Thursday, February 12th, 2009

So what do you do when you’re staying in for Valentine’s Day? Pamper yourself, of course! To the utmost. Here at Temptalia, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day is PAMPER YOURSELF DAY! I’ve had many a single Valentine’s Days before finding the love of my life. Last year, I wrote up a good guide to making the most of Pamper Yourself Day, and I pretty much think it covers it well, but I’ll reiterate and add some things here as an update :)

Indulge yourself. The day is about making yourself feel like a goddess, whether that means giving in and having a decadent molten chocolate cupcake or your favorite pasta. Get take out from your favorite restaurant and chow down with your favorite movie (and maybe curl up with a pet, if you have one!). Give yourself an at-home manicure and pedicure, or take a luxurious bath.

For a relaxing bath, Liz Earle tells us, “For the ultimate relaxation add a few drops of essential oils to a warm bath. For a Valentine’s Day treat, we recommend Bliss. Its joyous and sensual blend transports you to a calmer, more contented space. With floral accents of jasmine and ylang ylang to enhance your mood, sensual rosewood and patchouli to banish stress and sandalwood to soothe.” If you’re feeling a little feisty, opt for Philosophy’s Cinnamon Hot Dots three-in-one gel for a fun bubble bath. Or body wash, if you’re pressed for time!

One thing I always loved to do on Pamper Yourself Day was to hang out with my best friend. Then it becomes a total girls’ night in/out, and you can gab and dish on all that’s going on in your lives.

How do you like to spend Pamper Yourself Day?

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18 thoughts on “Celebrate Pamper Yourself Day 2009!

  1. IZzySA

    OH! I am the first to post. In fact, I am taking a few days off to pamper myself — hahah. I am married, but I still pamper myself. I just had a manicure and pedicure and will be taking a huge long nap. YES! I have still to try out my new products from MAC and also from BB and others (I did overspend — my hubby was happy watching me haul stuff and carried all my stuff home!). Tomorrow we are going to a concert, Friday to dinner and Saturday for a lovely Friends’ luncheon. All in all, I plan a good weekend and hope everyone has one too..**HAPPY VALENTINES DAY** TO ALL ONLINE AMIGAS!!


  2. Claudia M.

    I used to go bar hopping with friends if we were single, so much fun, and no pressure at all, just doll up and have fun with the single guys! 😉 I’ve never taken Valentine’s Day too seriously anyway. Now that I’m married, my hubby and I give each other silly gifts, and this year we’ll probably be at a sports bar watching the NBA dunk contest, throwing back some beer. Ah, that’s the life!!
    Happy Early Valentine’s to all!!!!

  3. Shefali

    Hey Christine! This sounds like a great idea. I’m married, but I think Saturday is going to be pamper myself day.

    Regarding taking the bath…did you mean Cinnamon Hot Dots? It says Cinnamon Hot Dogs as the bubble bath name, but that sounds a little scary, LOL!!

  4. Tekoa

    Cinnamon Hot Dogs? Heh! I’m picturing a dog wrapped in a hotdog bun being sprinkled with cinnamon.

    When I was single I would buy myself pretty flowers on Pamper Yourself Day. This year I think I’ll celebrate by sleeping in and not doing a single word of homework.

  5. Valentine’s Day doesn’t really bother me, but it does to a few of my friends so we’ve all resolved to go clubbing on Saturday… haha. Great idea, though! Thanks!

  6. I’m a little sad b/c my SO of 2 years is actually going up to his parents place for the entire weekend (we didn’t realize President’s Day weekend is the same as Valentine’s Day weekend this year) so I’m left all by myself. =/ And to make matters worse, most of my friends (single or not) have plans or are going home themselves as well. *sigh* It’ll definitely be a pamper myself day.

  7. Nicole

    My Pamper Myself Days always has to start with me cleaning my place from top to bottom. My surroundings have to be perfect. lol So then I’m all grimy and sweaty and I take a long shower and wash my hair in the shower. I love Sensual Amber body products from BBW. I usually wash my hair with Ojon Hydrating Shampoo and follow it us with Ojon Conditioner. I also give myself a pedi and shave my legs and underarms…lol It’s usually an ALL day event. lol

    • Claudia M.

      I totally agree w/ you, I’m not a neat freak at home, but I can’t relax and pamper myself if the place is out of order, so w/ me it starts with getting my pampering stuff out, then reorganizing/cleaning the bathroom, then it just takes off from there.
      “I should put this up too”
      “let me wipe this down”
      “i gotta vacuum”
      “chevy, you look like you need a haircut and a bath yourself” so of course then he gets mad at me and ignores me for the next two days because my dog does NOT like haircuts and baths. Oh, well, more quiet time =P

      • Nicole

        Exactly I always have to have thing around me organized bc it throws me off. haha I cleaned up last night so I can go str8 home from work today and start getting myself ready for tonight. lol

    • Oh, wow! I need to be bitten by that bug, lol!

  8. Evelyn

    Well, as my dear husband is on a business trip (gggr!) I am driving 3 hours to a friend’s place (she lives in the same town we went to college in together) and we will spend all evening getting dolled up and then hit the bars/clubs. She just broke up with her b/f and was rejected for a PhD so moral support is in order! I even got her a LUSH valentine’s pamper present.