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Sponsored: Indulge Yourself at Sephora for the Holidays

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow ($21.00) is a really richly pigmented, dense powder eyeshadow formula that wears well, blends beautifully, and applies intensely over bare skin. My favorite shades: Iggy, Thunderstruck, Thrasher, Doce. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Make Up For Ever Nudes You Need Artist Palette ($42.00) has been a real go-to travel palette for me, because the colors are flattering and easy to wear, and the formula is blendable, long-wearing, and pigmented, so it’s no fuss and I can rely on it when I’m out of town. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Kevyn Aucoin Starlight The Celestial Powder ($44.00) is a luminous, champagne-shimmered peach that gives the skin a beautiful glow that doesn’t read too strong or too subtle. On lighter skin tones, this can even work as a highlighting blush. The texture is silky-smooth and finely-milled, which helps it blend effortlessly on the skin. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Viseart Paris Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($80.00) is a workhorse, neutral palette that doesn’t lean too warm or too cool in tone. It works well as a standalone palette or complements any existing eyeshadows you have, especially your favorite mattes. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick ($53.00) is one of the more decadent purchases I know I make. It’s the one lipstick formula that has stood the test of time for me, as it remains my favorites years after trying, and it remains a true luxury purchase. It’s hard to go wrong with any shade that tickles your fancy, but a few of my personal favorites are Garconne, Gina, Girly, Gracia, and Gemma. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish ($18.00) is a long-wearing, pigmented formula that comes in an assortment of shades. I like that the range has some unexpected shades as well as great basics. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil ($42.00) is a decadent overnight treatment for your lips–it’s one of my go-tos after a long day of lipstick or gloss swatching. (Read review.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Urban Decay Bittersweet Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush ($26.00) is an unexpected pop of purple–true purple at that–for the cheeks, and it just may surprise you with how wearable it really is. I like the idea of spoiling one’s self with something surprising, something new and adventurous. (Read reviews or see swatches.)

Temptalia's Holiday Gift Guide

Josie Maran Argan Oil Luminizing Veil ($30.00) is a soft beige highlighter that is on the subtler side and doesn’t emphasize pores. The texture is incredibly soft and smooth! (Read review.)

Any holiday favorites that you’ve picked up from Sephora this season?

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The Beautylish Gift Card Event is Now Live!

Beautylish has started their annual Gift Card Event today, November 6th, which lasts through Sunday, November 8th. For every $100 spent, receive a $20 gift card; no code necessary, gift cards will be added automatically to your cart. Gift cards can be redeemed once they’re received and are eligible for any brand and product sold on Beautylish. Open to both US and International customers.

We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Housekeeping: A Few September Updates!

Brand Summaries

Brand Overviews

Now, when you browse a brand’s page, you’ll find an overview what we’ve reviewed, top rated products, popular products, as well as how the brand has rated across general categories. This was inspired by reader @nonamemary’s suggestion that she’d like to go to a page and get an overview of the brand, like their best/worst products. You can access brand pages by clicking the brand in a product badge or through the product database’s sub-navigation. Here are some of the popular brands, and you can see how they rank now (there are plans to aggregate this data in the future):

Temptalia's Favorites

My Favorites

You can easily access my current and all-time favorites on all pages; it is located in the top navigation labeled as “Favorites.” Favorites are broken down by monthly (what I’m currently enjoying in particular), all-time favorites (typically formulas), and recently recommended products. Monthly favorites may include limited edition favorites, but for all-time, I have kept it to formulas that are permanent/currently available. Check out my favorites!

Best of Holiday 2015

Best of Holiday 2015

Last year’s best of compilation seemed to resonate well with readers, so we’ve created this year’s Best of Holiday 2015, which is automatically being updated as new holiday products, sets, palettes, and so forth get reviewed. It currently has around ten products, so it’s still very much a work-in-progress (it will eventually show a top 15). As it fills up, you’ll see this linked more prominently, but it’s fun to see how the rankings change. (Okay, maybe fun just for me, ha ha!)  Check out Best of Holiday 2015 so far!

Welcome to the newest Temptalia!

WELCOME TO THE NEWEST VERSION OF TEMPTALIA! We have been working on this continuously for the last six months: an entire recode and redesign of every bit and piece of Temptalia. We hope the changes make the site easier to use, features more accessible and useful, and if we’re really lucky, a little faster, too. 🙂 The new design is responsive, which means that the site will be better displayed for the device you’re using it with, like your phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer. We have also made some of our features more robust and have taken a lot of suggestions over the last year into consideration and implemented many of them across the site. If you find any errors or encounter bugs, please report them in the comments section below and let us know what device and/or browser you were using at the time. (Thank you!!)

Known Errors

These are errors/things that need to be added that we’re working on but aren’t instant fixes. We hope to clear these within 1-3 days.  Update on 8/9: most of these will (hopefully!) be fixed Monday and Tuesday of the upcoming week.

  • Sorting/refining functionality minimized on some features (notably, Foundation Matrix) – to be expanded soon
  • Price Slider on Mobile:  to be added soon
  • Advertising Reskin overlaps right sidebar
  • Swatch Gallery:  brand drop menu is missing from refine results – in progress
  • Blog Post: Dupe List should show Brand + Shade name
  • Unrated products sometimes show up as Fs
  • Newsletter preview image not showing up Fixed
  • Add back +Vanity icon to Glossovers
  • Scale thumbnails in Swatch Gallery/Dupe List to force size
  • Adjust sizing on Samsung tablets

We have plenty of things we still need to do: more features to add, like better and more sorting capabilities, enhancing user wish lists and vanities, and things of that nature — so there is more to come! We hope to get on a shorter release cycle with regular updates rather than one giant one soon. Here are some of our favorite improvements that you’ll find this time around:


  • Dupe Lists: Reviews now showcase the top 15 dupes, ordered by similarity with the % similar displayed within the review.
  • Compare Any Two: pull up any two swatches (that I’ve done) on the fly to make your own comparison from any review
  • Reader Reviews: see a summary of readers’ reviews for a formula (you can also add your own!)
  • Larger standard photo size (760px, previously 550px) going forward

Product Database

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The Dupe List

The Foundation Matrix

  • Shareable shade matches: easily save and share top matches by specific shade for referencing later (here are mine for MAC NC25!)
  • Refined algorithms and result ordering

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