but can be used as a base color, eye shadow by itself for a gorgeous soft glow, or a brow or cheek highlighter. I think you’d use it up if you use it as a base for other shadows or alone if you like a soft natural look. Very nice on older eyes whose skin is not perfectly smooth. Won’t advertise any crepey skin. I love mine!

  22. Steff

    It’s pretty but def looks like something I would buy and never use. Pass!

  23. Katherine

    This is lovely. The packaging and embossing are beautiful. But I’ll have to pass this up. I have the EL fall highlighter.

  24. Noir

    It nice but I don’t think it’s a must have item.

  25. Amy

    This is so pretty! But i only use highlighters for my cheekbone, nose and browbone, cant pay $75 for that!!

  26. K

    Incredible. I have never seen anything like it. I don’t even really care what the actual product does, haha!

    P.S. Highly recommend italicizing your “Thanks for your comment” note that appears next to someone’s comments after they have posted, before it is moderated.

  27. Very very pretty! I think if you have *nothing* like it, maybe it’s worth it since it’s a 2 in 1 product (with multi colors to boot). But ouch : /

    You look GORGEOUS!!

  28. Chelle

    You want to pay how much?!?! Ummm this is a definite pass.

  29. Tigress

    It looks beautiful on you, Christine!

  30. such an expencive product, it’s going to be cost 70 euros here in europe. it’s looks I will pass it

  31. Juan

    I was at a Chanel boutique, saw this…… I couldn’t say no. If you guys see this in person… Consider it a done deal…… You’ll be walking out with it. It’s a beautiful high quality highlighter- WITH THAT BEING SAID- the overspray steers you away from it cause it’s so glittery and chunky and… Just ALOT to take in. But after smashing a brush in there for a few minutes straight it’s almost all gone and you have a very nicely refined highlighting shadow and face trio- think diors Star shimmer powders and only BARELY not as refined, and the color itsself I find kind of complex and beautiful, not unique, but very pretty. I. Think that this an expensive investment, but I personally think it’s great considering it’s multi use, the color, texture, and pigmentation is very pretty and probably the biggest selling point for me is that I’ll literally never be without this, it’s a huge block of product at 13 grams. If I were you… I wouldn’t dismiss it completely and if you can- even though it’s hard- try to see it in person, it really is a great product and although even I had reservations about purchasing this at such a high price, I’m glad I have this :)

  32. Trisha

    Love this, yes the price is hefty but the product is well worth it! Blends like butter…. I use it on my eyes and upper cheeks.