Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Temptalia is celebrating reaching 100,000 comments!

We will reach this spectacular achievement sometime today… who knows when, just depends on how many of y’all comment 😉 Comments are looked at in aggregate–meaning on any and all posts. Whoever leaves the 100,000th comment will win a fabulous prize package:

  • Chanel Beiges de Chanel Quad
  • MAC Love Rock Mineralize Blush
  • MAC Perfect Topping Mineralize Skinfinish
  • MAC Sweet Thing Lipstick
  • MAC 187 Brush
  • MAC Peppermint Patti Nail Lacquer

Thanks for making it possible!

Update: We have a winner! They have been notified :) Thank you for all the support — you all made my weekend!

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482 thoughts on “Celebrate With Us! 100,000 Comments!

  1. Lingping

    could it be the first? :)

  2. elle

    Wow, whoever wins that is LUCKY!! :)

  3. jayne

    Hmmm…this would be awesome to win *this post* *this post* *this post*

  4. Jennifer

    OMG!!!!!! am I close to that???

  5. Lisa

    People are going to be posting like mad!! LOL

  6. sandra

    yay how exciting!

  7. Nick

    This is an awesome post to see when I first come to this site!!

  8. Chaffee

    This is quite exciting! comments are fabulous.

  9. Stephanie

    I love celebrating!!!!

  10. k

    I have to admit I’ve been checking this site for a while now without leaving any comments but as now seems as good a time as any to start, thanks for all the incredible MAC updates! It’s so much fun to be able to check out the new products and daydream about all the new looks I want to try!!

  11. gail

    wow congrats. Please can it be me…!

  12. R

    Congrats, that’s amazing!

  13. Pam

    Wow, 100,000 comments! That is amazing!! Congratulations :) You deserve it. I love this site, its the one I come to for any and all MAC info.

    • I feel the same as Pam – this is my go-to site for any and all information not only for MAC, but for all of the higher end brands. Congratulations – you deserve it!!!

  14. Ah, Congrats on the success of this blog! It really is very helpful and lets those of us who are on a tight budget live vicariously through you 😉 and have a chance to win some real goodies. I am feeling lucky today!

  15. mich

    congrats, wish it was me lol

  16. msviolet

    I didn’t even know you could number them all! Congrats on reaching a milestone!

  17. Wow that’s a lot of comments. Woo!! go :)

  18. Nars

    What an incredible achievement! Much congrats Christine, and thanks so much for all the fabulous tips and info!

  19. Congratulations! =D

  20. OMG! How generous!! Congrats to whoever wins!

  21. Breanna

    That’s great! I always enjoy getting makeup updates with your blog!

  22. Thank you so much for all the prizes that you’re giving out to all of us. Glad that Temptalia has been such a great success. =) And just in case you don’t know, we all love you. ~hugs~

  23. Summer


  24. Andrea

    that’s a lot of comments! Congrats to whoever wins!

  25. Mag

    Awesome. Temptalia has come so far and it’s since become an indispensable MAC resource! :) Congrats, Christine.

  26. Beth

    wow! congratulations!

  27. shatani

    congrats christine!! this blog has really been a life saver for me! seeing different ways to wear things and getting product recommendations, not to mention you have the inside track on all the sales! temptalia rules!

  28. Fie

    *crosses finger* 😀 Congratulations!

  29. Wow! Great! I hope you reach 1.000.000 😉

  30. Rochelle

    Ooooh, fabby. me, me, me!

  31. melika

    hope to be the lucky winner!

  32. Wow, congratulations! That’s pretty amazing. =)

  33. ice

    oh wow! congratulations to Temptalia and to the one who makes the 100,000th comment:)

  34. Congratulations! Here’s to 100,000 more!

  35. Everyone wants to post the 100,000th comment!

  36. Meike

    Wow, almost 100,000 comments! Imagine you would print them all out! That would take some time! And al lot of ink! (This is my first comment, but I’ve been reading this blog for a very long time. I just love it!)

  37. Well that’s an awesome prize, and 100,000 comments? That’s amazing! Here’s hoping that I’m number 100,000!

  38. Patricia Bertola

    Congrats! that’s so cool!

  39. Pinky

    Is it me?! Congrats on 100,000!

  40. Febrina

    Wow…this is awesome.

  41. kathemc

    Oh please, oh please, oh please!

  42. Christine you and your site are wonderful!

  43. Danielle

    I love your blog!! I hope I win!

  44. jessica

    me? congrats to whoever wins ;*

  45. Crystal

    I hope i’m that lucky one!
    I so need that 187 brush!

  46. daphne

    Holy moly, what a prize! You rock, Christine! And congrats on the milestone – this blog is wonderful and you deserve it 😀

  47. Stephanie

    I hope i win!

  48. Wilcoa

    Wow! 100,000 congrats!

  49. wow, this is a wonderful contest!!!

  50. Congrats!! Keep up the great work!

  51. LuvJ

    WOOHOO! Congrats Christine!!! Conquer the Beauty Blog World girl!!!

  52. Anitacska

    100,000 comments is great! Yours must be one of the most successful beauty blogs! I certainly love it and check it every day (okay, several times a day, I know, I’m sad, lol). Hope I win!

  53. Congrats Christine, I saw your update on Twitter about the 100,000 comment and that’s a LOT of have to read daily. XD Are you serious about the 187 brush? That’s literally one of the brushes that was stolen when my makeup bag got raided when someone decided they wanted to ‘haul’ off of me. But anyways, it’s a great milestone. Let’s go for a million. 😉

  54. Maggie

    Big money, no whammies!

  55. Congratz to you for your 100k comments :) Your site is awesome and I really love your swatches and reviews. I always find swatches to be helpful. It’s also nice how you offer suggestions of dupes for colors. You’re an inspiration :)

  56. Chloe

    Congrats on the reach of 100,00 comments! That’s huge!! :)

  57. Karen K

    Fabulous prizes! Congratulations on so many posts!

  58. Meike

    Forgot to say this, but whoever wins this is so lucky! You’re giving away gorgeous make up!

  59. babycakeseses

    congrats temptalia! and i hope its me!

  60. BlueRoze2001

    Wow Congrats!

  61. Liz

    Congrats Christine! That is absolutely amazing. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into the website every single day :)

  62. Chloe

    Here’s to 100,000 more!! 😀
    I would love to win this 😉

  63. Amy

    I love your blog Christine!!! So fun and loads of great information!!! :) Keep up the lovely lovely work!

  64. Katy

    Thats really awesome! 100,000 comments?? Wow!

  65. Chloe

    Congrats Christine! You deserve it considering all the work you put into this awesome site!

  66. Amy

    I never enter these but this is one I really want! I LOVE st. Germain!!!! :)

  67. Hanna

    Congratulations, Christine! I really enjoy your blog!

  68. Mikki

    OMG I want to win.

    I will post like 10.000 times after each other 😛

  69. Nic

    Congratulations! :)

  70. Mikki

    Oh by the way congratulations!

    I’m kinda new to this site, but I love it!

  71. Adinda

    Congratulations, that’s quite an achievement!

  72. doubt i will win lol.

  73. Sasha

    Ooooh, sweet prize package!

  74. anina

    that is something to celebrate!!

  75. Doreen

    Wow, Christine! That’s pretty amazing. Congrats!

  76. graykittyboo

    who could it be???

  77. Joss

    Congrats! Your site is great :)

  78. Philippine

    Omg… that would be christmas all over again

  79. CHEERS TO 100,000 😉

  80. amy

    That’s so awesome!! For temptalia and for the winner congrats to both can’t wait to find out who won

  81. Mona

    Yay congrats! Happy your website is so successful! And what a great contest!

  82. Amanda

    Congratulations! Before long you’ll be celebrating your millionth comment. Keep up the fantastic work!

  83. Amanda

    Ooh my picture showed up! Haha!

  84. Virginia

    congratulations :)

  85. Emma

    Congrats on the success Christine!

  86. saira

    That’s awesome, congrats!

  87. Kitt3n

    Congratulations! Quick the accomplishment. 😀

  88. nancy

    this is exciting hope it would be me

  89. Angie

    I hope its me! 😀

  90. Renee

    100,000 is a super big number, I hope I win “/

  91. Linda

    How exciting!!!

  92. Taryn

    Congrats to Temptalia for the 100,000th comment and to whoever wins this contest!

  93. sandy

    wow congrats!

  94. Ciojo

    Yay! Congrats!

  95. Jill

    your site is wonderful I check it often to see what I need to buy next thanks for all your hard work

  96. dolce aria

    Thats got to be exciting for you!

    I used to do a lot of online writing, and it IS exciting once people actually feel strongly enough about your stuff to comment, and keep coming back. Congrats!