Tutorial – Neutral (Signature Look)

I looked through tutorials I’ve done, and I hadn’t done anything neutral, so this is a tutorial for my favorite neutral look. I think it’s a look that anyone can really get to work for them. I was inspired by one of the wedding looks MAC has/had on their website. If you ever have trouble blending, browns are the best colors to start working with, because when you blend distinct colors, you can often muddy them with too many attempts at blending – but browns, they’re already muddy!

Skill Level: Beginner-Moderate

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Tutorial – Smokey Eye

A lot of people asked for a tutorial on smokey eyes, so that’s what I did for my first tutorial attempt. If the tutorial works out all right, and/or learn what I need to fix, I may make another tutorial for blending some bright colors together.

Skill Level: Beginner

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Tutorial – Rainbow Eye

From some requests, this is a tutorial to do a rainbow eye. Some people find that this is a very difficult look to master, but I thought it was pretty easy! Anyway, this took me foreverrr to take pictures of, and even longer to crop and all that jazz, so please, please, please! if you like it, let me know! Hate it, still let me know! Acknowledgment of any kind is greatly appreciated!

Skill Level: Moderate

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