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MAC Fabulousness Smoky Eye Palette

MAC Fabulousness / Smoky Eye Palette
MAC Fabulousness / Smoky Eye Palette

Up in Smoke This Set Goes

MAC Fabulousness / Smoky Eye Palette ($39.50 for 0.14 oz.) contains five eyeshadows: Taupeless (lavender pink), Satin Taupe (taupe with silver shimmer), Love Spice (mid-tone rosy pink with pearl), Spellcaster (matte aubergine), and Black Slip (rich blackened plum with pearl).

For reference, MAC eyeshadow quads ($38.00) typically contain 0.19 to 0.20 oz. (about 0.05 oz. per eyeshadow). Last year’s holiday eyeshadow palettes contained 0.21 oz. (and retailed for $38.00). The prior year’s holiday palettes contained 0.19 oz. (and retailed for $36.00). You used to get six shades, but with this year’s design, you’re getting five.

Taupeless is a light pink with silvery-white sparkle. It has a lustre finish, so it is a bit sheerer and has lots of sparkle. I did experience a fair amount of fall out with this shade. This shade has been released before. Chanel Harmonie du Soir is a bit warmer, less sparkly. MAC Love Power is similar but less sparkly. MAC Young Venus is cooler-toned. theBalm Safe Bet Annette is slightly warmer.

Satin Taupe is a medium brown with subtle warm orange undertones and a gray-ish tinge. It doesn’t look like the permanent Satin Taupe at all. It had decent color payoff but it was a little dry. Guerlain Turandot is darker. Dior Fairy Golds is also darker.

Love Spice is a rosy-toned medium brown with a champagne shimmer-sheen. The color payoff was so-so, and the texture was a little dry. Giorgio Armani Champagne is similar but browner. Cle de Peau #207 is similar but grayer and sparkly. MAC Pink Frontier is a touch lighter. MAC Jete is darker. MAC desert is a bit grayer. MAC Earthly is grayer. Here’s a swatch of the permanent Satin Taupe.

Spellcaster is a matte, dark purple with subtle red undertones. It was dry, stiff, and was a pain-in-the-behind to blend. It’s an eyeshadow that you have to grab a lot of, place it, go back for more, place it, and then try to blend those together. Normally, I’d take some product, apply it to the middle of the area I wanted it to be, then I’d take the brush back and forth to blend it out. It just doesn’t work with the texture of this shade. NARS High Society is lighter. MAC Dynamic Duo #4 has a similar shade that was better pigmented. Urban Decay Rockstar is a little lighter and shimmery.

Black Slip is a red-toned brown with hints of burgundy and bronze shimmer. It had good pigmentation, and it was the best performer out of the five. The texture was a lot softer and more blendable. Urban Decay Rapture is lighter. Illamasqua Queen of the Night is not as frosted. MAC Winterized is grayer, less red-toned.

Taupeless had some significant fall out while I wore it, which wasn’t a total surprise, because it had a sparkly, kind of gritty/chunky texture that is common to lustres (which I rarely have good experiences with).  Satin Taupe is unrecognizable in this palette–I’m left wondering if this is even meant to be one and the same as the permanent version.  If not, they really should have named it something else.  Black Slip was the best eyeshadow, but I would say that it is a good but not great eyeshadow.   Spellcaster works really well with the rest of the colors in the palette, but it is difficult to blend and was noticeably faded after eight hours of wear, even over a primer.  I couldn’t get all of these shades to show up without a primer underneath; Black Slip and Spellcaster were the only ones that showed up decently without a primer.

MAC Fabulousness Smoky Eye Palette


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MAC Fabulousness / Neutral Eye Palette

MAC Fabulousness / Neutral Eye Palette
MAC Fabulousness / Neutral Eye Palette

Fabulous This is Not

MAC Fabulousness / Neutral Eye Palette ($39.50 for 0.14 oz.) contains five eyeshadows: Blonde Mink (grey taupe frost), Magical Mist (metallic taupe), Brun (muted blackish-brown), Enviable (cool mint green with pearl), and Smut (muted black with red shimmer). Heads up–Brun and Smut are both part of the permanent range, and Magical Mist has made its way into a couple of past holiday palettes, too.

Whew! There is not a lot of product in this palette! For reference, MAC eyeshadow quads ($38.00) typically contain 0.19 to 0.20 oz. (about 0.05 oz. per eyeshadow). Last year’s holiday eyeshadow palettes contained 0.21 oz. (and retailed for $38.00). The prior year’s holiday palettes contained 0.19 oz. (and retailed for $36.00). You used to get six shades, but with this year’s design, you’re getting five.

Blonde Mink is a sheer, cool-toned, pale white-gray with a soft, frosted finish. It is supposed to have a Lustre finish. It looks grayer in the pan, but swatched, it’s very light and looks rather white. It had a very stiff, firm texture and didn’t yield much color. NARS Vent Glace is similar. Chanel Fantasme is a little reminiscent of this color, but Fantasme is more sparkly.

Magical Mist is a medium-dark brown with copper sparkle. It’s just barely warm. This shade has a lustre finish. The color payoff was decent, but it does have some loose sparkle, so it may be prone to fall out. Urban Decay Nevermind is warmer. MAC Earthly is more cool-toned. Buxom Mutt is barely warmer.

Brun is a dark black-brown, but you wouldn’t know it based on this palette. The texture was so, so dry and stiff. The finish is satin, though Brun tends to look more matte to me. I have it in the full-size, permanent pot, and it’s a dream to work with. Even when I applied this to the eye, it wasn’t easily blended out, and I definitely had to pick up the pigment, place it, and go back for more. For a real look at Brun, check out this swatch. MAC Diamond Dove is similar. MAC Twilight Falls is more taupe. theBalm Matt Ramirez is similar.

Enviable is a smoky forest green with a very subdued quality to it, color-wise. The texture was softer and smoother than the four other shades in the palette, and the color payoff was good. NARS High Society is similar but matte, so it appears darker. Tarina Tarantino Very Wicked is greener, darker. MAC Lady Grey is warmer. Make Up For Ever #84 is darker.

Smut is a red-toned, medium-dark brown with a satin finish. Here, too, Smut is a pale imitation of the permanent version (seen here. I was able to get a little more bang out of it when applied with a brush. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone is similar. MAC Legendary Black is cooler-toned. Tarina Tarantino Saw Dust Heart is similar but has no shimmer.

I had to use an eyeshadow primer to get the colors to show up in a look. When I tried to use and test them without a base, there was so little color payoff.  I had some fall out with Blonde Mink when I used it on the center of the lid, but it was not terrible.  Out of the palette, I used Enviable on the inner lid, Blonde Mink on the center of the lid, Brun on the outer lid, and Smut in the crease.  The reality of this palette is Enviable is the best shade, but on its own, it’s just a so-so shade. The other four eyeshadows are sheer, dry, and stiff–and two have some fall out during wear.  I will go ahead and say that of the three eyeshadow palettes, this one was the worst performing (this just happened to be the one that came alphabetically, so it was the first to be reviewed!).

I’m actually just really sad when it comes to MAC holiday palettes now.  There are so many options for palettes during the holidays, and I’ve already tested at least a dozen of them (reviews are still forthcoming for many) and MAC’s wouldn’t be where I’d go this year.  I’d take my money and check out brands like Bare Escentuals (the Ready palettes for the holidays are incredible!), Tarte (reader reviews have been very positive), and Too Faced–just to name some comparably priced palettes.  Not to mention, Urban Decay released three palettes recently for $36 each with more product than these.

MAC Fabulousness / Neutral Eye Palette


MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (Part 2)

MAC Round Midnight Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
MAC Round Midnight Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

MAC Wants You to Travel to an Extra Dimension

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.04 oz.) includes eight shades, and this post highlights four of them: Round Midnight (dark burgundy), Stolen Moment (dark taupe), Stylishly Merry (mid-tone dusty violet), and Tall, Dark, & Handsome (black with pearl).

MAC first launched this formula this past March, which I reviewed here and here.  You can also read a more in-depth review regarding the new shades here (this post just has a recap and some tidbits regarding these four shades).  The formula feels like a cross between MAC’s regular powder eyeshadows and their Mineralize Eyeshadow formula, because it feels like a powder, but it’s a little dry in a way that’s characteristic of Mineralize Eyeshadows.  These bind and adhere better, though, and tend to apply more smoothly.  Of these four, Stylishly Merry was less smooth compared to the others, but Round Midnight was extremely smooth.  In my testing of five of the eight shades, they wear the six hours MAC claims, but when used dry, they are prone to fading somewhat.  When used damp or over a primer, I was able to wear these for eight hours without fading.

Round Midnight is a purple-burgundy with a soft frosted finish. It had excellent pigmentation both dry and wet. It was also exceptionally smooth compared to several of the other shades. MAC Rich Core is a bit lighter, less purple. MAC Deceit is very similar. Make Up For Ever #311 is redder.

Stolen Moment is a plummy taupe with hints of brown and gray and a frosted finish. It had pretty good color payoff when used dry and was totally opaque when used wet. Urban Decay Armor is less plum. MAC Satin Taupe is similar, a little browner. theBalm Come-Hither is darker, grayer.

Stylishly Merry is a fuchsia pink with a frosted finish. It had good pigmentation dry and better payoff when used damp. Urban Decay Noise is pinker. MAC Moon Rose is pinker and darker. Urban Decay Infamous is a bit more purple. Urban Decay Junkshow is more vibrant, less pink. Make Up For Ever #52 is darker, less frosted. MAC Infra-violet is similar, less frosted. Sugarpill 2AM is more purple and matte.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome is a soft gray-black with a soft, frosted finish. It has multi-colored shimmer that’s very fine, so it’s hard to see it on the eye. The color payoff was almost the same both wet and dry, though when used dry, it’s just a little softer. MAC Dark Dare is darker, blacker, less gray. MAC Cinderefella is similar when used dry. Buxom Black Lab is similar but in cream form.

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (Part 2)


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MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (Part 1)

MAC Divine Blue Extra Dimension Eyeshadow
MAC Divine Blue Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

When was the Last Holiday Collection Without Mineralize Eyeshadows?

MAC Glamour Daze Extra Dimension Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.04 oz.) includes eight shades, and this post highlights four of them: Divine Blue (mid-tone aqua), Evening Grey (steel silver), A Natural Flirt (soft peachy nude), and Ready to Party (pale lilac).

MAC first launched this formula this past March, which I reviewed here and here. The most important thing I wanted to address is that MAC is–again–squeezing customers on both ends; these were originally $20 each and contained 0.07 oz. of product. This was a mere seven months ago. Now, you’ll spend $19.50 and get 0.04 oz. This is a 43% decrease in quantity (0.03 oz. less) for a 2.5% decrease in product ($0.50 less). Say what? (And worse? MAC’s website is listing these as 0.07 oz., but the back of all of mine say 0.04 oz.)

The formula is an interesting hybrid of liquid and powder, though I couldn’t tell you where the liquid really comes into play (at least, by touch). It feels like a cross between MAC’s powder eyeshadows and their Mineralize Eyeshadows. MAC says the colors range from sheer to buildable coverage, and they can be used wet or dry. They’re supposed to last for six hours on the lids. I tested five of the eight, and after six, they were still in good shape–after eight hours, there was a little fading, so they’re true to the six hour claim. When used dry, they were a bit more prone to fading than if used damp or over a primer.

Something I noticed when I was swatching through these recently released shades was that they did not seem to be as smooth as the ten that were originally launched.  I wouldn’t say they were gritty, just not as smooth.  I think it might be that some of these have a more iridescent/shimmery finish, as Evening Grey and Ready to Party were two shades I noticed it in.  A Natural Flirt seemed more in line with the texture of the original shades.

Divine Blue is a bluish aqua with a frosted, slightly metallic finish. It’s an interesting color, because at a glance, it’s blue, but then there’s that play of aqua that turns blue on its side–it’s not enough to turn it teal, though. Make Up For Ever #25 is bluer. MAC Styledriven is bluer, but it is similar in lightness. Urban Decay Unhinged is several shades darker.

Evening Grey is a medium-dark silver-shimmered gray with subtle brown undertones. It had good color payoff both wet and dry, though it was a bit more intense when applied wet. MAC Warm Thunder is a bit darker, a little more blue-tinged. MAC Tundra is similar, though lighter/more metallic.

A Natural Flirt is a soft, light-medium peach with a golden shimmer-sheen. When applied dry, it’s a bit sheer, while it definitely turns more opaque when applied dampened. There’s a hint of duochrome-like sheen in this, though not a lot! Le Metier de Beaute Nouvelle is pinker. Dior Aurora is similar. MAC Pure Flash is darker, sheerer. Tarina Tarantino Delightful is warmer, darker. theBalm Luscious Lani is similar, a bit darker.

Ready to Party is a lilac pink with a bright metallic finish that comes out more when it is applied damp. It is very shimmery, almost iridescent. When applied dry, it’s very sheer. MAC likes these types of pinks: Fresh & Mint is a smidgen lighter, whiter; Young Venus is less metallic and iridescent; Joy & Laughter is darker; and Fresh Ice is just a bit whiter. Tarina Tarantino Diamond Dusk is similar but less metallic. Dior Garden Pastels is pinker.

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow Divine Blue

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidline

MAC Feminine Edge Fluidline
MAC Feminine Edge Fluidline

Paint Pots Dressed Up as Fluidlines

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidlines ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) includes three new (and limited!) shades: Catch My Eye (cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl), Feminine Edge (pink mauve with dazzle pearl), and Little Black Bow (charcoal with dazzle pearl).

These were an odd bunch of Fluidlines. I don’t like them as Fluidlines at all; I don’t think they work well for lining–I tried using all three by applying them with MAC’s 208 brush (which is what I typically use for Fluidlines), and so little product gets dispersed. The line is uneven, and these were really, really creamy, so they tended to smudge easily while you were trying to line. All three looked significantly different when used as an eyeliner than how they appeared in the pot, and a lot of it is because they’re not very pigmented from the get-go. They’re buildable, and the Fluidline formula is very conducive to layering, but to get an opaque line, I had to re-line two to four times.

Ultimately, they felt more like Paint Pots in Fluidline clothing! They would work better as Paint Pots, too, because as a sheer wash of sparkly cream eyeshadow, they work. The Fluidline formula is great here: it’s creamy but stubbornly long-lasting, so it dries down in thirty seconds or so, and then it stays on for eight hours or longer. There is almost no fall out during the wear; I saw a couple stray sparkles but it was very, very minimal.

Catch My Eye is a gray-ish taupe with champagne sparkle. When layered heavily, it has a metallic finish and looks very taupe, but when used as an eyeliner, it looks almost mauve and is quite light and sheer. Sheered out, as kind of a base or wash of eyeshadow, it is more taupe but still mauve-y. The metallic finish is a lot less apparent unless it is layered.

Feminine Edge is a sparkly sheer medium pink with chunky sparkle. This one was the sheerest and most difficult shade to work with, because it was very sparkly and gritty. It doesn’t really show up as pink unless you use several layers of product, as it shows up as a sheer, warm-ish pink tinge as an eyeliner and mostly just sparkles.

Little Black Bow is a soft brown-black with sparkle. When it is layered heavily, you’ll see the brown tones come out, but when it is sheered out as a wash, it looks more like a soft black with mere brown tones. As an eyeliner, it looks like a faded almost taupe-like brown.

As Fluidlines, they’re disappointing, because while you can always use a Fluidline as an eyeshadow base or cream eyeshadow, that’s not really its primary purpose.  These don’t line well; they’re the kind of product that is better layered over your favorite eyeliner, because then these can add sparkle but you wouldn’t have to rely on it for providing color, too.  As more of a wash of sparkly eyeshadow, they’re better, and they are buildable to fairly opaque coverage, but it will take some layering.

For a particular type of use and for the right person, I could see some of these shades being must-haves, but for someone who’s looking for Blacktrack with sparkle, you won’t find that kind of payoff here.  They were more reminiscent of last year’s Glitter & Ice Paint Pots than the Fluidline range.

MAC Glamour Daze Fluidline


MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers

MAC Kohl Power
MAC Kohl Powers

Power That Builds

MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers ($16.50 for 0.04 oz.) are available in four shades: Feline (intense black with black pearl), Mystery (intense black with green pearl), Orpheus (intense black with gold pearl), and Raven (intense black with red pearl).

Feline has been reviewed previously here. As of the last one I purchased (back in 2010), it was still a lovely rich, intensely pigmented black eyeliner with a smooth, creamy texture that stayed put.

I purchased the recently released versions of the other three eyeliners, even though all of them are repromotes. The colors are all exactly the same, but the texture seemed a little drier with the new versions. Not a lot drier, just somewhat, and they’re not as creamy as Feline (so if you hated how creamy Feline was, you may prefer these). It is interesting to see your own evolution, because I remember loving the Kohl Power formula in general (being particularly taken with Feline), but I’m not really into these. They require a lot more building to yield good color payoff. They also have a tendency to look uneven if you don’t, because it’s like the color isn’t actually mixed–it’s black and then pearl, and it mixes as you move the pencil back and forth.

  • Mystery is a blackened teal. I couldn’t think of a possible dupe for this one. I imagine you could try to apply a black eyeliner and then apply a brighter teal eyeliner over it to yield something similar.
  • Orpheus is a dirty gray-brown with antique gold. MAC Uniform is a bit greener–more olive than brown/gray. MAC Black Line is blacker.
  • Raven is a dark burgundy-brown. Urban Decay Rockstar has more purple, less red in it.

Mystery was the least impressive; it was a bit drier than the other two, and it required some pressure and several passes to build up the color. It’s definitely possible, but after being exposed to a number of more impressive formulas, it could use greater intensity in a single go.  The formula remains smudgeable for a few minutes after applying, but set down and on me, they wear good to great.  They make it to eight hours, though with Mystery I could see some had disappeared after eight hours.  Raven and Orpheus lasted a full eight hours.

MAC Glamour Daze Kohl Powers


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