simplehuman Sensor Mirror and Mini Sensor Mirror Reviews, Photos, Comparisons

A couple of weeks ago, after seeing several readers recommend it, I decided to pull the trigger and buy the simplehuman sensor mirror ($200.00). It supposed to be a light-up mirror that uses a built-in sensor so it lights up when you get near it, and it uses LEDs to provide light that mimics natural sunlight. The LEDs are supposed to outlast you even with daily use, so theoretically, you shouldn’t have to replace the light or the mirror while you have it. (The claim specifically: “Our mirror’s LEDs have been rated to perform like new after 40,000 hours — that’s an hour a day, everyday, for more than 100 years.”)

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simplehuman sensor mirror

NARS Powder Brush #10, Bronzing Powder Brush #11, Blush Brush #20, and Contour Brush #21 Artistry Brushes Reviews & Photos

Last April, NARS released new Artistry Brushes. Since then, I’ve spent time using them on and off, figuring out which ones I like, don’t like, and all that. I don’t like any of the face brushes; I find them prone to shedding and at times, scratchy–the latter is hard to deal with. I had shedding with all four face brushes I tried continuously, though after a dozen or more washes, I only find a stray hair here and there now, but initially it was more than a few. The only thing I liked about these were the handles, as they were weighty and well-balanced. They are not brushes I would reach for voluntarily due to the scratchiness as well as the shedding.

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NARS Powder Brush #10

Chikuhodo Z-2 Highlight Brush, Z-8 Cheek Brush, Z-3 Contour Brush Reviews & Photos

Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush ($141.00) is a medium-sized, tapered, slightly paddle-shaped, blush brush. The brush head is 1.25 inches or 3 centimeters in width, just over 1.5 inches or 4 centimeters in length, and 0.75 inches or 2 centimeters in thickness. It has an open ferrule and a total length of 6 inches or just over 15.5 centimeters. It is made out of gray squirrel hair.

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Chikuhodo Z-8 Cheek Brush

MAC 127 Split Fibre Face Brush & 233 Split Fibre Eye Brush (Alluring Aquatic) Reviews & Photos

MAC 127 Split Fibre Face Brush ($35.00) is a medium-sized, tapered, slightly flattened, blush brush. The brush head has a length of just shy of 1.5 inches / 3.5 centimeters, width of 1.5 inches / 3.5 centimeters, and thickness of 0.5 inches / almost 2 centimeters. It has a total length of 6.75 inches / just over 17 centimeters. The ferrule is pinched and metallic teal, while the handle is more of a satin-finished teal and made in China. It’s designed for “light pickup and sheer wash of powders, bronzers, highlighters, and blush.” It is a combination of synthetic and natural fibers, though there seem to be 60-70% of natural fibers. The brush is moderately soft, with the synthetic side feeling slightly softer. I had minor shedding after the first two washes, but I didn’t notice shedding after that. You’ll get less color applied if you use the synthetic side compared to the natural fiber side. The size lends itself best to blush/bronzer application, though angled/positioned just so, it could certainly apply highlighter as well.

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MAC 127 Split Fibre Face Brush

MAC Alluring Aquatic Makeup Bag Review & Photos

MAC Alluring Aquatic Makeup Bag ($35.00) is described as a “teal clutch … accented with sheer water droplets.” It’s a bluish-teal, medium-sized makeup bag with a translucent, blue-hued zipper pull, darker teal interior, and then “water droplets” on the exterior. I thought the “water droplets” on the actual packaging of the color products in the collection was more believable and well-done; this is interesting, but it’s much subtler, so it looks almost liked a textured packaging but not necessarily water droplets. The interior seems to be made more out of something cloth-like, but it seems like the type of material that would be harder to clean if anything leaked/spilled, so that may be a concern for some. It’s a good size, though, and it will hold longer products like brushes, eyeliners, and the like, as well as bulkier objects like foundation bottles, eyeshadow quads, and so forth. It measures 8 inches / 20.5 centimeters in length, 4.5 inches / 12 centimeters in height, and 2 inches / 5 centimeters in depth at its widest point. It has a lot of give and is malleable, so you can definitely cram it full of makeup goodies if you’re tight on space!

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MAC Alluring Aquatic Makeup Bag