Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Summer 2011: Glossimers

For summer, there are three new shades of Chanel Glossimers ($28.50 for 0.19 oz.) that are limited edition. All three are varying degrees of sheer, but in general, they are on the sheerer end of the spectrum. Glossimers are designed as a sheerer formula often recommended for layering. Though the range varies from sheerer to more opaque, these don’t seem to deliver quite as much oomph as other Glossimers–perhaps because the base color is nearly invisible or the mix of shimmers does not stand out as much.

I love Chanel’s Glossimers for their highly reflective shimmer and comfortablep-to-wear formula. I typically get three to four hours of wear with them, but they are not sticky, which is rather noteworthy wear for a gloss without a tacky base.

  • Pensee (277) is a coral-orange with pink and gold shimmer. On my lips, it adds mostly glossiness and shimmer without much color.
  • Pink Peony (267) is a rosy pink with multi-colored shimmer, though predominantly pink and silver. Like Pensee, it is mostly just shine and shimmer when worn.
  • Aurore (287) is a pink and melon gold shimmered peach. It is highly reflective and almost a duochrome gloss. Of the three, this one seemed more unique and less dupe-able, though it is also quite sheer.

The Glossover


Chanel Aurore, Pensee, Pink Peony Glossimers Review, Photos, Swatches

They are certainly shimmery and pretty when worn, but they do tend to look alike once applied. Aurore has the most depth and dimension to it, and I can see it selling well, particularly because anything pink-peach always seems to do well--regardless of the brand!











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See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pensee Glossimer
Chanel Pensee Glossimer

Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer
Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer

Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer
Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer

Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer
Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer

Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer
Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer

Chanel Pink Peony Glossimer

Chanel Aurore Glossimer
Chanel Aurore Glossimer

Chanel Aurore Glossimer
Chanel Aurore Glossimer

Chanel Aurore Glossimer
Chanel Aurore Glossimer

Chanel Aurore Glossimer
Chanel Aurore Glossimer

Chanel Aurore Glossimer
Chanel Aurore Glossimer

Product & Review FAQ

What makeup are you wearing?

You can find the breakdown here.

Where can I purchase a Glossimer? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $28.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

For Pensee and Pink Peony, any sheer gloss with shimmer will have a similar color/effect. Chanel's Glossimers have a very fine shimmer, so it has a less frosted and more reflective finish--which is where you may notice a difference, but color-wise, there just isn't much to either. For Aurore, try MAC Nymphette.

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53 thoughts on “Chanel Aurore, Pensee, Pink Peony Glossimers Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Lindz

    These are very pretty, but they look very very dupeable and they all look the same to me. Christine, everything looks so good on you!!!!!

  2. Heidi S.

    Well darn. Looking at them, I thought that they would apply brighter :/

  3. Hanne

    I really want Pink peony with the Gardenia lipstick – as the model is wearing but apparently we can’t get Gardenia in Canada buhuuuuu! Do you know of any dupes in Chanels current coll. so i can get the look?

    • Gardenia and Pink Peony don’t look much like the promo – Gardenia is nowhere bright enough, so you wouldn’t get the look even with a dupe. You’re better off just using a hot pink with a gloss on top!

      • alison

        thanks for this – i was going to lose my chanel virginity and buy this lip combo because the look is SO gorgeous in the promo photo, but now i don’t need to drop the $55! i wonder if i have anything in my stash that might work… UD’s crush, maybe…

      • Hanne

        Thanks Christine. Now I don’t feel so an anxious anymore but would still have like to see the colour. Anyhow the lady at the counter, which is 5 hours away, so i call in my order, told me that the Rouge Coco shine in Romance would look really nice under Pink Peony. But now i am wondering if I should go with a more opaque lipstick suck as Rouge Allure in Insolente???? Anyone has any thoughts on that? I am pretty new to Chanel and since i don’t have a counter where i can play with the stuff I totally rely on you Christine :)
        Thanks for all your hard work!

        • If you want a truer look, I’d still grab a Rouge Allure – I haven’t tried Romance, but the Rouge Coco Shines are supposed to be rather sheer!

        • Lisa

          I have Insolente (or is it Insolence? can’t remember lol) — and it is a bright vivid pink and really pretty. I’m sure Pink Peony would be gorgeous on top!

        • I swatched the Rouge Coco Shine in Romance, and though it is a pretty color (almost bought it), it is quite sheer. It’s definitely not a bright color either. On me, it’s more of a my lips but better look. I ended up getting the Rouge Coco Shine in Chance instead because it was a brighter pink. The Rouge Coco Shine itself has a glossy finish to it, so while Pink Peony would probably look nice on top of it, I think you would get more bang by going for the Rouge Allure. You really can never go wrong with getting the Rouge Allure. You could always apply the Rouge Allure lightly if you wanted something on the sheerer side.

    • Nicole

      Why can’t we get Gardenia in Canada?

      • Hanne

        I talked to the woman at the Chanel counter and she told me that Canada get their Chanel from Europe and the Chanel in the States are actually made in New York, so therefore there are some differences and sometimes the States gets stuff we in Canada and Europe don’t. It sucks but it’s life :)

        • Nicole

          Yeah, I knew Canada received the European versions of everything. I was hoping we would receive Gardenia though! It’s true, the US gets nicer eyeshadow and blush formulas from Chanel. But I got over that when I discovered our counters get the LOVELY made in France brushes! :)

  4. CeeBee

    Eh, I love Glossimers but the sheer ones don’t do anything for me. They look SO pretty in the tube but I really want that prettiness on my lips as well! :(

  5. Lisa

    I just got Aurore and Pink Peony today. In order to make them stand out more — you can wear them over a lipstick. They are gorgeous and have the most amazing micro-shimmers! I think Aurore will look amazing over nude or peachy lipsticks and I’ll try Pink Peony over a pink lippie. My favorite out of the collection is the Rose Bronzer blush — so pretty :)

  6. I think once someone puts a glossimer in their make up rotation they UNDERSTAND why these are so great. Many of them are ment to be layered with the lipsticks to give great dimention on the lips. They are great alone, but really perform in tandem with lipsticks.

    • I felt like both Pensee and Pink Peony didn’t pop as much as the usual glossimer–even over a lipstick. They felt more one dimensional to me, personally.

      I’m certainly a fan of glossimers overall, just felt these fell short.

  7. Anna

    I love the first picture of Pensee, but on lips total dissapointment. All other colors, too.

  8. Ooo I love that word… glossimer…

  9. Jeni

    I really wish these weren’t so sheer…they look stunning in the tub and then seem pretty much the same once applied. Maybe it’s something you have to see in person? Orininally I thought I’d want Pensee, and although looks lovely swatched it seems to disappear once you apply it. Oh well, I guess it’s a good thing none of these jump out at me (although I have yet to find a glossimer that I “need”).

    • I think glossimers can be gorgeous, and definitely a product you have to try in person, but Pensee and Pink Peony are not the most OMG! glossimers I’ve seen. But Aurore is worth checking out :)

  10. Jen

    These lip glosses are indeed very sheer! They look fabulous on you, especially the last two 😀

  11. Angela Bright

    Out of curiosity why are these so sheer and yet they rank so high on pigmentation?

    • As mentioned in the review, the formula is supposed to range from sheer to more opaque, which means some are sheer, some aren’t, but overall, glossimers are sheerer.

      Pigmentation has to be based on what the product is promising to do.

  12. Glossimers are way too sheer for the money, for me. xP

  13. cait

    gee, they all look the same once on the lips, kinda disappointing.

  14. These look pretty, but I don’t wear gloss enough to justify paying $23 for one. Maybe when I win the lotto I can go buy these. :)

  15. Becca

    they all look the same to me…

  16. Brenda

    the Pensee definitely adds warmth to your lips, compared to the others. I like the gold of Aurore.

  17. Simone

    Thanks, Christine! When are the reviews for Nars summer 2011 coming?

  18. Solangel

    People really pay 30$ for this stuff? The same result could be achieved with a Bonne Bell gloss or something :/

    • Lisa

      If you have ever tried a Chanel Glossimer, you would know that it can’t be compared to a Bonne Bell gloss. Yes, some glossimers are more pigmented that others. Many of them are layering glosses — they look amazing over lipsticks. There are several shades that look great on their own, too. They have multi dimensional micro shimmers that flash different colors. I have yet to find another brand that gives the same look.

      • Solangel

        It’s just a little hard to justify spending so much on something that will probably be indistinguishable from afar. In the picture of her face, all I see is shiny and shimmer, not so different from a ton of glosses out there. I know that as makeup lovers, we tend to look at things differently, but I still say it’s way too expensive for something so simple :/

        • Lisa

          Yep, I understand your point. But I just hope people don’t swear off the whole Glossimer line because they have some amazing shades :)

      • Carrie

        I agree that the glossimer is definitely shimmer, and this kind of shimmer is just somehow unique – nothing else looks like this. But I still suggest that you can try out some other brands, such as Bourjois (which shares the same factory with Chanel with a much lower price) and Shu Uemura (their gloss is really really shine, like diamond, if I could say that).

        Also check out some Japanese brands, most Japanese brands come with products that are both shimmer and elegant (very unlike those shimmer brands in US, say Urban Decay), if someone ever tried Suqqu, Maquillage, Lunasol or Elegance, they’d know what I mean.

  19. Anya

    i’m feeling pretty underwhelmed by these.

  20. Paige

    I like Chanel Glossimers for their quality but I wish they have more color to them. There’s no point in buying several of them if they all come out looking so similar to one another.

  21. breeoxd

    I dunno, I feel like once it’s applied it looks just like one of the wet n wild 3d? glitter glosses, and that one is only 4 bucks, and a lot more readily available. Skip!

  22. Julie

    To be honest, for this price, I expect more pigment and opacity. If I want sheer I would rather use a less expensive brand. There are some great Glossimers out there that I really love.

  23. Naz

    Gosh. I just wish they had a little more color payoff. They’re gorgeous in the tube and even on the wand, but so sheer. Here’s hoping NARS Wonder lip gloss has a little more oomph!

  24. The colors look wonderful in the tube but they’re so sheer that I don’t see the point…

  25. Corinna

    These are pretty, but I´m also sad the lip products are nothing like the lip color in the promo picture!
    I tried Burberry Tea Rose lipgloss today and I find it very close! Unfortunately I don´t have the corresponding lipstick, but I guess with Tea Rose lipstick and lipgloss the color could be perfect!

  26. Shirley

    Just wanted to let everyone know, I emailed Chanel for a breakdown on the look in their ad and here’s the link they sent: http://www.chanel.com/en_US/fragrance-beauty/Fleur-de-Rose-Look-123526

  27. These are beautiful colors in the tube but I’m disappointed that there’s not much color payoff. At Chanel’s price point, I would rather go for a drugstore brand when it comes to sheer sparkly gloss.

  28. zombiilove

    Yet more shimmery, sheer lipglosses. Pass.

  29. Melissa

    I love Chanel. Bottom line. But, as gorgeous as these glossimers are, the pigmentation is not there. I will not be purchasing these glosses. The DS brands are providing some fierce competition (Revlon Colorburst and the new NYC Lipshine). I can buy some good quality glosses with great pigmentation for a third of the price and much less.

    • I agree. I got a couple of the Revlon Colorburst lip glosses from Ulta and they were surprisingly so pigmented and pretty. They weren’t sticky and were pretty long wearing too. The applicator even knocks off the Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Glosse.

  30. Awww I love their Glossimers!! These colors are a bit disappointing =( they all seem to look the same and are very sheer, so sad

  31. The colors look so gorgeous in the tube. I wish they weren’t so sheer.

  32. Vale

    Where is the colour? o_O

  33. Saffy

    All dupeable, their appearance reminds me of the shimmery Buxom glosses that are $10 cheaper. But the packaging is pretty!

  34. Linda

    Wow, thanks Christine! Pensee is gorgeous in the tube! Do you know of any other lip glosses that are dupes for that color (and that actually come out looking something like that color on the lips)?

  35. R

    Is Aurore at all like the discontinued Pin-Up? I have horded my very last tube of that – it’s my HG – and would love to discover that this is a dupe! (SA told me that “twinkle” is a dupe – but it’s not even close….)