Share your skills or use one of these prompts to help inspire you out of a beauty rut! We have two types of challenges — nail art and makeup looks. We know we have some really creative readers for both, and for those who are a little camera shy, showing off your stunning nail looks is a great way to participate :)  The current challenges are…

Nail Challenge:  Disney Villains

April 11th through April 24th, 2012 6PM PST

Past, present, big, or little, create a nail art look that is inspired by one (or more!) of Disney’s villains (see here for a great list).

Makeup Challenge:  Disney Villains

April 18th through May 1st, 2012 6PM PST

Past, present, big, or little, create a nail art look that is inspired by one (or more!) of Disney’s villains (see here for a great list).


Most of these rules are common sense and are designed to ensure that entries are helpful and useful to readers as well as adhere to the quality standards of Temptalia.

Entry Requirements

  • Two entries per person maximum–but there is no guarantee that both will be posted!
  • Entry must be complete with Title of the Look, Inspiration, and Products Used. Please, please use proper spelling and grammar as best as you can!
  • Entry must be your own work; you can be the makeup/nail artist and use a model (with permission to have their photo published) OR both the artist and the model.
  • Entry must be created in response to the challenge; the idea is to be inspired by the topic and go from there, not to find something you’ve done previously and make it fit.
  • Entry must be received by the end of the challenge deadline (all stated above)–no exceptions.

Image Requirements

  • Images must be at least 600px wide–no exceptions.
  • Images may not contain any watermarks.
  • Images must be of quality; see photography tips below.
  • Images must be yours; do not submit other people’s work.
  • We accept only .jpg, .jpeg, and .png files.
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Photography Tips


Good lighting is essential to accurately photographing colors and textures. If you are lucky to have lots of sunlight, try taking photos outdoors. If not, stand near a bright light and use a tripod (in lesser lighting situations, any shake from hand-holding is much more likely to blur a photo). Use your camera’s flash for fairly clear and accurate photos. If your flash overexposes (makes everything look washed out/too bright), turn down the exposure settings (if possible) or hold a tissue over the flash before it fires, which will help diffuse some of the light and give you a softer, less harsh light source.


Most cameras have a macro function, which is typically indicated by a small flower. If you’re not sure, thumb through your manual’s index for “macro.” Macro functions enable you to take close-up photos of something and retain detail. For instance, you would want to shoot with a macro lens or use the macro function when trying to get a photo of your arm, nails, eyes, lips, etc. If you want to take a photo of your entire face, macro may be unnecessary.

White Balance

You want your whites to look white, your grays to look gray, and your blacks to look black. This will help you from turning green, yellow, blue, etc. in your photos. Many cameras have some sort of white balance support/settings, so I similarly advise you to check your camera’s manual to see if yours has any options. There are so many different ways cameras allow users to control white balance that it is difficult for me to provide specific advise as to how, so this is a reminder/general piece of advice to look for it! Your manual should explain how to manipulate the function if it exists.