MAC Illustrated Bags (2013) by Anja Kroencke and Indie 184 Review & Photos

MAC Illustrated Bags (2013 Edition) ($36.00 each) were designed by Anja Kroencke and Indie 184 (each with two bags). For more background, see the original press release. Each bag is 8″ wide and 6″ tall with a 1″ depth. They felt like vinyl/plastic on the outside, and still like vinyl but not as plastic-like on the interior, which is lined with a different pattern.

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MAC Illustrated Bag 1 by Indie 184

Disney x Sephora Ariel Set the Mood Mirror Review & Photos

Disney x Sephora Ariel Set the Mood Mirror ($20.00) is a limited edition compact mirror featured in Disney and Sephora’s upcoming Ariel collection. It’s a heavy, metal compact that opens by pressing on the circular knob on the side. The top has a metal overlay and a faceted clear top, and underneath the clear top is a melange of green and blue with Ariel and Eric in a boat on the water.  It feels sturdy and well-made, but it is metal, so you may find it can scratch.  When it arrives, the back has a clear plastic protector to minimize scratching to you (so you can do the scratching and wear and tear!).  I have my Cinderella mirror in my purse, and it doesn’t look any worse for the wear since I’ve had it, though.

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Disney x Sephora Ariel Set the Mood Mirror

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush (Temperature Rising) Review, Photos

MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush ($34.00) is a limited edition brush designed to help blend out products used on the face. It is gently curved along the edges but has a rather flat, only slightly domed, shape overall. It’s fairly dense with bristles with some give, so it is movable but not floppy. The bristles felt soft against the skin. I liked it best for use for all-over face powders or bronzers, as well as blending and fading out blush and the like.

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MAC 167SE Face Blender Brush

MAC Baking Beauties Brushes Quick Review & Photos

MAC Baking Beauties Brushes include two styles: 252SE Large Shader Brush ($31.00) and 129SE Powder/Blush Brush ($35.00). Now, the first thing I noticed was that both brushes are listed as SE and are printed with “SE” on the brushes themselves. This distinction is important or, at least, curious, because in the past, MAC has used “SH” to denote a short-handled brush that is still made in the same fashion as their full-sized brushes, while “SE” has been used to denote special edition brushes that are machine-made (as compared to handmade). The majority of the brush sets MAC puts (think Nordstrom’s anniversary sale and the holiday kits) are SE, and SE brushes can have great inconsistencies in quality–from density to the way the bristles are cut (and shaped) to quality of the bristles themselves.

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MAC Baking Beauties Brushes

Disney Jasmine The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror (by Sephora) Review & Photos

Disney Jasmine The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror ($20.00) is just as well-done as the Cinderella compact mirror.  The moment you slip it out of its packaging, you can feel the heft and real weight of it, because it’s made out of metal.  It’s not flimsy, thin, or lightweight at all.  It’s cleverly designed, suits the theme of the collection, and functions well. It opens up and has a mirror on each side, and one mirror also has, “Shut your eyes and take a chance,” written on it.

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Disney Jasmine The Palace Jewel Compact Mirror

Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush Review, Photos

Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush ($35.00) is described as a “densely-packed, baby-soft powder brush.” It is, like its name would suggest, designed to be used with the brand’s Ambient Lighting Powders, which are finishing powders. The bristles are made using high-grade Taklon bristles.

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Hourglass Ambient Powder Brush