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Bobbi Brown Uber Suede High Shimmer Lipgloss

Bobbi Brown Uber Suede High Shimmer Lipgloss
Bobbi Brown Uber Suede High Shimmer Lipgloss

Would You Rock Brown Lipgloss?

Bobbi Brown Uber Suede High Shimmer Lipgloss ($23.00 for 0.24 fl. oz.) is described as a “mid-tone golden beige.” It’s a medium-dark brown with yellow undertones and pink and gold shimmer. NARS More is the closest in color, but it doesn’t have any shimmer and looks a bit more like a lipstick when applied. Bobbi Brown Canary has similar gold sparkle but has no real base color. MAC Bright & Perky is sheerer.

Uber Suede is mostly opaque, and it applies evenly without settling into lip lines.  It’s a warmer brown, but it doesn’t look too orange or red.  The formula is hydrating, comfortable to wear, and the sparkle doesn’t travel.  This shade wore five hours on me, which is longer than average.  It has a mint scent with no discernible taste.  The texture isn’t too thick or too thin, and it is non-sticky.

Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss Uber Suede
Uber Suede

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Clarins Grenadine (05) Gloss Prodige Lipgloss

Clarins Grenadine (05) Gloss Prodige Lipgloss
Clarins Grenadine (05) Gloss Prodige Lipgloss

Add a Splash of Grenadine to Your Pout

Clarins Grenadine (05) Gloss Prodige Lipgloss ($20.00 for 0.19 oz.) is a warm, strawberry pink with gold shimmer. MAC Forever Rose is less pink, more coral, has no shimmer. MAC Star Quality is lighter and has no shimmer. Revlon Strawberry is a touch redder and doesn’t have gold shimmer (but has white and pink sparkle). MAC Galaxy Rose is a bit darker and doesn’t have the same shimmer.

Gloss Prodige is supposed to have “intense color, mirror-like shine, and long-lasting hold.” It has nearly opaque color coverage with some lingering translucency, but it covers very well and–more importantly–evenly. The texture isn’t too thick or too thin, and it feels lightweight on. It has a high gloss shine, and while not a gloss I’d describe as particularly sticky, there is some mild tackiness after an hour or two. Grenadine lasted five hours on me. It has a sweet, fruity scent–almost like a watermelon Sour Patch Kid, there’s a tanginess to it–but it’s a stronger scent.  It’s lightly hydrating and comfortable to wear, but I did notice the texture of the sparkle after the gloss wore away–no traveling, though.

Clarins Grenadine (05) Gloss Prodige Lipgloss


Milani Star Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss

Milani Star Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss
Milani Star Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss

How Bright Will Your Star Flash?

Milani Star Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss ($7.49 for 0.18 oz.) is bright pop of fuchsia pink with multi-colored sparkle. MAC Dare to Dare is more yellow-toned and sheerer. MAC Eelctric Fuchsia is bluer-toned, lighter. MAC Preppy is lighter but comparable.

The Haute Flash formula is supposed to be “full coverage,” “highly pigmented, “extra glossy,” “non-tacky, and “anti-feathering.” This shade is almost opaque–so close, but not quite. There’s noticeable translucency, though when the shimmer catches the light, it nearly tricks you. The finish is high-shine in a metallic kind of way, but it’s not really glossy, as it looks a bit more like a lipstick than a gloss. Milani Flashy was thicker and a little gritty as time went on, but this shade was thinner, and less gritty–just a little texture as it faded away. If you remember MAC Dare to Wear Lipglass, this formula is very comparable. Star Flash wore for four hours, but it did become noticeably gritty as it faded away.

Milani Star Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss


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MAC Office Hours Pro Longwear Lipglasses

MAC Boundless Beige Pro Longwear Lipglass
MAC Boundless Beige Pro Longwear Lipglass

The Goldilocks of Long-Wearing Lipgloss

MAC Pro Longwear Lipglasses ($19.50 for 0.06 oz.) sees the introduction of six new shades and two repromoted shades: Boundless Beige (light warm beige with pearl), Driven by Love (red-blue with slight pearl), Everlasting Nude (mid-tone warm nude), Forever Rose (mid-tone neutral rose), Long Love Love (light cool pink), Next Fad (mid-tone cool pink), Patience Please (light pink-blue), and Persistent Peach (light warm peach). The only shade that is limited edition is Everlasting Nude.

MAC describes these as, “A longwearing Lipglass that goes on smooth and lasts for up to six hours! Envelops lips with shine and colour and pro-longs the hours between re-application.”

Boundless Beige is a semi-sheer pale beige with gold and beige shimmer. This is the one shade out of the eight launched that doesn’t look much like the rest of the range (which is more opaque). It wore four hours on me. MAC Jana is less warm. MAC Almond Blossom is less shimmery.

Driven by Love is a rich, blue-based medium-dark red with brightened ruby red micro-shimmer. It has opaque color coverage, and it applies beautifully–even, smooth, and it doesn’t seem to bunch up on itself if you happen to press your lips together. It continues to be one of the best-performing shades from this formula. It wore six hours and still looked rather good at that point. MAC Restless is similar but doesn’t have the shimmer. MAC Russian Red is slightly less deep.

Everlasting Nude is a warm peach with a hint of beige and no shimmer. It delivered mostly opaque color, and I was able to get even color overall, but it did move and bunch up on itself if I pressed my lips together even fleetingly. This shade lasted five hours. MAC Whoops! is darker. MAC Temper Tantra is just a smidgen darker and less glossy. MAC Fold and Tuck Lipglass is shimmery. Korres Natural Purple is similar in color.

Forever Rose is a strawberry-red with warm undertones. It’s not red, but it’s not quite pink–it’s almost coral-tinged. It applied mostly evenly, didn’t settle into lip lines too noticeably, and had opaque color coverage. This shade does not have any shimmer, and it lasted for six hours on my lips with some color still intact at that point. Revlon Strawberry is more muted, sheerer, so it’s not that close even though they seemed that way in the tube. MAC Star Quality is pinker, sheerer. MAC Galaxy Rose is pinker, less red.

Long Love Love is a blue-based light-medium pink. It has opaque color, but it’s a pain to apply, because it is very streaky and has a tendency to settle into lip lines. This one was really high maintenance, as the color so easily moved around and would look uneven. This shade wore for four and a half hours. MAC Snob is similar, perhaps a fraction darker. MAC Enchantee is grayer.

Next Fad is a light-medium pink with subtle yellow undertones and white shimmer. This one has more semi-opaque color coverage, as the natural lip color does come through. It lasted for four hours on my lips. MAC Viva Glam Nicki is yellower. MAC Please Me is lighter and doesn’t have the shimmer.

Patience Please is a pale beige that has a hint of pink and has a creamy finish. It settles into lip lines and does not apply as evenly as I’d like. It has a tendency to bunch up on itself if you press your lips together. The color coverage is opaque, and it wore for five hours on me. NARS Spring Break has shimmer and is more beige. MAC The Wee Coquette is similar but sheerer.

Persistent Peach is a medium peach with a hint of pink. It has a creamy finish and mostly opaque color. It settles into lip lines somewhat, and it does have some unevenness issues. It will fold over itself if you press your lips together (even briefly). This shade lasted five hours. MAC So Vain is a bit darker. Benefit Spiked Punch is a smidgen darker and has shimmer. MAC Perennial High Style is lighter.

Some people will like the formula for its long-wearing properties, but I know a lot of people already dislike MAC Lipglass for its thick, tacky consistency. These are thicker, less movable, and sticky. It’s almost gluey when worn. There’s something about the texture that’s not quite comfortable. They come with a pinched foam applicator, which worked fine for me, but it is a bit large, so those with thinner lips may find it cumbersome.

One of the problems that seems to stem from the consistency is that these do not apply evenly and are even harder to keep even. This is a problem that varies in its intensity from shade to shade. Driven by Love applies and stays even, but shades like Patience Please (so aptly named) and Long Love Love are high-maintenance. Overall, these shades were an improvement over last year’s.

These wear about as long as advertised; the light shades tend to get between four and five hours, while darker shades get the full six. The wear is impressive overall, and I really appreciate that MAC only says six hours–they don’t go nuts and say something crazy like 14, you know? I think most consumers would be pleasantly surprised and happy to see six hours of wear with their gloss. Would we love longer? Sure. But only if they can deliver 🙂

They’re vanilla-scented but don’t have a discernible taste.  A (somewhat) hidden downside is these only have a measly 0.06 oz. of product in them; Lipglass contains 0.17 fl. oz. (almost three times as much) and costs $4.50 less. They don’t appear small, as the tubes look much larger than Lipglass.

MAC Office Hours Pro Longwear Lipglasses


MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass
MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass

Support Viva Glam with the Newest Release!

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipglass ($15.00 for 0.17 fl oz.) is described as a “hot pink.” It’s a brightened medium pink, kind of strawberry-pink like, with subtle yellow undertones. It’s not quite bright enough to be a true hot pink–at least not on lips, though it’s brighter in the tube than on. MAC Please Me is lighter, while Illamasqua Indulge is darker and brighter.

The color coverage is mostly opaque with a little translucency here and there. It does settle into lip lines somewhat. Lipglasses feel a little thick, and they are definitely tacky, so they are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are vanilla-scented but have no discernible taste. Viva Glam Nicki lasted five hours on me.  It’s a little lighter, not quite as yellow-toned, as its lipstick counterpart. Since it’s been awhile, and I did want to show the gloss layered over the lipstick, I also included standalone lipstick swatches as well as the two layered.

MAC fan or not, Nicki Minaj fan or not, MAC’s Viva Glam campaign helps fund an organization that does a whole lotta good–the MAC AIDS Fund. Every cent of the selling price of Viva Glam products goes towards MAF. From the press kit they currently have available on their website, they were heading towards a $250 million goal for this past July–but as of February 2012, they had raised $235 million from the Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipglass shades. 100% of the sale price–not proceeds, profits, or an ambiguous figure–every cent. MAF provides financial support to organizations across the world to provide a range of services that include preventative care for HIV/AIDS as well as care for those with HIV/AIDS.

Fun facts: What 1 Viva Glam Lipstick (or Lipglass) can do…

  • Purchase 254 condoms to prevent the transmission of HIV
  • Provide 32 Safer Sex Kits which include condoms, lubricant and instructions
  • Provide a clean, safe place to sleep for two nights for one resident living with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide 45 minutes of lifesaving HIV prevention skills to a group of 75 women and girls
  • Buy eight individually tailored, nutritious meals for a person affected by HIV/AIDS
  • Prevent one mother from transmitting HIV to her baby
  • Keep an injection drug user HIV and HCV free for one year by providing sterile syringes
  • Purchase one rapid oral HIV test
  • Test four babies to determine their HIV status
  • Provide crisis counseling to a person living with AIDS who is also struggling with drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness
  • Provide a new job interview shirt and tie for one resident at an HIV/AIDS housing organization
  • Purchase 151 safer injection kits (cooker, cotton, tourniquet)
  • Provide 30 minutes of training for 20 medical providers on integrating HIV prevention and reproductive health
  • Provide a move-in kit for a client moving into new housing, including cleaning materials, toilet paper, laundry soap, dishes for one person, lightbulbs, etc.
  • Buy 24 female condoms which are distributed by the DC Department of Health to prevent HIV, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy

Other available Viva Glam shades include Viva Glam VI and V Lipglasses; Viva Glam Ricky Lip Conditioner; and Viva Glam I, II, III, IV, V, VI, and Nicki Lipsticks.

MAC Lipglass Viva Glam Nicki

NARS Andy Warhol Larger Than Life Lipglosses

NARS Candy Says Larger Than Life Lipgloss

These Lipglosses Might Surprise You

NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss ($26.00 for 0.19 fl. oz.) comes in five hues for the holidays: Candy Says (shimmering strawberry pink), Hollywoodlawn (bright orange-red), International Velvet (pink glace), Penny Arcade (raspberry), and Viva (rich rose). In the press release, these are described as having “brilliant shine” that “stays in place for hours” with “intense color” in a formula that keeps lips feeling “protected and moisturized.” NARS’ website describes these as “high-shine,” “long-lasting,” and “nourish[ing].”

Candy Says is a light-medium warm pink with subtle yellow undertones and a large dose of white micro-shimmer. It provides semi-opaque color coverage that is close to opaque, but the natural lip color does come through and will be more apparent the more pigmented your natural lip color is. This shade was hard to dupe, because of the more opaque color–most glosses that might be similar lacked the color in the background. It wore for five and a half hours. MAC Sewet Bean is sheerer and has multi-colored shimmer. MAC Karin has pink shimmer. Bobbi Brown Pastel is sheerer and has larger sparkle.

Hollywoodlawn is red-orange (more red than orange) with no shimmer. It yielded semi-opaque color coverage, but more importantly, it was very even, smooth-looking color that didn’t settle too noticeably into lip lines (and certainly, not noticeable from a normal viewing distance!). It lasted for six hours on my lips. NARS Wonder is similar, a smidgen darker, and has shimmer. MAC Knockout is creamier looking, slightly more orange. Illamasqua Temper is more orange.

International Velvet is a pale, milky pink with almost a neutral undertone–it looks almost cool-toned in the tube, but it doesn’t look very blue-based on. It is incredibly milky, though, which resulted in uneven color application and noticeable color settling into lip lines. This was my least favorite out of the five, because of the application problems. It lasted for four and a half hours. MAC Pagoda has shimmer. MA Angel is more opaque and has shimmer. Tom Ford Sugar Pink is darker and yellower. Bobbi Brown Pink Sorbet is darker, more yellow-toned, and has shimmer. MAC Japanese Spring is bluer in undertone.

Penny Arcade is a raspberry pink with no shimmer. It doesn’t apply as nicely as Hollywoodlawn did, but it was better than International Velvet. The color isn’t quite as even, and there is minor settling of color into the lip lines. The latter wasn’t so noticeable from afar, but the unevenness was. The color coverage was semi-opaque. It wore for five and a half hours. MAC Cherry Electric is lighter and has glitter. MAC Galaxy Rose is less fuchsia. NARS Mexican Rose is rather similar. Le Metier de Beaute Hibiskiss is similar but sheerer and has shimmer. Illamasqua Petulant is more opaque, brighter, less raspberry–more fuchsia.

Viva is a rose-tinted brown with mostly neutral undertones. In some ways, it’s almost like a subdued, browned coral. It has a creamy appearance, but it doesn’t look milky on. It does take a little more patience to apply, because any unevenness is noticeable. The color coverage was semi-opaque–not fully opaque but close–and allowed some of the natural lip color to peek through. This shade wore for five hours on my lips. MAC Strictly Plutonic is sheerer, softer. MAC Whoops! is darker, more orange. Hourglass Nectar is brighter, more coral. MAC Viva Glam Cyndi is lighter and has shimmer.

Overall, I found all five lipglosses to be comfortable to wear, on the longer-side of wear, and hydrating.  International Velvet was the under-performer, both because of application, as well as wear.  The texture is gel-like initially, but it gets progressively tackier as the color wears (it’s noticeably tacky after a half hour or so).  It has a tiny brush-type applicator, and I find that if I use it to apply, I really end up using the hard plastic applicator above it, too.  I know NARS wanted to make it smaller to increase precision, but it seems to leave a lot of brush strokes behind.

NARS Andy Warhol Larger Than Life Lipglosses


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