Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Temptalia is celebrating reaching 100,000 comments!

We will reach this spectacular achievement sometime today… who knows when, just depends on how many of y’all comment 😉 Comments are looked at in aggregate–meaning on any and all posts. Whoever leaves the 100,000th comment will win a fabulous prize package:

  • Chanel Beiges de Chanel Quad
  • MAC Love Rock Mineralize Blush
  • MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Sweet Thing Lipstick
  • MAC 187 Brush
  • MAC Peppermint Patti Nail Lacquer

Thanks for making it possible!

Update: We have a winner! They have been notified :) Thank you for all the support — you all made my weekend!

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482 thoughts on “Celebrate With Us! 100,000 Comments!

  1. christy golightly

    Wow that is so cool! good for you Christine

  2. vicky!

    wonder who it’ll be…? :O

  3. wow! congratulations on the 100k comments – your site is so invaluable and so much fun, i really hope the next 100k comments are as wonderful as the first 100k has been!

  4. Alessandra

    Congrats to Christine for this amazing blog!!! Hope you will soon celebrate 500,000 comments!!! :)

  5. Faiza

    OOOH, Congrats on 100.000 comments and I really hope that I win!!

  6. OH, 100,000 comments!
    You’re really international and famous! *O*

  7. Grace

    Congratulations, Christine!! You’ve designed and maintained a wonderful website! :)

  8. Briseida

    omg could i be the the winner?! lol

  9. Heather

    am i the 100,000th post yet ?

  10. I’ve been following this website forever, and I think this is a great time to start commenting :)

    I love this site!!

  11. i am goign to get in trouble at work cuz i will STAY ON TEMPTALIA! LOL

  12. Aarti

    Heyyy.. whoa 100,000 comments? thats amazing… i hope this is that very crucial comment! 😛

  13. Abby

    Wow…That is one impressive prize package.

    Congrats on 100,000 comments and a fabulous blog!

  14. nursevonzombie

    Wow!! Great contest I love this site great job!

  15. CfromParis

    100,000 comments are huge: congratulations! the winner will be very very lucky :)

  16. Jen

    Congrats, Christine!

  17. The one who wins is lucky!+

  18. Romelia

    You seem to get a lot of love ..that` s always a good thing.
    I check your site every day hoping for news on Mac collection
    My favorite thread from here is how to wear…(different Mac es) I really enjoy it and inspires me alot, especially the one with photos

  19. congrats!!! that is super awesome~ this blog is awesome =]

  20. Heather

    Congrats! What a great accomplishment :)

  21. eunice

    congrats! :]

  22. neena

    Congratulations! I really enjoy your blog! Thank you for taking the time to post swatches and reviews so quickly!


  24. or rather…Lord I believe this IS mine! AMEN!

  25. justred

    Excellent contest idea!

  26. rachel


  27. haley

    that’s pretty darn impressive!

  28. MACmademoiselle

    Oooooo I want that!

  29. Nene

    Congrats!! That’s so exciting.

  30. Meghann

    congrats on 100,000 comments! That’s so cool! You have a lot of great info for all us beauty addicts! Thanks again!

  31. kohava


  32. ashley

    Wow! 100,000 congrats! that amazing!!
    and thats alot of goodies!!

  33. Mide


  34. Kristy

    That is so cool :) Congrats.

  35. Rena

    Congrats Christine, what a great idea!

  36. Tanya

    Wow, that’s awesome!

  37. ashley

    i hope you guys hit 100.000!! thats a whole lot of comments :) but i always read your site, so it should be fairly soon!!

  38. vicky!

    will it be me??? :O

  39. Melia

    Congratulations!!! Wow, that’s a lot of comments….. I hope I win though!

  40. Tami

    It does not matter whether or not I am the 100,000th person to comment. I just love your blog!!!:-)

  41. Ali

    Congratulations on making the blog such a success! I’m sure there will be 100,000 more!

  42. 100,000 is awesome ! Have you reached it ?

  43. Elizabeth

    no comment :)

  44. Hessah

    That is amazing!

  45. Tracy

    Wow – lots o’comments!!! Woo Hoo!

  46. Rosy

    Congrats! I love this site – my to-go for everything makeup.

  47. Jenny

    congrats! that is awesome

  48. Aurora

    That is a fabulous prize. :)

  49. purple

    congratulations! that

  50. Lucy

    congrats :) hope I win

  51. purple

    I hope I win!!!

  52. wooooah. how can you afford to have such awesome giveaways?? uh, wait. stupid question. it’s ’cause you’re so awesome! :)

  53. Joyce

    That is awesome!

  54. Jenny

    Oh neat! Congrats!

  55. tight! well, even if i don’t win, i love your site and am thankful for all the effort, hard work, and love you’ve put into it :)

  56. Rachael

    Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work on your site!

  57. Amanda


  58. Tam

    Congrats! LOVE LOVE LOVE this site! I can’t go a day without looking at my feeds from here!

  59. Susie

    we at 100k yet?

  60. Trang


  61. Nicole N.

    Such a fun contest. Good luck to everyone! :o)

  62. Oooh, how I hope it is me! :]

  63. aaj83

    100,000..!! that is alooot! 😀

  64. lol nice. 100000 comments is A LOT :)

  65. Ceci

    Congratulations! Keep doin’ what you do and you’ll get another 100,000 guaranteed!

  66. cuteballoon1

    Congratulations! We all love your site!

  67. doris

    oh wow what an awesome thing to have nearly reached 100,000 comments and will probablly surpass it hehe ! yay temptalia..and who ever wins ..waht an awesome prize!

  68. Ann Marie

    Congratulations, this is a great site. I would love to win a beige de chanel quad…I did not know that it is still available.

  69. Julia C

    Woo hoo! I hope I win. What a great contest!

  70. Maryam

    Wow, such great prizes! Congrats on reaching 100,000, you’ll do much more than that I’m sure!

  71. Susie

    we there yet?? :)Congrats

  72. Annie

    I just love your site!!!

  73. Tati


    I would not complain winning… at all

  74. Sarah

    is it meeeeeeeeeeee? 😛

  75. Natalia

    First of all Congratulations on your success here =) This is my first makeup blog and there is never a day that I dont check in on your website for interesting details on new makeup that comes out and interesting facts about every single thing about makeup. And also congrats on the person who wins the lovely prize bag. Good Luck everyone!

  76. Congrats! You have a wonderful website and it is a pleasure for me to receive your daily updates. Thank you so much for putting so much time & effort into this website. You are and will always be an amazing person! Thanks for everything!!

  77. Manda

    a 100k comments?!?! that is insane! congrats :) the site is awesome!

  78. could it be me? that would be great.

  79. Mary-Frances


  80. that’s so awesome! congrats!!!!!!! 😀

  81. Congrats to your 100,000 comments! what an accomplishment! :)

    *fingers crossed* I hope that I am the 100,000 commenter 😛 hehehe

  82. mary

    Wow congrats on the 100,000 comments

  83. Valerie C.

    I feel lucky…..even though I never win. Maybe today is my day? Good luck to all.

  84. Roberta

    Congratulations. Your blog rocks!

  85. Julia C

    I would love to have the 187. That is my next MAC purchase.. and the new Viva Glam!

  86. Chris

    Wow, that’s a lot of comments. Congrats!

  87. Manda

    idk if mine posted :( so i apologize if it did but i said congrats, thats amazing! the site rocks :)

  88. Sandy

    ohhhh gooddnessss! congratts!

  89. Todd

    100,000 comments! And to think, I was silly enough to just browse this place for a while without leaving my mark…

  90. Charlotte

    That is a lot of posts! Have you even had the time to read/reply to most of them?

    x Char

  91. Laura

    Exciting! thats quite a prize :)

  92. JennBee

    Didja reach it yet? :) Congrats!

  93. Connie

    Great blog and I check in every day. Question – do you ever post who wins these contests?