Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 ($13.99 for 1.7 oz.) is a drugstore option for a great summer moisturizer. I find it to be fairly lightweight (maybe light to medium), but once it dries, there’s no heaviness or super greasy residue. What I like about Cetaphil products is that they’re consistently good; they’re extremely reliable. I know I’m getting a no fuss formula that does exactly what it says – moisturizes and protects my face from the sun.

I would say that since the SPF is so high, there is a bit of a white cast when it is first applied. It does seem to fade after about ten or fifteen minutes, and I no longer notice it. I find myself always turning to Cetaphil when nothing else seems to work (or everything else seems to send my face into conniptions!). I’ll definitely be making my boyfriend wear this, too, when he goes outdoors and plays tennis!

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23 thoughts on “Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense Facial Moisturizer SPF 50 Review

  1. cloudburst

    I want this! I am looking for a cheaper alternative to my usual Lancome moisturizer. I hope the crugstores in Canada get this really soon.

    • Ms Trendy

      its here!!! i saw it in my local shoppers drug mart (Toronto Mt. Pleasant and Eglinton) I actually debated between this and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face SPF 45. I went with Neutrogena because it was on sale $10.99 and a $2 off coupon so it was a super deal under $10 and normally 15-16. So far so good (4 days use so far). But I want to try the Cetaphil as well and glad to see this review :)

    • I hope they carry it soon, too! Let me know if you get a chance to try it!

  2. Rani

    Thanks for doing the review on this..I have been using this for a few weeks and love it! Cetaphil is a good trusted name to go with and the fact that the SPF is so high is perfect. My skin is an NC35 so I’m always worried about the dreaded white this case, it fades away when you put makeup on. I haven’t had pictures in this if anyone knows how they come out, it would be good to know. But it doesn’t break me out or feel tacky or greasy like other high SPF’s…definite recommend!!

    • No prob, Rani! I’m really glad to hear it’s been working out for you so far. Usually SPF reflects light, regardless of an initial white cast or not, so you might suffer from a lil’ ghost-face. Not totally sure how bad yet, I don’t remember if I’ve taken pictures with this on!

  3. Mikki

    Very nice! High SPF (a bit too high maybe?) and cheap!

    Do you think this is you HG face SPF, Christine? I’m still looking for a good one. Haven’t tried anything yet, but since I don’t have a high budget I want to choose very well at the first time you know haha!

    • It’s probably higher than necessary for me. I wonder if too much SPF is a bad thing.

      I don’t think this is quite my HG, because I’ve never come across HG skincare quite yet. I feel like because I don’t stay loyal to anything for long, it must not be my true HG!

      I like it, and Cetaphil is a reliable brand. I also love that I don’t break out when I use their products!

  4. DanielleO

    I quite trust the Cetaphil brand and didn’t know they had this product. Thanks for the review!

  5. Katie

    I’m so glad you reviewed this, this is my everyday moisturizer/spf. I have (really, really) acne-prone skin and depend on cetaphil because it has never/will never break me out : )

  6. This is such a great news! I love that Cetaphil do really mean it when they say Non-greasy. I have their moisturizing cream for dry-sensitive skin and though I have combination skin (oily tzone with normal to dry cheeks) it works wonders on my face (and hands and arms…).

    Can’t wait to try this. Thanks Christine. =)

  7. I bought this today! I’ll be using it tomorrow. I have used other Cetaphil products before so I know this should be good. :)
    I have an Aveeno moisturizer with SPF 30 which is fine but Aveeno is pricey and I don’t mind the higher SPF because I’m very pale and me and the sun don’t go together very well.

  8. I’ve always wanted to try Cetaphil products because I see how many people liked it but I’m also scared that it might make me break out, thats usually what happens when I try something new for my face o_O

  9. Cetaphil products are my obsession. I refuse to use any other cleanser to wash my face. Their products are always incredibly gentle but effective. From this review, it seems like this moisturizer is no different! The price is just an added bonus.

  10. naomi

    I’m a huge products-user and normally use Mac (cosmetics) and Chanel. I’m very picky and particular about what I use on my face. It has to be outstanding, or I just won’t use it. I have tubs of unused cosmetics and creams all which I have not liked for one reason or another.

    I received this “Made from Earth” VITAMIN ENHANCED MOISTURIZER as a gift. I was expecting another product that I would be adding to my ‘don’t like’ pile. Boy was I wrong! From the second I opened the jar with the beautiful lid — it made that wonderful ‘swisshhhing’ sound when it opened.

    When I put the cream on my face I was expecting it to be greasy and it wasn’t at all! There is an amazing skin-tightening and smoothing effect this cream has. As soon as I put it on, it sank in my skin, and my skin felt dewy and like a babies skin. I think the combination of anti-oxidants & skin firming really are a miracle in a bottle.

    My husband told me the next day my skin looked incredible. When I looked at my reflection in the mirror close-up, it has a look now of smooth-glass. My big pores are diminished and it looks almost airbrushed.

    I LOVE THIS CREAM! I will buy the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer forever! I’m 34 and plan on using this to keep the wrinkles and lines at bay.

    • Thanks so much, Naomi! It’s great to hear how well it is working for you!

      • Nicole

        I bought this product b/c my dermatologist recommended I use this-BIG MISTAKE!!! I used it once and my face broke out all over and now I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I am so mad I can’t even write about this anymore!