MAC x Antonio Lopez Mirror Quick Review & Photos

MAC x Antonio Lopez Mirror ($25.00) is a limited edition square-shaped mirror with black, velveteen-like backing and along the sides and edges, and then a slightly raised, hard plastic illustrated drawing. The mirror is 3 inches by 3 inches. It’s held closed by a moderately strong magnet. The mirror underneath the lid is a regular mirror, and the mirror on the bottom is magnifying. If you’re a big fan of Antonio Lopez or enjoy the illustration, you may like the mirror.

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MAC x Antonio Lopez Mirror

MAC x Antonio Lopez Tote Quick Review & Photos

MAC x Antonio Lopez Tote ($55.00) is a limited edition, mega-sized tote bag exclusive to The collection has a release date of September 12th, but as far as online goes–you never know; it could be up to a week earlier. The tote is made similarly to the makeup bag, only it is much larger and in a tote shape. The front of the tote has a satin-like material with the illustration, while the back of the tote is a black velveteen-like material. Inside, it is lined with thin black material (not vinyl). It’s 15 inches wide, 16.5 inches tall, and it doesn’t have much of a bottom, so there’s no official thickness. It does tend to shape itself based on what you put in it, but I would have preferred to see an actual bottom of a few inches so that bag would maintain its tote-like form. Unless you’re just putting in a binder or laptop, it will bulge.

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MAC x Antonio Lopez Tote

MAC x Antonio Lopez Makeup Bag Quick Review & Photos

MAC x Antonio Lopez Makeup Bag ($40.00) is a limited edition makeup bag that will be available exclusively to MAC stores beginning on September 12th. It’s 8.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall, and 1.5 inches thick. The front half has a satin-like material, while the back half has a velveteen feel. Inside, it’s a thinner black material (I’m not sure what it is, but it didn’t seem water-repellant at the very least–definitely not something like vinyl). It has a zipper opening, and one thing I noticed was that the zipper doesn’t actually extend for the entire width of the bag; it’s slightly shorter. I don’t know if I would use this for makeup, due to the types of materials used here, so I might keep tools or small accessories for traveling in this, rather than anything that might stain or spill.

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MAC x Antonio Lopez Makeup Bag

Introduction to Hakuhodo & Hakuhodo J104 Powder Brush Round Review & Photos

Before we get to the review, let’s talk a bit about Hakuhodo first. Hakuhodo is a prestige makeup brush line that produces brushes under its own name, but it is also an OEM (original equipment manufacturer), which means it will create brushes to another company’s specifications. For instance, it is rumored that Tom Ford’s brushes are manufactured by Hakuhodo. So if you had the cash, you could create your own brush range working with Hakuhodo. And if you don’t, you can buy directly from their own branded products. Hakuhodo’s (U.S.) customer service is really knowlegdable and helpful, so if you have any questions, I highly, highly recommend giving them a quick call to ask (or you can e-mail via their contact form). This morning, I reached out and spoke with Stephanie with a few questions.

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Hakuhodo J104 Powder Brush Round

Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush

Make Up For Ever #128 Precision Powder Brush ($52.00) is described as a “long and flat brush with a tapered tip” to be used with loose and pressed powder for application “the face, neck, and upper shoulders.” It’s a large, substantial brush, and it’s easily one of the larger powder brushes I have. It flares out slightly from the base and then tapers significantly to a rounded edge with the bristles layered and lengthening as you move to the center of the brush. It measures 50mm at its widest part, 56mm tall, 25mm thick with a total length (including handle and ferrule) of just under 8 inches/20 centimeters. The handle itself is quite thick but tapers down towards the end and finishes with a sharp, angled tip. All Make Up For Ever’s Artisan brushes are made out of synthetic fibers and officially release in September.

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Make Up For Ever Precision Powder Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face, Buffing, Contour, Pointed Foundation, Detailer Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush ($8.99) is designed for applying and blending cream or liquid foundation. The brush head is 25mm in length, 30mm in width, and 20mm in thickness. The brush had a total length of 6 inches/15.5 centimeters. The brush is soft, dense, firm (with some give but not fluffy or springy). The edge is slightly rounded, but the most noticeable characteristic about the brush is just how dense it is. It is even denser than the Buffing Brush. I bought this brush after a few readers asked how it compared to Tom Ford’s Cream Foundation Brush, and I don’t think they’re similar in terms of shape, density, and so forth, but the end results achieved with both brushes are more comparable. I do get better and more effortless results with Tom Ford’s, as it doesn’t streak at all for me, but this brush does so occasionally. The rounded, slightly tapered edge makes it easy to buff and blend out any streaks, though, and the synthetic bristles of this brush means it works better with cream and liquid products and is easier to clean. In a blind softness test, I ran both brushes across my husband’s forearm (and I had him do the same for me) three times for each (and at random), Tom Ford always came out on top as softer, but Real Techniques is still very, very soft. I would not complain; I would not even notice, if I didn’t have Tom Ford to compare it to–the way I used this often reminded me of how I used to use MAC’s 109, and this is softer than that brush.

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Real Techniques Expert Face Brush