Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Rimmel London is celebrating its 10th year anniversary in the United States. Rimmel produced the very first commercial mascara in the beauty industry! One lucky reader will win a package featuring some of the best of Rimmel London products, including two new must-have Rimmel London mascaras not yet available — Sexy Curves Waterproof and Glam’Eyes Lash Flirt. The kit is valud at $150 ($116 in product). Kick off your summer by entering to win!

  • NEW Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara (will be on shelves in July)
  • NEW Glam’Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara (will be on shelves in July)
  • Lash Maxxx Waterproof Mascara
  • Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Jet Black and Deep Ocean
  • Colour Rush Eyeshadow Quad in Chocolatine and Bronzed
  • Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer
  • Stay Matte Clarifying Matte Foundation
  • Natural Bronzer in Sundance
  • Mono Blush in Peach
  • 1000 Kisses Lip Liner in Natural and Indian Kiss
  • Lasting Finish Kiss & Stay Gloss in English Rose and Lustrous Nude
  • Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in Pink Champagne, Alarm and Crush
  • 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Camouflage, Shocker and Pulsating

Enter to win by:  leaving a comment telling us your favorite way to stay cool during the summer!

All entries must be submitted by June 30th, 2009 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. readers only as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with “winner chosen” when one has been chosen.

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352 thoughts on “Celebrate Rimmel London’s 10th Anniversary & Win!

  1. Gina

    Enter me please!

    I follow on twitter: bbbblazin2802

    and I recieve emails!

  2. Princi

    Enter me pls! I receive emails :)

  3. Alicia

    I’d love to enter, I hope I win ^^

    Following: ohsocleverone
    and subscribed

  4. Hyzenthlay

    Already receive the emails, and I follow you on twitter as well :)

    twitter: hyzenthlay20

  5. La La

    I would love to win this!!
    Email subscriber

  6. Nadine

    What a fantastic prize package! Count me in! I’m subscribed to your RSS.

  7. Diane S.

    That’s one big Rimmel kit. I’d love to enter, thank you!

    Twitter follower: DSinAZ
    and email subscriber.

  8. Mara

    This is an amazing giveaway! Who wouldn’t want to win this? I’m subbed to your RSS.

    twitter: msaltzburg

  9. Oanh

    Please enter me in the contest.
    I am also an email subscriber!

  10. Alexandria

    My favorite way to stay cool is to stay hydrated, wear mineral makeup and wear my hair up in a chignon.

  11. Ashley

    I’d love to win!

    Twitter: Smashley_D

    • Ashley

      oops and my favorite way to stay cool is eating some coldstone MMMM! or going swimming of course!

  12. Jennifer

    My fave way to stay cool is to go to 7-11 and get a pina colada slushy!

  13. marta

    Wear mineral makeup, drink lots of water, eat a lot of watermelon.

    twitter martaale

    subscriber too

  14. Mary Thi

    My favorite way to keep cool is eating watermelon!

  15. Vanessa

    I try to stay indoors as much as possible (AC of course! lol). A favorite spot would be the mall..with all those cosmetic counters to browse and drop $$ at. :)

    Twitter: mvqiao

  16. Marissa

    My favorite way to stay cool is to wear summery clothes, put my hair up, and drink iced tea or lemonade. :)

    I subscribe to the RSS.

  17. Vanessa S

    I drink a lot of ice water w/ lemon.

    Twitter- VanessasSecret4
    RSS subbed

  18. Steph D

    Enter me please! My favourite way to stay cool in the summer is to sit under the shade and sip on something ice cold, eating ice cream helps too! 😉

  19. My favorite way to stay cool is by drinking a cold, cold glass of ice water! 😀

  20. Following you on Twitter, @katrina_v.

  21. I stay cool during the summer by cutting off my hair, using facial spritzers, like Fix+. I live in Central Florida so I am up against a real heat/humidity challenge. It was 84 degrees at 530am and it is 97 degrees at 430pm – with a heat index of 110 degrees and an extreme heat advisory scrolling across the tv channels, just like when there are hurricanes. This would be a great gift for my bday – July 9 – and my cat that I’ve had for 13 years died on Wednesday. So now I’m really down in the dumps.


    Twitter: broke.socialite
    RSS: subscribed

  22. heather t.

    My fav. way to stay cool is ice cold water, shorts, and tankn tops! I also love swimming!
    Twitter: twtrheather
    subbed to RSS

  23. Jamie

    my favorite way to stay cool is going to the pool and drinking a magarita! this is an awesome prize! thanks christine!

    twitter: jamienator

    rss subsriber

  24. My favorite ways to stay cool in the summer are to wear light, breathable fabrics, drink lots of water and carry a mineral spray in my purse!

    (visforvalerie on twitter)

  25. annie

    Tank tops. Every day.

  26. Sarahnade

    Best way to stay cool is wear tank tops/tube tops & drink plenty of diet coke!!!!! 😛

  27. Pinky

    My favorite way to stay cool is to go to the pool!
    Twitter: Pinkyd1
    Rss subscriber

  28. Vicki

    I twiitered!!!(darkgypsy13) and I’m a subscriber. I don’t know what “RSS” is, can someone explain?

    So, in the summer I like to get up early, open all windows and the door to let in the fresh, cool air and turn on every fan (7) in the apartment. When the sun comes to the front of the apartment, I then close the door and blinds. All the while enjoying a fresh glass of homemade lemonade or a slushy original margarita after the sun goes down.

  29. Ellen

    I say cool in summer with a nice cold slice of watermelon

  30. Christina

    enter me please!!

    twitter: makeupaddict18

  31. I stay cool this summer by playing volleyball in the pool or staying in the shade.

    Twitter: meeksies
    I follow you on google reader

  32. kimmy

    go swimming!!

  33. saralh1518

    the way i stay cool during the summer is to wear less makeup and pull my hair into a ponytail, wearing thin clothes and drinking lots of cold water to keep me hydrated.

  34. Christina

    enter me :)

    twitter: makeupaddict18

  35. Mao

    I stay cool by drinking lots of water… and carry around a mini hand-held battery-operated fan that sprays water! :)

    Twitter: SassyGlam

  36. Kella

    My fav way to stay cool in the summer is to put on the ceiling fan (if inside) or drink a cool drink (if outside)! I’m subscribed to your RSS and TWITTER: Kella86 :)

  37. Melanie

    I stay cool in the summer by drinking an ice cold ice tea while watching my kids play in the pool. Please enter me!

    Twitter follower: macbella2
    RSS subscribed too

  38. hmm lots of tepid showers, keep your fluid intake up and use a nice cooling facial spritz like MAC fix, Body SHop face mist ot keep you refreshed

    Twitter LouLou699

  39. Rose

    my favorite way to stay cool is by drinking lots of icy cold water. it’s delicious, free, and it keeps my skin glowing all throughout summer!

  40. Pau

    icy water with a twist of lime! nothing more refreshing!
    PauFM on twitter!

  41. Jenn

    My favorite way to stay cool is staying inside with AC or having an icy drink-my currant fav is a blended strawberry lemonade.

    Twitter: beautymoogle

  42. My favorite way to kick off summer is with bronzer, aqua colored eyeshadow, and fun coral lips. All topped off with a nice summer cocktail like a mojito or summer shandy beer =)

    =)I follow you on twitter: vanewpc

  43. Maria

    PLease Enter me. I stay cool buy eating some lovely froozen yogurt and a day in the pool.

    Twitter:Eclecticsass and iam subscribed to your Rss. I’m glad you enjoyed Imats.

  44. Sierra

    I’m subscribed via email!
    Eating tons of ice cream is probably the best & most delicious way to stay cool during summer!

  45. I stay in the house under the a/c!lol!

  46. kelly

    Wear tank tops or stay in air conditioned rooms.

    Twitter: tinkersweetie
    RSS Subscribed

  47. Stefani

    I hope you had fun at IMATS!

    My favorite way to cool off in the summer is the pool w/ my lill cousins :)

    twitter: pinkleopardprnt

  48. My favorite way to stay cool is plenty of popsicles!

    Twitter: not_madeofmoney

  49. Spiff

    I stay cool by wearing short shorts, taking cold showers, and staying indoors!

  50. stephanie

    My favorite way to stay cool is definitely spending a day at the mall with a smoothie in hand!

  51. Jennifer

    My favorite way to stay cool during the summer is AC!!! I know it’s boring but sitting in front of the AC with the vents pointed at me on 90 degree day feel SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  52. Tiffany

    Perfect way to stay cool is tank tops, shorts, the pool, and nice cold drinks. 😀

    twitter: tiffster289
    RSS feed: already subscribed!!

  53. Krizella

    Count me in! Having a Gelati from Rita’s Ice ( is my favorite way to stay cool during this summer: a layer of cotton candy Italian Ice and creamy vanilla Frozen Custard mmm!

    Following already (Krizella) and I’m subscribed.

  54. Aubree

    Popsicles and lounging at the shore of a beach! :o)

    Twitter: BreezyH
    I’m subbed as well.

  55. Jessica

    Flip Flops!

  56. Jezi

    I subscribed to your twitter, Malavej is my Twitter name.

  57. DanielleO

    My way of staying cool is lots of ice water, keeping the shades drawn and working the ceiling fan!

    twitter: ou_d

  58. JillyB

    I stay cool by sitting in the shade where just the breeze hits me. I drink lots of ice cold water and read a good book.

    twitter: stitchymom

  59. Colleen

    my favorite way to stay cool in the summer is to take a dip in the pool!

  60. Stephanie

    My favorite way to keep cool in the summer is to stay in constant air conditioning, haha.

    twitter: thebackseatsman

  61. MC

    My favorite way to stay cool is with an iced caffe mocha from Starbucks..they are sooo good and lots of ice helps!

    Please enter me. RSS subbed.

  62. dani

    when i go to the beach i stay under the umbrella or wear a big hat. try not to run around a lot. lol.


    i’m a RSS subscriber!


  63. AA

    My favorite way to stay cool is by wearing light clothing and drinking lots of iced tea…and ofcourse staying indoors.

  64. mich

    my fav way to stay cool is jump in the pool
    twitter – teasecake
    rss subbed

  65. Estefania

    Enter me please!
    Twitter: estefafernandez
    rss sub

  66. id die if i won, seriousssly i haven’t even tried rimmel, perfect oppurtinity! i spotted u at imats but didnt say anything cause u and everyone else were being mobbed!
    twitter: heylivhey
    and im subscribe to the email feed ;]

    • my fave way to stay cool is taking a swim in my pool with some iced tea!
      i always seem to miss what im supposed to say…bummer. lmfao

  67. Amber

    oh. my. god. i must win!! hahah
    I like to stay cool by making fresh fruit smoothies. mmmmmm
    Subscriber 😀

  68. I stay cool by using products with peppermint in them for the cool and tingly feel they give. I also love fresh mint in water and tea.

  69. hi

    I stay cool by staying in the AC, wearing shorts and tank tops, and drinking lots of icy water and lemonade. 😀

  70. lauren

    This seriously looks amazing. I don’t own any Rimmel, so this would be a lovely starter!!! I like to stay cool by making a pool (since I don’t have one). It’s actually really fun lollll
    ima subbie!!

  71. My favorite way to stay cool is drinking a slurpee from 7 Eleven. Usually while reading beauty blogs online, haha.

    Twitter: Mabeth
    Subscribed to RSS via email

  72. Daniela

    my favorite way to stay cool in the summer heat it to swim! I love being at the ocean. Please enter me :)

  73. Diamonds

    I like to stay cool drinking A LOT of iced tea. It’s just so refreshing :)
    i subscribe.

  74. Lauren

    Wow This looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite way to stay cool is to eat ice cream at my local Ben and Jerry’s. Every single day. So delicious. I SUBSCRIBE!!

  75. Fabulous

    Oooolala. I’ve been interested in trying out the Sexy Curves Mascara. Perfect opportunity 😀
    My favorite way to stay cool is to eat gelato. It’s so good!!!
    I am an RSS Subscriber.

  76. They way I stay cool in the summer is try my hardest to get to the Jersey Shore or find a friend/family member with a pool! Otherwise, I enjoy the gorgeous invention that is air conditioning! :)

    Twitter: cupidgirl21483
    RSS Feed Subscribed!

  77. Zahra

    My favorite way to cool down is to wear a pony tail, sandals, drink lots of liquids, wear mineral makeup, in my case BE.
    Love summer…
    Please enter me!

  78. Loverly

    so….much….makeup. I hope I win!!!! I like to stay cool drinking lots of water. It’s a mental thing for me. Like water will make it all better……..
    I am a subscriber!

  79. Nic15

    I love to stay cool two ways: going over to my sister-in-law’s pool to go for a swim & for days when time doesn’t allow me to go for a dip, I like to spritz my face with refrigerated Fix+.

  80. Sally

    I like to stay cool by eating ICE CREAM! Yum!!

  81. Fizzz

    enter me i would love to win
    n already follow
    twitter Fiza88

  82. Fix plus is a great way to keep it a bit cooler during the summer. Just put it in the fridge for a bit, but also an umbrella… i know it looks funny but it keeps you in the shade.

    twitter: chelseapier
    RSS subscribed!

  83. cloudburst

    By eating lots of frozen yogurt & gelato! twitter: thespell, RRS subscribed.

  84. Cindy K.

    I try to stay cool by staying indoor eating watermelon when it’s too hot outside.

  85. Vanessa

    My favorite way to stay cool in the summer is out in the pool with family and friends! : )

  86. Terri

    My favorite way to cool off in the summer is to drink lots of water and limit my outdoor activity during the hottest time of the day. I also go to lots of places with air conditioning, like the aquarium or the art museum, so I get a dose of culture while I stay cool.

  87. My favorite way to stay cool in the summer is by taking a dip into my pool :)

    Following you on twitter, username: gummibalu

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  88. Paperbacktripper

    My favorite thing to do to keep cool is to eat Popsicles in the shade of a big tree. Preferably, a hammock is involved!

  89. sprut

    I stay cool by staying inside! 😉 Between work and school, even in the summer it’s hard to find time to play. I’m not a beach bunny anyway.

    This stash looks amazing! I really like Rimmel cosmetics. I think they are one of the best drugstore brands around. Sexy curves and glam eyes are two of my fav mascaras at the moment. I also like the formula of their foundation, they just don’t make a color light enough for me. :(

  90. Sam

    OMG HOPE I WIN!!!!!!!

    twitter: fashionista526

  91. well, drinkin lots of water…eating watermelons and cucumbers and wearing least makeup wth cool cottons!!!

    twitter: glowingface
    RSS subscribed

  92. Jazmin

    Eating Ice Cream!!! lol

  93. LauraJ

    My favorite way to stay cool is to swim in a river. Much better than the ocean, lakes, or swimming pools.

    I follow you on twitter: lejb28

    I receive your emails

  94. KyaLyn

    Mojitos with mint from my garden and sitting in the shade.

    Twitter: KyaLyn

  95. Rio

    I follow on Twitter as well.

    My favorite way to stay cool in the summer is to stay inside! lol Air conditioning FTW. I don’t like summer much when it gets above the mid 70’s. Fall is my favorite season. 😀

  96. Cindyrella

    I stay cool in the summer with a tall frosty glass of sun tea or lemondade and a dip in the lake.

    RSS subscribed
    I get email updates
    Twitter: Cindyrella1212