Disney Cinderella Compact Mirror by Sephora Review & Photos

Disney Cinderella Compact by Sephora ($20.00) is a limited edition mirrored compact with a mirror on both sides of the interior (one magnifies). It’s nicely done, period, but it’s particularly well-done for a collaboration. It’s not a gimmicky piece–the design itself is intricate and appropriate. I felt it was inspired by Cinderella in a classy, sophisticated way. It did not feel like a compact my five-year-old self would love but a compact that would suit a spectrum of ages.

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MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush Review & Photos

MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush ($25.00) is a new, limited edition (I believe, at least) brush designed to be used for shaping and defining the eye with both powder and cream eyeshadows. It has natural bristles. This brush is like a bigger 214, or a stumpy version of the 227. The 215 is wide, dome-shaped brush that’s packed with bristles. For me, it felt a little rough on the eye. It was less rough when I used powder eyeshadows than when I used cream eyeshadows, which seemed to emphasize the pointy, blunt edges of the bristles.

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MAC 215 Medium Shader Brush

MAC 163 Flat Top Contour Brush Review & Photos

MAC 163 Flat Top Contour Brush ($35.00) is a new and limited edition brush designed to be used with MAC’s Pro Sculpting Creams, but they are noted as a multi-purpose brush, so they can be used however you find it works.  The brush is not MAC’s softest face brush, but I wouldn’t describe it as scratchy.  I think the blunt edge gives it a harsher feel against the skin, but when I run it back and forth against my face or arm, it feels fine.  It’s tightly packed with bristles, making it a very dense brush.

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MAC 163 Flat Top Contour Brush

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush Review and Photos

MAC 167SH Face Blender Brush ($34.00) is a limited edition face brush that’s made out of white goat hair. The brush head is about an inch and a half long and an inch or so at its widest point (which is at the top). It has a softly domed-shaped brush head with densely packed bristles with some give, but not so much that it’s floppy. It actually reminded me of a longer, not quite as dense or as stiff, 182, which is MAC’s buffer brush. This works in a similar fashion, but it can also apply and deposit color more accurately than if you were to use the buffer brush. The bristles are very soft to the touch and against the skin.

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MAC Hey, Sailor! Gone Sailing Tote and Makeup Bag Set Review and Photos

MAC Hey, Sailor! Gone Sailing Tote ($45.00) is a 10″ by 20″ navy-striped tote bag that cinches with a “gold” rope. It has faux leather on the bottom and along the top inch and a half of the tote with a glossy red interior for the same inch and a half (the rest is just the interior canvas of the navy-striped exterior).  The canvas portion isn’t super, super heavy, but it seems thick and durable enough for its purpose.  I bought one for myself, because I collect MAC’s summer totes just in hopes that I can fit Mellan into one of them, but then I received one from their press office this morning–so watch for a giveaway that includes the one I bought soon 🙂

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MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush Review & Photos

I’m still testing the Matchmaster foundation, but in the meanwhile, I do like the new and permanent MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush ($32.00) that was released alongside the foundation. It’s firm and densely-packed, and the angled edge makes it easy to maneuver around noses and underneath eyes. I like it better than the 190, which I find too flat.

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