Wayne Goss The Air-Brush Review & Photos

Wayne Goss The Air-Brush ($35.00) is a powder brush designed for sculpting, buffing, and baking. It is made out of blue squirrel hair, which are some of the softest natural hairs I’ve come across. It is a flatter, tapered cheek and face brush that’s small-to-medium in size; it’s not so small that it is only useful for precision work, as it can easily be used to apply products like blush and bronzer, but it is smaller than the average blush brush (though I find it more in line with the size of more Japanese-branded cheek brushes, like Chikuhodo Cheek/Highlighter and SUQQU Cheek). It’s 22mm in width, 35mm in length, and 14mm in thickness with a total length of 7.75 inches / 17 centimeters.

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Wayne Goss The Air-Brush

MAC x Guo Pei 129 & 213 Brushes Reviews & Photos (Quick)

MAC x Guo Pei 129 Blush Brush ($46.00) is a specially packaged edition of MAC’s standard blush brush (which costs $35.00 normally). It is one of my least favorite brushes, even for a MAC brush, as it scratchy and rough. It only takes a couple of washings before it loses the majority of its softness. It also sheds. The Guo Pei version is no different, unfortunately. It is pretty to look at but painful to use! The shape is perfect for blush application, as it isn’t too small or too large with a lightly domed edge, moderate density, and some spring/give.

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MAC x Guo Pei 129 Blush Brush

Hakuhodo x Sephora PRO Brush Collection Photos & First Impressions

Hakuhodo x Sephora PRO Brush Collection consists of five face brushes that are made out of synthetic fibers. All five are on the larger side and dense with a lot of spring/give (particularly the Large Teardrop brush, which seems almost floppy as the brush tapers). The edges of all five brushes was very even, and I didn’t have any issues with scratchiness or feeling an odd bristle while trying the brushes in multiple directions. The fibers don’t seem as fine as they could be–IT’s Velvet Luxe line is softer and smoother in feel against the skin. I’m uncertain about some of the shapes and how versatile/useful they will be, but that is a personal call based on my own preferences, but you may want to see them in-store if you can.

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Hakuhodo x Sephora PRO Brush Collection

Chikuhodo x Beautylish Sakura Brush Set Photos & Comparisons (Plus, First Impressions)

Chikuhodo x Beautylish Sakura Brush Set ($215.00) is a five-piece brush set created as a collaboration between retailer Beautylish and Japanese brush maker Chikuhodo (see reviews here). I haven’t had much time to use the brush set, so these are first impressions (and may be the only “review” I’ll write-up, as these are almost sold out). All five brushes appeared very even across the edges upon arrival, and the brushes are incredibly soft, with the exception of the Detail brush, which isn’t scratchy but comes to such a fine point that it is a firmer brush so you’ll want to use light pressure when working with it. The price point is higher than your average brush set but seems in line with the pricing of most handmade, Japanese brushes, if not a little cheaper. The handles have cherry blossoms cascading vertically, and I tried scratching at them with my nails, and none of the sheen or color flaked off. Three of the brushes (Powder, Crease, Detail) are shapes that I don’t find my collection, so that was a nice touch. I’m not sure about the usefulness of the crease brush, but I’m certainly game to give it a try. I think the best brush in the collection is the Cheek brush, with the Powder and Shade brushes right behind it.

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Chikuhodo x Beautylish Sakura Brush Set

MAC 137, 221, 267 Brushes Reviews & Photos

MAC 137 Long Blending Brush ($42.00) is a long, tapered cheek/face brush made out of natural fibers. It’s supposed to be used for a “light dusting of any powder.” The brush head is 22mm in width, 22mm in thickness, and 49mm in length. It had a total length of 7.4 inches / 18.7 centimeters and an open, metal ferrule. This brush was manufactured in Japan. The brush has a really light, feathery feel and is perfect for dusting highlighters onto cheek bones, down the bridge of the nose, or applying a finishing powder all over with more control than a fan brush would give you. What I was most surprised by was how soft the brush is, because a lot of MAC’s recent brushes have been rougher in feel, and many of their cheek and face brushes (even from before) aren’t that soft, but this is one of the softest MAC brushes I’ve come across that has natural fibers. This is very comparable to Wayne Goss Brush 14 ($33) as far as length and purpose go, though MAC’s is significantly more tapered, longer by 8mm, a little less soft, and a bit denser (though not a dense brush by any means).

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MAC 137 Long Blending Brush
MAC   137 Long Blending Brush
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