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Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion
Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion ($38.00 for 3.4 fl. oz.) is supposed to be a “l’ightweight tinted body lotion to give legs a touch of sun without the use of a self-tanner.” This is a very temporary product that’s really a one-and-done after a day, as it washes off with water (which means it is not waterproof, it’s not even water-resistant).  It’s not what you’d reach for if it was rainy, you were heading to the beach or pool, and so forth.

I am absolutely not an expert on self-tanner, as I’ve used less than half a dozen in my lifetime, and I’m just not motivated to rush out and try them all. I just don’t look at my skin color and feel wanting of a tan or deeper or more golden color all-over, or else maybe there are so many other wants (acne-free skin for eternity, brows that never need tweezing, and so on) that this one is a low priority. Frankly, I’m still struggling to apply an all-over body moisturizer still on a regular basis! When I received this, I figured I’d photograph it and give it a whirl–it looked pretty, wasn’t a real commitment, and if I hated it, I could wash it off right away. (I am forever scarred from The Wedding Planner scene where a bride comes in with self-tanner gone wrong on her face.)

Divine Legs is warm, golden, and has slight yellow-red undertones. It has soft copper and gold pearl in it, which is very fine, so they don’t look like chunks of glitter or large sparkle on the skin and instead give off a subtle sheen. My arm is light-medium (about NC20), and you can see that it definitely deepens, darkens, and warms up my skin by three or four shades. What I liked most was that it was very quick to dry down (it’s nearly instant), and it didn’t feel tacky at any point during the wear.  I applied it all over my legs with my hands, and I didn’t see any streaking, even around knees and ankles. The consistency is thin, but not quite watery, so it spreads out easily, but it does have quite a tint.

I feel like it’s a good fit for someone who doesn’t want to commit to a real tan for long but would like their legs (or another body part) to match the rest of their body for a special occasion. It’s expensive, given it’s a one-time use lotion, so at this price point, a true self-tanner might be a better investment and more practical, especially if you would use this regularly. I must admit, I do like the way warms up my coloring, but personally, I’d want something with less tint and isn’t quite as yellow-toned. (Any recommendations?)  It lasts until I shower, and I didn’t have any transfer on clothes.

It is scented with Caudalie’s signature Divine, which is described as “grapefruit, rose, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar, and white musk.” I must be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like it, as the Divine Oil’s scent is much revered. It’s a warm, woody floral; slightly sweet from the vanilla, then peppery and warm and woody (the cedar). All notes that should sing to me, but it just doesn’t for me (I think peppery sweetness doesn’t do it for me)–the scent is strong enough that I can smell it when I’ve only applied the lotion to my legs. It doesn’t have a lot of projection, so your neighbor down the street won’t catch whiffs of it, but if you’re sensitive to scents, it may be too strong for you. It does continue to linger for six hours or so on me.

The Glossover


Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion


It's really easy to apply, doesn't streak, and feels foolproof to apply (because I am a beginner myself, and I didn't have any trouble!). There's only one shade available, and it may lean too dark or too warm for some, but it washes off with water and doesn't require any scrubbing to remove, so its a nice temporary way to add color to the body.











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Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion
Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion
Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion

Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion
Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion

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20 thoughts on “Caudalie Divine Legs Tinted Body Lotion Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Abbey Ward

    I like using plain old, tried and true MAC Face and Body mixed with a bit of moisturizer. If I want some shine I add a bit of strobe cream or another liquid highlighter. This looks lovely, but a little expensive since it is single use.

  2. I’ve never personally tried it, but from the reviews I think you might want to try Prtty Peaushun. They’re available in several shades and are supposedly transfer-proof.

  3. niche

    I usually use this kind of stuff (the Nuxe and Michael Kors ones) at night when going out and wearing something nice like a cocktail dress. I think it makes my clavicle area, shoulders and legs look glowing and slimmer. But it might just be an illusion in my head when I look in the mirror or photos.

  4. Cinzia

    Sally Hansen has a couple of products that give off a similar look to this one and they come in a few shades, but they are meant to cover slight imperfections and might be a bit too heavy for you.

  5. CJ

    I like the swatch, but I could never wear this if it’s not water resistant–my legs get sweaty (gross, sorry) and I’d totally end up with a self-tanner mishap like what happened to Xtina a couple years back…

  6. I live in Florida and it’s pretty hot year round, so I don’t think this would be good since it’s not waterproof. Also, I quite love being pale lol and I have never used a tanning product.

  7. Sounds great and lovely product <3

  8. Sally Gannett

    You ask for recommendations, Miracle Skin Transformer Body SPF 20 is what I use. It is amazing. I don’t like self tanner for legs because it always ends up looking artificial or streaked. Miracle Skin Transformer body is similar to what you review above in that it washes off, but it looks natural and also (sheerly) covers scars, veins, etc. I get the Bronze and the Glow shades, mix a little of each in my hands, and apply to my legs. Also it stays on and has a very slight shimmer similar to the product you review above. By mixing the two shades, you can get the exact color you desire. And it doesn’t rub off on your clothes.

  9. beck

    funny you mention the smell, I did not like it,but I did like
    this product but the smell was not my cup of tea

  10. Christina C

    I purchased this product and I was disappointed. I like very moisturizing body oils and lotions and found this product not to be very moisturizing. I also found the shimmer was undetectable. Another bummer was It doesn’t have the same scent as Caudalie Divine Oil. I also thought the tint was a weird shade but I am olive/tan complexion so it might work better for light skin.

  11. evita

    I have Gerlain Les jambes de gazelle. not cheap, but also good one to add some extra tone. by the way the smell is pretty good one.

  12. Cat G

    Interesting review, thanks. I would be afraid of it not being sweat-resistant at all personally!

  13. Stephanie

    I really find the smell overpowering too, I had it on today on my legs and decided against wearing a skirt after all. Nonetheless I could still smell the lotion through my skinny jeans…
    And I think water wise it is a little resistant, i wore it out on a humid evening and I did get sweaty but did not get any tan misshaps. :)

  14. Sofia

    Lumene has something similar with a touch of shimmer and for much cheaper price. Although I think it’s not available in America.