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Brazil’s Must-Have Brands

By Melanie, Local Contributor – Brazil

Melanie is 21-years old and lives in Brazil. She has brown eyes, brown and curly hair, and cool-toned, fair skin. She’s a future journalist, vegetarian, feminist, and the boldest Aries you’ll ever meet. One of her life goals is to be free of prejudice and hate as much as possible. She would love to work at a cultural magazine or write a cultural column.

Melanie attributes her interest in beauty products to Japanese men, because she was a big fan of J-rock, specifically Visual Kei, when she was younger. It inspired her to try to replicate some of the makeup looks the musicians wore! Her philosophy is simple: everyone is beautiful–every size, shape, hair, nose lips, hands, everything! You can follow her on Twitter or check out her blog!

Cityscape of Balneário Camboriú by emarquetti

Brazil’s Must-Have Brands

You probably know Brazil for Carnaval, bossa nova, Rio de Janeiro, and our football NT, but did you know Brazil is the second largest consumer of cosmetics in the world (recently passed Japan and now only behind USA)? There’s probably much more to see than you expected!  Besides loving international brands like Avon (which is extremely popular around here), Maybelline, Lancôme, MAC, and many others, we have a huge variety of our own brands, each with something different for the beauty market.  My mission here is to introduce you to this new world and show what we do best. These are some of the Brazilian brands I love and recommend. Enjoy!


Natura is our giant; it’s a market leader and international success (available in other seven countries in Latin America as well as France). What makes Natura special is their eco-friendly philosophy, use of local ingredients, and being cruelty-free. Their skincare and bath line named Natura Eko is a great example: all of its products have ingredients (fruits, seeds, herbs) specially picked with Brazil’s biodiversity in mind. I believe using a Natura Ekos product is like experiencing a little piece of Brazil!


When you think Mahogany, you think delicious and memorable scents, retro packaging, and a ‘chic’ feel. The brand is always aiming for international standards by investing in research and technology. They specialize in skin care, hair care, and fragrances. I love that we have a brand like Mahogany in Brazil, which is so quality-driven and is definitely able to surprise even the most demanding consumers.

Contém 1g

Variety, quality, pretty packaging, and innovation: Contém 1g has it all. Brazilian makeup brands are, most of the time, just trying to catch up to international trends. Of course, Contém 1g does that, too, but they’re always developing new products and doing it their own way. The downside is that their products are inconsistent; most are amazing but others just don’t work. The products they do get right are quite worth the try, though, and courage always deserves praise.

Duda Molinos

This is a new brand that has already won the hearts of Brazilian women. It’s named after one of the most famous makeup artists in Brazil, and it really seems to use his expertise to create great products at rather reasonable price. The key words for this brand are: potential, quality and boldness.  So far, it is really promising.

Hits! Specialità

With its cute, slim bottles and well-picked colors, Hits! is the brand of fashionable women. You won’t find a plain red or a baby pink on their shelves. Hits! focuses on trendy, different, and classy colors as well as glitter nail polish (which are really hard to find here), to make the collections of Brazilian nail polish addicts complete.

O Boticário

This is the second largest brand of cosmetics in Brazil, which is also present in Portugal, Mexico, Japan and sixteen other countries. Although o Boticário has great makeup, skincare (including ‘Fun’, an indeed fun and surprising themed line), bath, hair care, and many other lines, their fragrances are the products that are the most influential and remembered for their quality. It’s almost cultural: most Brazilian girls get their first perfume from o Boticário. And, of course, the brand’s fragrances follow many of them through their lives.


I’m always impressed with the quality of Vult products. I love their eyeshadow: pigmented, buttery, long-lasting. Even though they’re a drugstore brand, and their prices compatible with the category, the makeup line specially can easily compete with our mid-end brands. How cool is this: to buy great products at great prices?

What caught your attention? What do you like the most about Brazil?

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2012 Readers’ Choice Awards – Nominations Open!

2012 Readers’ Choice Awards – Nominations

NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN! Starting today, you can nominate your favorite brands and products for our annual Readers’ Choice Awards here.  Each year, we take some time to recognize the best products we’ve come across, even if sometimes we stray and try other products, these are products that have earned their rightful place in your stash.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to be part of the nomination process, because sometimes it only takes a handful of nominations to make the short list (and sometimes it takes hundreds).  Please consider participating by nominating brands/products for the categories you can–you do not need to nominate something for each category; do the ones you want, whether that’s just a few or all. 🙂

Last chance – nominations close December 31st!!

2012 Readers’ Choice Awards – Nominations

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From Finland: What’s in My Makeup Bag?

By Ria, Local Contributor – Finland

After being born and spending her childhood in America, Ria moved to the far reaches of Northern Europe to live in Finland with her parents. Exiled away from beauty brands most of us take for granted, she was forced to branch out and challenged to find new local favorites.

Now 27, her interest in beauty started originally as a hobby about five years ago, when she was looking for something new in her life. However, it soon turned into a full-blown obsession. She also attended makeup school to pursue her interest and has worked with beauty ever since. These days she spends most of her free time studying and writing, trying to finish her master’s thesis for university. She’s interested in the associations and values connected to makeup and is actually writing her thesis on YouTube makeup videos!

Make Up Store China Red Lipstick

From Finland: What’s in My Makeup Bag?

I thought it would be fitting to share myself through some of my favorite products! These are a few of the products you can almost always find in my make up bag and that I’ll buy again and again.  You can always learn a lot a about a person by the products they choose to spend their hard-earned money on, whether it’s shoes or lipstick! Hopefully, this will give Temptalia’s readers some insight into who I am as well as to the European cosmetics market I navigate.  Maybe it will even help someone find a new favorite! 🙂

  • Illamasqua’s Cream Blushes (£16.50) became my staple this summer, and even though summer is over, I’m having a hard time letting go! Pinky coral Rude is my go-to shade, which can look natural or intense depending on your application.
  • Isadora Jelly Kiss Lipstick (€13.00)  isn’t exactly cheap for a drugstore product (around , the consistency is
  • worthy of a brand name! The glossy, sheer texture reminds my lips of Dior’s Addict lipsticks but at
  • a third of the price. Unfortunately the color range is still quite limited, with only five shades
  • available.
  • Make Up Store China Red Lipstick (€19.00) is a my holy grail matte red lipstick!  It’s matte without being overly dry, like some matte lipsticks tend to be and it packs an awesome amount of pigment punch. Stays on forever as well!
  • Isadora Forest Nail Polish (€13.50) is a new shade for fall and has been repeatedly featured on my nails. Forest is a darkened olive green with gorgeous gold shimmer. Swedish drugstore brand Isadora comes up with some of the most interesting seasonal nail colors on the local market every year.
  • Essence Nail Polishes (€1.00) has Europe covered, because they are very affordable and often dupe much  more expensive brands.  One brand which is not very accessible in my part of the world, is Deborah Lippmann. Being a bit of a glitter fanatic, I still adore Lippmann’s interesting glitter nail polishes.  They make perfect dupes of Lippmann favorites like Across the Universe and Boom Boom Pow. The mini bottles are easy to travel with too and come at a fraction of the price for around one euro!


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5 Holy Grail Products from the UK

By Adrienne, Scotland Contributor

Adrienne lives in Scotland, and she writes for The Sunday Girl, which is mostly beauty but with a little life thrown into the mix. She was born and bred in Scotland, still resides in a damp Scottish town, and jokes that she sees about three days of sunshine a year–but it’s a lovely place to live. She is currently attending university studying both English and French with hopes to become an English teacher.In her free time, she loves to shop and hang out with friends–and beauty blog when she can!

MUA Pro Heaven & Earth Palette

5 Holy Grail Products from the UK

Today, I am going to share with you some great British products that I use on almost on a daily basis. These are products that have become great staples in my ever growing make-up bag. I thought long and hard about my five choices and whittled my list down by asking myself, “What would I recommend to a friend?”

MUA Pro Heaven & Earth Palette (£4.00) is a palette of twelve neutral eyeshadows that has almost reached cult status, and rightly so, as it is a really pretty selection of neutral shadows as well as it is an extremely good dupe for the often hard to source Urban Decay Naked Palette. The main differences aside from price, (MUA Pro palettes cost £4, Urban Decay Naked Palette retails around £35), is that MUA Pro palette is constructed wholly of shimmer and frost eye shadows compared to the Naked Palette, which has more of a variety in finishes. Heaven and Earth leans towards the cool end of the spectrum but each eyeshadow is finely-milled and packs a punch pigmentation wise. For £4, it is a wonderful neutral palette to add to your stash, but you may want to skip it if prefer matte formulas.

Barry M Lip Paints (£4.49) have a huge selection of shades–thirty one at last count–and they are always adding new shades to the line.  There really is a shade for everyone! I am a huge lipstick fan; I’d go as far as saying it is my favorite thing to purchase cosmetic-wise. For me there is no better UK high street brand for lipsticks than Barry M. Each shade is intensely pigmented and wears extremely well.  On average, I get around four hours wear per application. Unlike some high street/drugstore brands, these do not have am artificial smell nor are they overly drying in formula. There is one down side to Barry M lipsticks, though, and that is they all have the same semi-matte satin finish. Barry M lipsticks are well known for being great dupes for famous brands that are hard to get or of popular sold out shades. For instance, Barry M #147 Peach Pink is a wonderful dupe for MAC’s Ever Hip!

SleekMakeUp Blushes (£4.30) come with a low price tag but perform just as well, if not better, than some of the leading high-end brands out there. With the huge array of blushes available on the market, you grow to have high expectations regardless of the price tag! Why should you pay top dollar for a lackluster product? What I personally enjoy about SleekMakeUp blushes is that they are insanely pigmented, so much so that I urge all light skinned ladies to approach these with a light hand. The reason all SleekMakeUp products carry a high dosage of pigment is due to the fact the line was originally created with dark skin tones in mind. In my experience (and I have a stash of around ten), each one of the blushes is highly pigmented but also so finely milled and well pressed that the shades are never chalky, apply well with minimal fallout, and are a dream to apply and blend. My personal recommendation is Rose Gold, which is similar to a very famous shade with a rude name–yep–NARS Orgasm!

17 Wild Eyes Mousse Eyeshadows (£3.99) are a new addition to the Boots 17 line and come in six shades.  They are a semi-soft cream eyeshadow that works equally as well as an eyeshadow base or as a subtle all over wash of color.  I have been preaching about these little leopard print pots of cream shadow to all that will listen!  17 Wild Eyes Eyeshadows dry down to a powder finish. They are extremely easy to apply and wear best with a primer of some kind. I have oily lids, and with a primer, I can get eight hours of wear. Some have likened these to Chanel, but I see them as more a rival to MAC Paint Pots as this is what the texture most emulates and wears most similarly to. If you do try these out, I highly recommend the Wild Nude shade.

Collection 2000 Ultimate Wear Concealer (£3.99) is excellent! It is very seldom that you come across a budget buy concealer that performs well. On first inspection, it looks like any cheap drugstore buy, and you would be forgiven for not having high expectations, but this is certainly a case of not judging the book by the cover. Inside the tube houses a doe foot applicator and a thick, yet creamy, concealer that blends exceptionally well and hides all imperfections from dark circles to blemishes. It is a little on the thick side but not so much so that it can’t be used on the delicate eye area, and it doesn’t crease either. The only downsides of this product is the lack of shade variety as there are only three shades. My one tip for any potential buyers would be to choose one shade lighter than you would usually purchase as they have a tendency to oxidize throughout the day. I am an NC37 in Mac and wear shade two – light, if that provides any help!

Check out more photos & swatches!

Canadian Spotlight: Annabelle Cosmetics

By Tamara, Local Contributor – Canada

Tamara lives in southwestern Ontario, where she works in a multi-disciplinary physical rehabilitation clinic. When she’s not there, you’ll find her at the local cosmetic counters or freelancing as a makeup artist.

She rediscovered makeup in her early twenties, and since then, she’s become immersed in the beauty community. Tamara loves the idea of sharing information with others who share her beauty interests. After being an observer for some time, she started her own beauty blog. She has learned so much and had an amazing time since starting, and she considers herself lucky to have two jobs she adores.

Annabelle Smoothie Eye Shadow Pencils

Canadian Spotlight: Annabelle Cosmetics

Annabelle is a brand that has been around for quite some time. The line was first launched in August of 1967 by Morrie Cohen, a Montreal businessman. Known as “the house of colors,” the have always offered a wide range of color cosmetics, makeup accessories, and nail polish to consumers.  (Though sadly, in 2004, the line of nail polishes was discontinued!)  The company was named after Mr. Cohen’s mother-in-law, Anabel. The name Anabel, was modified to Annabelle to give a bilingual twist to the Canadian brand.

My top three products from Annabelle are…

Le Big Show Mascara ($9.95 CDN): I’ve had a drugstore favourite for mascara for a long time, but Le Big Show took over a few months ago. This is an absolutely fantastic mascara that gives length, volume and an intensely black colour payoff.

Smoothie Eye Shadow Pencil ($8.95 CDN) As someone with eyelids oily enough to eat through many popular bases, these over-sized pencils really impressed me with their longevity. They can be worn on their own or layered under shadows. I frequently use Melonade (mid-tone peachy pink) or Cocoaloco (rich chocolate brown) with some mascara for a quick low-key look, and Licoriche is perfect for smokey eyes.

Hush Mineral Powder Blush ($10.50 CDN): Amazing colour payoff, smooth application and good wear time are all hallmarks of a great cheek colour and Hush has them all. This was my first experience with a mineral blush and it was a pleasant surprise to find a mineral product at the drugstore that showed up on my skin tone.

Annabelle is widely available across Canada in a number of box-stores, drugstores and supermarkets. U.S. customers are able to make telephone purchases, but only for those products permanent to the line.

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