Friday, May 25th, 2012

Make Up For Ever #23 Aqua Cream
Make Up For Ever #23 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #23 Aqua Cream

Make Up For Ever #23 Aqua Cream ($23.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “bright lime green shimmer.” #23 is a vibrant pop of lime green with yellow undertones and a golden shimmer-sheen (along with some lime-hued shimmer). It’s less yellow compared to Sugarpill Acidberry and Illamasqua Pivot. It has more green in it compared to Buxum Shih Tzu. MAC Wondergrass is darker. Make Up For Ever #304 is yellower. Make Up For Ever #171 is yellower but is the closest I could think of.

Aqua Creams are supposed to be intensely pigmented, long-wearing, and waterproof. I’m a long-time fan of the formulation–since it was first introduced–because it’s as long-wearing as Make Up For Ever claims. This stuff just doesn’t budge. It dries down fairly quickly (enough that if you wanted to soften edges or blend more than one together, I’d recommend working one eye at a time), and once it dries down, it’s set into place all day (and night). I’ve worn these for as long as fourteen hours without creasing or fading. They work well as eyeshadow bases or on their lonesome. They also work as eyeliners. Each Aqua Cream comes in a small plastic pot with a black screw-top lid and a clear bottom. I haven’t had any dry out, and I’ve had several for two years now.

#23 can be applied with rich, opaque color or blended out for a sheerer, softer layer of color. When it’s applied opaquely, you get a much more intense green color out of it, whereas the yellowness of the underlying color comes through more when it’s blended out.  I love green eyeshadows, and I’m all over chartreuse-y greens, but this is really lime green and doesn’t look much like other shades I’ve seen, which is always a good thing to discover!

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Make Up For Ever #23 Aqua Cream Review, Photos, Swatches

I love green eyeshadows, and I'm all over chartreuse-y greens, but this is really lime green and doesn't look much like other shades I've seen, which is always a good thing to discover! This shade is true-to-form: long-wearing (ten hours), waterproof, and doesn't fade or crease.











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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Hey, Sailor — It’s Coming!

I’m working through some products and their accompanying photos, swatches, and reviews tonight and am anticipating having several posts up tomorrow! I will not have everything done until Friday, because I only received half of the products I bought today (there was a major mix-up) with the other half–supposedly–arriving tomorrow. I also received several press samples pieces, but there was some overlap with the half I received so I’m missing several items but hopefully will have them tomorrow. The good news is I already purchased one of everything prior to receiving press samples, so I swatched and photographed the press samples so I can do some giveaways with the products I bought instead over the next couple of weeks :)

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the mothers out there–whether you’re an aunt, grandmother, mother, father, friend–enjoy a day that’s designed to celebrate you and all of the love and support you’ve given us over the years.  Thank you for putting up with us!

Mellan gave me a box of miniature cookies in the shape of dog bones.  I gave him a funny look and said I can’t eat these, to which he merely looked back at me with a sly, smug smile that said, “I know, but I can.”  He also gave me a beautiful bouquet that he and Daddy picked out!  Any one thinking about owning a lab… they really are like giant puppies for eternity.  Mellan’s four and a half years old, and truly, he’s as playful as he was when he was eight weeks old.

What was the best advice your mother (or mother figure) ever gave you? What was the best beauty-related advice?  Share in the comments!

It’s not advice per se, but it was showing me (by leading by example) that there’s nothing that women can’t do.  While growing up, it never occurred to me that I couldn’t do something because I was female, though I’ve encountered that attitude more and more as I got older (particularly in college and in graduate school).   My mom always preached that beauty came from within–I wasn’t even allowed to wear makeup growing up, and my mother rarely wore it–and though it took a long time to learn and feel that way about myself, it’s such an important message to reinforce in our children, ourselves, and friends.


Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Welcome to the Latest Temptalia!

As you can probably tell (and if you can’t, do a hard refresh the page), things look just a little bit different here at Temptalia.   We hope you like the new look and feel!  Many of the decisions we made regarding the layout were designed to make the site more lightweight, load faster (both on regular computers but also for mobile users), and streamline our content and features as the site is unwieldy content-wise (12,000 posts!).  Enjoy! :)

If you spot any issues or have feedback, please email shaun[at] with a description of the problem, link to the page you spotted it on, and if you’re able to, provide a screen shot along with what type of device (Apple, PC, mobile, iPad, etc.) and browser you were using.

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Happy Sunday!

How has your weekend been going?  Mine has been filled with delicious food.  There’s a local Indian restaurant (which is actually the only Indian restaurant for 20-30 miles) that has the most amazing butter chicken.  We have a relatively new tradition of going to this Mediterranean restaurant for brunch on Sundays (the only day they have it)–they have these vegetable-loaded omelets with goat cheese that’s very local/sustainable and uses in-season veggies.  The only downside is that we have to finish cleaning the house before we can head out for brunch!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

MAC Angel Lipstick/Lipglass, Nail Lacquer

MAC Fashion Sets – reviews, photos, swatches are coming. I’ve taken 2500 photos, but I still have 7 more sets to photograph. So there’s still a lot of work left before you’ll see any reviews (haven’t gone through, edited, written, etc. anything other than this preview photo!). With luck, I’ll be able to get one or two sets reviewed today with the rest to follow tomorrow and the next day.  Thanks for your patience — there are a whopping 48 products in this launch!