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7 Quick & Easy Holiday Looks

7 Quick & Easy Holiday Looks

P&G Beauty challenged me to come up with seven different holiday looks/combinations, and here are the seven I came up with! I really went from a quick, easy, and on-the-go perspective. These are looks that can start off work appropriate and then changed up in the evening by adding drama in select ways.

A Few Tips & Tricks

  • FIND A WAY TO SPARKLE! Whether it’s your hair, lips, eyes, or skin, shimmer, sparkle, glitter, and the like are often on hand for holiday parties.
  • QUICK STEPS FOR DRAMATIC CHANGE include swapping out eyeliner, adding liquid eyeliner, going for a darker/bolder lip color, putting hair up (or letting it down), and changing clothes/accessories. You can easily wear something casual, and then put on a dressier top and red lip, and you’ll look polished and elegant in minutes.
  • RE-HYDRATE: After all the blow drying, styling, and products, I followed up with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner (which I’ve given two Editor’s Choice Awards for best conditioner before here, because it’s such a great hydrator for hair).
  • COLORED HAIR? Temporary hair color is best used the day before an event, while semi-permanent hair color, such as Clairol Natural Instincts, can be used a few days prior to your big holiday party. Permanent hair color can be done a couple of weeks prior. Remember, if you’re trying a brand new hair color, you may want to test-drive it a few days to a week before any big events!

Check out the looks! 

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Celebrate 31 Days of Caudalie Cheer!

Celebrate 31 Days of Caudalie Cheer!

Caudalie is hosting the 31 Days of Caudalie Cheer Sweepstakes, which kicked off on December 2nd and will last through December 31st. Throughout December, Caudalie will reveal the prize for the day, and there will be two winners for each daily prize. So far, prizes up for grabs have included Hand and Nail Cream ($19), Fresh Fragrance Gift Set ($36), and Fresh Fragrance Zeste de Vigne ($36), and today’s giveaway is for Vine Body Butter ($26). There are many more prizes to be given away over the next few weeks!

To be eligible to enter, you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, 18 or older on date of entry. To enter, simply go to Caudalie, click on the current date on the holiday calendar, which will reveal the prize for the day and entry form. For full rules, see them here.

A little birdie said you’ll want to be sure to stop by and check out December 10th’s prize, which is sure to be exciting! Here’s hoping they’ll be giving away their Divine Oil–I have heard fantastic things about it! (Did you know that for every Divine Oil purchased, one tree is planted?)

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Caudalie began in 1993 after Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas met Dr. Vercauteren, a global expert on grapevine Polyphenols. Together, they learned about the power of antioxidants found on grapevines, and then worked to develop a skincare range that took advantage of the beneficial effects of Grape-seed Polyphenols. One of the brand’s philosophies is to create products that use the maximum amount of natural ingredients while respecting the environment and minimizing the use of preservatives (you’ll find no jars at Caudalie!). They’re also committed to such initiatives as 1% for the planet and reduction of waste by using recycled materials for their packaging and sales materials.

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SEPHORA’S COLORVISION is about transforming a face, a mood, or even an attitude. They had a vision: “Color sets the tone, ignites the moment, defines a mood as quickly as it transforms a look. Open your eyes to our bold new way to see, feel, learn, wear and love color.” Sephora has taken inspiration from this season’s color stories to create and explore a deeper connection to color. It’s less about a single trend, but rather a state of being. Sephora wants YOU opening your eyes to color, YOU connecting with color, and YOU feeling total color confidence. With their vast expertise, Sephora has created three distinct color visions inspired by the hues and shades of fall. Today’s vision focuses on the BLACKEST BLACKS.

Go bold, deep, and dark with three ways to wear rich black eyeliner.

Flicked Liner
This is a great way to wear black eyeliner that’s subtle enough for every day but still adds definition. Start by wiggling a black pencil liner between upper lashes, and then glide a thin base of black liquid liner from the center of lash lines to the outer corners. Sephora recommends by curling your toes as you line, which will help steady hands (try it!). Connect line from the inner corners to the center using the very tip of the liquid liner for a clean stroke. Blend toward the edges for an even base. Draw the wing by laying the liner tip flush against the outer corners and dragging toward the lash lines. Don’t forget to curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara–try bumping the tip of the wand horizontally against outer lashes to enhance the winged effect.

Winged Liner
Try this update on the classic eye that uses an elongated wing to deliver high glamour. Shape the wing by dragging the flat side of a felt-tip liner from the outer corners to the center of the lids. Then, connect the inner corners to the centers using the fine-tipped side of the liner. Trace over the edges with your eyes open, keeping the angle long and low, like a 25-degree incline, and then refine the tall ends. Finish by curling lashes and adding two coats of mascara–make sure to wiggle the brush from roots to ends to lift and separate lashes.

Blurred Liner
Get all of the drama of black eyeliner with a softer, blurred look. Prep eyes with an eye primer and a wash of neutral shadow over lids; if you want even more dimension, choose a shade two shades darker than your natural skin tone. Next, draw a line from the outer corners to the centers of lids with a rich black eyeliner and repeat from centers to the inner corners. Keep your eyes open and blend the liner with a smudge brush; keeping your eyes opened will help you control the shape and keep the intensity at the lash lines. Press a matte black shadow along the lash lines to set the liner and pro long wear. Finish by curling lashes and slowly brushing on three coats of mascara while lashes are still went to increase intensity without clumping.

You can check out full how-tos and breakdowns of the looks from Blackest Blacks here.

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