Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick for July 2016

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick
Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipstick

MAKE UP FOR EVER’s ARTIST ROUGE is a new, expertly curated lipstick collection offered in in 45 show-stopping shades. Packaged in new signature packaging, the lipstick is available in two simple, but beautiful finshes – 31 lustrous creams and 14 velvety mattes. The range only features the best reds, nudes, pinks, berries and artistic lipsticks, providing everyone with the most flattering shades for their skin tones.


Online July 22nd, 2016


The Details

Artist Rouge Lipstick | $22.00 | New, Permanent

  • C-103
  • C-104
  • C-105
  • C-106
  • C-107
  • C-108
  • C-205
  • C-206
  • C-207
  • C-208
  • C-208
  • C-210
  • C-211
  • C-302
  • C-303
  • C-304
  • C-305
  • C-306
  • C-403
  • C-404
  • C-405
  • C-406
  • C-407
  • C-502
  • C-503
  • C-506
  • C-600
  • C-601
  • C-602
  • C-603
  • C-604
  • M-100
  • M-101
  • M-102
  • M-200
  • M-201
  • M-202
  • M-203
  • M-204
  • M-300
  • M-301
  • M-401
  • M-402
  • M-500
  • M-501

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Tom Ford Orchid Collection for Fall 2016

Tom Ford Orchid Collection
Tom Ford Orchid Collection

Introducing Lip Color, Nightbloom Powder, and Solid Perfume in shades inspired by the elusive Black and Velvet Orchid.


July 2016

Tom Ford Nordstrom Neiman Marcus Saks

The Details

Lip Color | $60.00

  • Black Orchid Deep burgundy
  • Velvet Orchid Plum

Nightbloom Powder | $80.00

A luxurious powder blush provides sumptuous color inspired by the elusive Tom Ford Orchid with ease and consistency. Applies evenly, adheres lightly to skin to achieve a natural looking application of color.

  • Black Bloom Gold
  • Velvet Bloom Lavender

Solid Perfume | $190.00

  • Black Orchid In black compact
  • Velvet Orchid In violet compact

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Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

MAC Eyeshadow x 15 and Eyeshadow x 9 Palettes for Spring 2016

MAC Pre-Made Palettes for Spring 2016
MAC Pre-Made Palettes for Spring 2016

Creating your own bespoke eyes has never been easier. These well-edited Eyes x 9 and Eyes x 15 palettes feature a wave of colour-coordinated hues offering countless combinations, now with new reduced prices. Adding to our current lineup, we’re introducing three additional palettes: Eye Shadow x 15 in modern neutrals, Eye Shadow x 9 in dusky rose shades and Eye Shadow x 9 in soft pastel hues.


Now online

MAC Cosmetics Macy's Dillard's

The Details

Eyeshadow x 9: Pastel Times Nine | $32.00

  • New Nude
  • Fresh Innocence
  • Spice Bar
  • Flounce (Repromote)
  • Restless Rose
  • Free Roaming
  • Spring Moon
  • Greystroke
  • Sweet Green

Eyeshadow x 9: Dusky Rose | $32.00 | Repromote

Editor’s Note: This palette appears to be the previously released, limited edition MACnificent Me Palette released previously, you can see it here.  MAC lists “Quiet Time” instead of “Quiet Type,” but it seems given the other eight shades the same that it’s likely a mistype (and promo photos from both launches appear the same to me).

  • MACnificent Me (Repromote)
  • Quiet Type (Repromote)
  • Dance in the Dark (Repromote)
  • Fabulous DNA (Repromote)
  • Pleasing to the Eye (Repromote)
  • Sable (Permanent)
  • Frankly Frosty (Repromote)
  • In My Element (Repromote)
  • Cool Complement (Repromote)

Eyeshadow x 15: Mellow Moderns | $65.00 | Repromote

Editor’s Note:  This was previously released last year as Nordstrom’s Finest, exclusive to Nordstrom, but it is now available through MAC directly.

  • Beaded Light golden beige
  • Goldmine Intense gold with shimmer and frost finish
  • Chains of Love Midtone coined bronze with frost finish
  • Cork Muted golden brown with satin finish
  • Carbon Intense black with matte finish
  • Orb Soft peachy-beige with satin finish
  • Plummed Shimmering dark plum with veluxe pearl finish
  • Luscious Neutral bronze with frost finish
  • Soft Brown Soft golden peachy brown with matte finish
  • Trax Burgundy-plum with shimmer and velvet finish
  • Retrospeck Beached blonde with luster finish
  • Persuade Midtone cool grey brown with matte finish
  • Greensmoke Tarnished olive with luster finish
  • Felt Cool neutral army green with satin finish
  • Print Muted grey with shimmer with satin finish

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