Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Celebrate the Olympics with 5 Silver Medal-Inspired Hues

Luckily, none of these picks are runner-ups–they’re just absolutely gorgeous takes on silver! (Because gold isn’t for everyone!)

What’s your favorite silver-hued beauty product?

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30 thoughts on “Celebrate the Olympics with 5 Silver Medal-Inspired Hues

  1. I want all of them!  I adore everything silver with it’s subtle different nuances and shininess..It so appeals to the crow in me.  How is it I do not have this nail enamel from Illamasqua?  It’s hitting my wishlist.  The most amazing silver eyeshadow I have ever owned:  NARS Kilimajaro single which I do not think they make became a duo somehow.  But I have the single in my stash and I covet this silver like mad.  It has just the right amount of sparkle without being OTT for my eyes.  I also adore my new Essie nail enamel in No Place Like Chrome.  @Kafka my Nars Guru dude picked this shade out for, coincidentally while we are speaking about it as well, with Thunderball for a special night. The Killimajaro silver turns the Thunderball such a freaking beautiful colour *gasp* seriously!!  

    • xamyx

      Is the Kilimanjaro shadow single you have a cream? The duo, of the same name, is more of a yellow & pink, and are similar to the “transformer” shades on the market.

      • xamyx Hey!  It’s difficult to describe and I’m a useless tool at describing colours sometimes and I seem to see nuances nobody else sees and I am not medicated. I will take a photo of it and post to my Flickr so you can see.  It’s a powder eyeshadow.. to me it is very much a true silvery silver.  I’ll post a link for you.

        • Kafka

          wwendalynne  Yeah, I’m with Amy. My Kilamanjaro is a more pink iridescent colour while the Himalayas is more yellowed.  (Maybe it’s the reverse, I often get the two confused as they are right next to each other in a palette I have.)  No silver in either one of the ones I own though. The Duo are on the right in Christine’s swatch here:  And in the pan:  I’m now so intrigued by what you may have. 

        • Sorry make-up dudes.. I’ve been too busy today running around trying to be super woman..  I was scratching my head and came up with Kilamanjaro because I was too lazy to run upstairs and check my single and I knew it started with a K..  wrong country dammit!!  Anyhow  swatches on my Flickr here if you are interested and hope this is okay to post:

        • Holy crap..I just posted a link to my flickr for the swatches and a freaking picture from our farm popped up with the link..LoL LOL.. today is NOT my day.  Apologies Makeup Dudettes…  I got the wrong country and knew the eyeshadow started with a K..  too lazy to run upstairs to double check and I’m running around pretending I am super woman today.  Anyhow..if you are interested in swatches.. I have them on my Flickr.  I am NOT going to post the link because my personal pictures end up here..  just go to  I really don’t give a crap if other people see my photos..just don’t want to have farming pictures on Christine’s site OMG!  LoL

        • xamyx

          FYI, you *do* have them reversed, LOL. However, the other side of Kilimanjaro is an irridescent pink shade, but a bit peachier than Himalayas.

      • xamyx It’s official:  I’m worse than a useless tool today.. too much going on all at the same time.  The freaking eyeshadow is NOT called Killimajaro..surprise, surprise.. It’s called KATMANDU..  It’s a slightly blue icy silver.

        • Kafka

          wwendalynne    Ooooh, looked that up and it looks lovely. MakeupAlley doesn’t have it listed as discontinued but it probably is. Probably has been replaced by the silver eyeshadow in the Night Series. It’s definitely not one that I’ve ever heard mentioned before. I think my UD Mary Jane is a bit bluer but Strip may be close. (Btw, I am wearing the Mary Jane with Thunderball today solely because of you and it’s working out gloriously.) Thanks for checking, Wendy, because I thought I was losing my mind and vision at the thought of Kilimanjaro being silvery. But I totally get how all these things would blur together *in general,* let alone after a long day! Hang in there. *hugs*

        • xamyx

          Yes, sadly it is DCd. I’m on the NARS site at least every other week, updating my lists (yes, I’m neurotic), and I don’t recall seeing that one.

        • xamyx Then you are in good company!

  2. Mariella

    I’m not heavily into silver eyeshadow. I do have 2 (they came in palettes) and they’re quite nice but not something I wear often at all. Both are from Too Faced – Ooh and Ahh and In a Flash.

  3. Dominique33

    M.A.C lipstick in Eloquent Air from Glitter & Ice LE collection and Essie no place like Chrome nail polish, a very pretty matte metallic polish.

  4. Kafka

    Bar none, the loveliest silver nail varnish I’ve ever owned: NARS’ Space Odyssey:   So insanely over the top, so New Year’s Eve or nightclub funky, and so lovely on the nails in both summer or winter. Truly 2001 Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick perfect.I’d also like to nominate an eyeshadow that I don’t own (yet) but which led to something I’ve never — EVER — seen from you: a post with ALL CAPS, italics, *and* bold, demanding “WHY DOESN’T ANYONE EVER TALK ABOUT THIS EYESHADOW?”  lol  The gorgeous, gorgeous Strip from Urban Decay, #2 on my list of things to get: 

    • xamyx

      Noone talks about Strip because it never came in a palette. It seems *many* UD singles get neglected because so many feel they’re “too expensive”, although they really aren’t when you compare them to the price of other brands, even MAC. Noone seems to mind paying $60 USD for a quad, or $15 USD for a MAC single, but for some reason, $18 USD is “too expensive” for a UD single.

      • Kafka

        xamyx   Aaah, I never considered that. I bet you’re right. Such a shame. Thanks for the extremely logical explanation. 

    • Kafka Dudette:  That nail colour ROCKS!  in CAPS too!!!

      • Kafka

        wwendalynne  It’s gorgeous on, never chips or flakes and stays on like *glue.*  To me, it screams New Year’s Eve or, even, Andy Warhol’s girls.  And, of course, like most things I love passionately, no-one ever talks about it or even seems to know about it. Sometimes, I feel as though I need to champion the under-rated and never mentioned. LOL. 

        • Kafka Oh no, not you too!  I always cheer for the under dog.. which is so appropo since we are watching the Olympics this evening.  I detest arrogance in any form even if someone is the world’s best.  We always have something to learn and we can always strive to be better.  Anyhow..this is philosophy 101 either. What a wacky girl I am today.  I HAVE to get this nail enamel.  I’m putting it on my NarsCanada wishlist double stat!!!  Warhol INDEED!  Thanks hun xoxoxoxo

        • Kafka

          wwendalynne   Get it from eBay where there are tons of them going dirt cheap.  Seriously. Or, I could send you one of the extras I have from that whole NARS thing that I wrote to you about. But given my dread of going to the post office and their endless lines, eBay may be a better bet. LOL. 

        • Kafka keep and paint something plastic that you hate with the nail enamel!  Huh, great idea, huh??  LoL

  5. Bernice

    These posts are great Christine!!

  6. blueraccoon

    The only silver eyeshadow I have is L’Oreal infallible eyeshadow in Liquid Diamond. I haven’t managed to wear it yet but it’s so lovely in the pot.

  7. xamyx

    I much prefer gunmetal shades over silver, but I really like the warm silver in NARS Tzarine. I also have an old CoverGirl loose powder that provides a very subtle silver sheen, and is ideal for the Holidays.

  8. The Inglot metallic silver eyeshadow is definitely my favorite!  

  9. Cat G

    I used to wear a gloss like that MUFE silver gloss all the time in middle school. I hope I didn’t look as bad as I imagine… Silver glosses just don’t work for me and maybe they never did :(For silver-hued products… I LOVE my Sephora Glitter Eyeliner in Silver. Other silver products I have that I love are my Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Audacious Asphalt, L’Oreal HIP Silver Eyeliner (can’t remember the name right now), my new L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Liquid Diamond and the silvers that come in the 88 eyeshadow palette!

  10. Sugar Pill Tiara.
    I own UD Strip and it is lovely.  And when combined with S&M, it rocks.
    I buy UD over MAC shadows anyday.

  11. The sparkly silver polish is nice! I think that’s my favorite for this round up.

  12. Shanty Flores

    Heey Christine! Would you do PLEASEE a review of any of the shades of the Maestro eyeshadows by Giorgio Armani? X

  13. I’d say my favorite silver/grey is NARS Tzarine! It has some blue in it, too.