Wayne Goss The Air-Brush Review & Photos

Wayne Goss The Air-Brush ($35.00) is a powder brush designed for sculpting, buffing, and baking. It is made out of blue squirrel hair, which are some of the softest natural hairs I’ve come across. It is a flatter, tapered cheek and face brush that’s small-to-medium in size; it’s not so small that it is only useful for precision work, as it can easily be used to apply products like blush and bronzer, but it is smaller than the average blush brush (though I find it more in line with the size of more Japanese-branded cheek brushes, like Chikuhodo Cheek/Highlighter and SUQQU Cheek). It’s 22mm in width, 35mm in length, and 14mm in thickness with a total length of 7.75 inches / 17 centimeters.

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Wayne Goss The Air-Brush

Sephora x Disney | Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror Photos & Review

Sephora x Disney | Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror ($26.00) is a limited edition, gold-hued mirror that looks more like your typical, circular compact when closed, but when you open it, they look like Minnie’s ears. One mirror is for normal viewing, and the other one has 2x magnification for seeing details. I was surprised at how hefty the mirror was; it’s not at all cheap in feel or look, and it’s one of the weightier compact mirrors I personally have. It comes with a zippered black decorated in glitter to hold the mirror (this didn’t feel so luxe, but I didn’t notice any glitter coming off of it, either).

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Sephora x Disney | Reflection of Minnie Compact Mirror

ByAlegory Acrylic Makeup Organizers & Storage Solutions

ByAlegory Organizers are acrylic containers designed to fit various types of makeup. They have a range of sizes/types of organizers, and I picked up one of almost all (they came out with another style after I bought mine) to take a look at, see how they fit different types of makeup, and of course, to share that information with you. In general, I think these types of organizers are great for someone with a stash that will fit them OR for storing go-to/daily products, but if you have a lot of product, acrylic organizers add up quickly!  The acrylic felt sturdy and scratch-resistant enough for regular use; it didn’t feel cheap or thin.  They can be used vertically or horizontally, though I’ve shown them all horizontally (or flat, if you prefer). The organizers are available in different colors, as well, which isn’t as common with acrylic systems: Clear, Pink Clear, Purple Clear, Black Clear, White Solid, Black Solid.

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ByAlegory Organizer

MAC x Guo Pei 129 & 213 Brushes Reviews & Photos (Quick)

MAC x Guo Pei 129 Blush Brush ($46.00) is a specially packaged edition of MAC’s standard blush brush (which costs $35.00 normally). It is one of my least favorite brushes, even for a MAC brush, as it scratchy and rough. It only takes a couple of washings before it loses the majority of its softness. It also sheds. The Guo Pei version is no different, unfortunately. It is pretty to look at but painful to use! The shape is perfect for blush application, as it isn’t too small or too large with a lightly domed edge, moderate density, and some spring/give.

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MAC x Guo Pei 129 Blush Brush

Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson On Call Makeup Bag Photos & First Impressions

Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson On Call Makeup Bag ($45.00) is a “vinyl makeup bag” that features an image of Jerry Hall, which was shot by Norman Parkinson for British Vogue, on Montego Bay, Jamaica in 1975. The interior features two side pockets, which you don’t see too often in makeup bags (especially small-to-medium-sized ones). The bag wrinkles really easily, so you may want to store it stuffed (maybe a scarf) when it is not in use. It stained really easily, as I just had it on my photography table (which always has bits and bobs of makeup after I shoot a bunch of products) and all of the powdery bits that got on it don’t seem to come off. The makeup bag is 7″ in length, 5″ in height, and 1.5″ in width.

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Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson On Call Makeup Bag