Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Master Class Palette for Holiday 2015

Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Master Class Palette
Smashbox Art. Love. Color. Master Class Palette

Art. Love. Color. Master Class Palette ($65.00) (Limited Edition)

Inspired by painter Yago Hortal’s one-of-a-kind, vivid artwork, this set features 40 shades of color for cheeks and eyes. The pans easily pop in and out, making it perfectly portable for holiday trips. Smashbox partnered with breakthrough artist Yago Hortal to create these mega-vibrant, limited-edition kits featuring all of their bestsellers in a range of shades—from bold pops of color to always-flattering neutrals.

  • 8 x Cheek Colors: Rosy Pink, Persimmon, Sunset, Glow, Bitten, Plum, Prism, Shimmer
  • 32 x Photo-Op Eyeshadows: Java, Gypsy, Naked, Oxidize, Custard, Spruce, Charmed, Nutmeg, Torch, Zoom, Candy, Alabaster, Goldenrod, Sea, Framboise, Gold, Harbor, Ebony, Sky, Steel, Breeze, Smoke, Nile, Cement, Celestial, Silver Moon, Azure, Cosmic, Eggplant, Pacific, Orchid, (+1 that I can’t read the name of)

AVAILABILITY | Now at Sephora

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Chanel Blue Rhythm de Chanel Collection for Fall 2015

Chanel Blue Rhythm de Chanel Collection
Chanel Blue Rhythm de Chanel Collection

Les 4 Ombres ($61.00)

  • Tisse Jazz (244) (Limited Edition)
  • Tisse Smoky (246)

Ombre Essentielle ($29.50)

  • Swing (116)
  • Midnight (118)

Illusion d’Ombre Velvet ($36.00)

  • Melody (98)

Illusion d’Ombre ($36.00)

  • Mysterio (102) (Repromote)

Ligne Graphique de Chanel ($34.00)

  • Dream Blue (60) (Limited Edition)

Cils Scintillants ($32.00)

  • Jazzy Blue

Le Volume de Chanel ($32.00)

  • Blue Night (70)

Le Vernis ($27.00)

  • Vibrato (Limited Edition)
  • Fortissimo (Limited Edition)

AVAILABILITY | Now at Chanel

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Christian Louboutin Beaute Lip Colour Launches

Christian Louboutin Lip Colour
Christian Louboutin Lip Colour

Unctuous in nature, this formula is the perfect alliance of luxurious colour, sensuous feel and superior wear: Glides on lips with an opulent and sensual feel. A unique blend of ultra-fine colour pigments expresses deep and generous colour with a silky satin finish and soft shine. Medium to full coverage delivered in one stroke with a supple and soft feel on lips. A complex of natural oils and seed butters enhances moisturization for up to 4 hours and creates a protective effect against dryness. Maintains an excellent appearance on lips up to 4 hours without bleeding and with durable comfort. Available in a universal shade palette, ranging from light to deep tones, across mid-tonal and bright hues of pinks to berries, reds and corals, nudes and browns.

To facilitate every woman’s own unique expression, Rouge Louboutin is available in 3 different textures: Velvet Matte, Silky Satin and Sheer Voile. Combining a sleek line with an elegant curve, the bullet shape of the Silky Satin and Velvet Matte lip colours offers the optimal contact surface on lips, amplifying the sensorial experience on application. The Sheer Voile texture, tender in nature, offers equally optimal contact surface through the generous width of its bullet. Each lip colour features a subtle scent evocative of the feminine and glamorous qualities of a woman who enjoys cosmetic products. The colour will be encased in a gold base, crowned with a gold cap and offered with a gold ribbon. Consistent with the jewelry inspiration, they will also be presented in a shiny lacquer-effect jewelry box with a gold reveal. Offered in 3 finishes, each with its own unique design.

Silky Satin Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Sevillana
  • Bengali
  • Very Prive
  • Impera
  • Pluminette
  • YouPiYou
  • Let Me Tell You
  • RonRon
  • Miss Clichy
  • Me Nude
  • Bikini
  • Delicanodo
  • Tututelle
  • Belle Bloom
  • Loubeach
  • Tres Decolette
  • Miss Loubi
  • Farida
  • Torerra
  • Rouge Louboutin

Velvet Matte Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Survivita
  • Diva
  • Zoulou
  • Just Nothing
  • Eton Moi
  • Djalouzi
  • Rococotte
  • Bengali
  • Rouge Louboutin

Voile Sheer Lip Colour ($90.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Loubiminette
  • Escatin
  • Tres Bea
  • Private Number
  • You You
  • Rose du Desert
  • Mexicatchy
  • Petal Rose
  • Rouge Louboutin

Lip Definer ($40.00) (New, Permanent)

To perfect the lip colour experience, Christian Louboutin offers an expert tool designed to highlight women’s lip contour. True to Christian Louboutin’s creative touch, this expert tool is designed yet again as an objet d’art. Unlike traditional lip pencils, the Lip Definer is intended to highlight women’s “lip contour”, define its natural tone without competing with the applied lip colour. And as such can be worn with any shade of lip colour or without any for naturally fuller looking lips. Upon observing that different complexions need specific nudes, Christian Louboutin created the Nudes shoe capsule collection. This was also the philosophy behind the Nudes Nail Colour Collection and now the Lip Definer shade assortment.

  • Ada
  • Leanue
  • Maya
  • Safki
  • Nats

AVAILABILITY | NordstromNeiman Marcus, SephoraSaksBergdorf Goodman

PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR FELLOW READER, WHETHER ONE WISHES TO PURCHASE OR ONE WOULD NEVER PURCHASE. This is an open, accepting community where people should feel comfortable with all manner of preferences, whether that’s blue lipstick or beige, neutral eyeshadow or neons, bargain finds or luxury indulgences.

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Urban Decay Holiday 2015 Collection


Urban Decay Holiday 2015 Collection
Urban Decay Holiday 2015 Collection

Vice 4 Palette ($60.00) (Limited Edition)

Some sequels leave you wishing the creators had quit while they were ahead. But the good ones keep you hooked and coming back for more. Urban Decay introduces the long-awaited arrival of Vice4—because there’s no such thing as too much Vice. We loaded this limited-edition palette with 20 addictively gorgeous, never-before-seen shades of our iconic Eyeshadow. Deep brights. Smoky neutrals. Gorgeous mattes. From C-Note (a pale metallic green) and Grip (a really beautiful smoky neutral) to Pandemonium (an amazing plum) and Deadbeat (a black satin that’s like nothing we’ve ever done), this palette has it all. We even included a huge mirror, a double-ended brush AND a coordinating bag.

Our inspiration for Vice4 came from a historical, classic UD source: the vintage shade name Oil Slick! We channeled all the darkly gorgeous, dimensional hues of an oil slick (the inspiration for the original shade) into a palette filled with rich, deep jewel tones. Vice4 features a stunning array of colors AND a wide range of finishes, from buttery-smooth mattes and shimmering metallics to shades laced with micro-glitter. The result? Our best Vice palette yet—and maybe even our best palette EVER. Word to the wise: Snatch this one up quick, because it’s guaranteed to go fast!

Vice4 comes in an extra slim case topped with a dimensional web of broken-down facets layered over a matte black lid. Rich, metallic inks give the case a mesmerizing, oil-slick effect and hint at the shades inside. Use the coordinating bag to keep Vice4 protected (and to keep prying eyes out of your prized palette), or use it to stash your brushes and other makeup essentials. Also included along with the palette: a double-ended Shadow and Crease Brush.

  • Bones Oyster satin with pearl
  • Grip Taupe matte with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Deadbeat Black satin with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Beat Down Deep metallic violet with blue micro-glitter
  • Pandemonium Metallic plum with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Framed Light neutral matte-satin
  • Fast-Ball Metallic peachy pink with pink micro-glitter
  • 1985 Metallic fuchsia with fuchsia micro-glitter
  • Underhand Burgundy-brown satin
  • Harlot Metallic lavender
  • Discreet Soft dusty mauve matte
  • Grasshopper Metallic emerald with green micro-glitter
  • C-Note Frosted green with micro-glitter
  • Arctic Bright teal with tonal sparkle
  • Robbery Deep metallic brown-gunmetal
  • Bitter Reddish brown matte
  • Flame Bright orange with gold micro-glitter
  • Low Brown matte with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Crowbar Black with golden metallic pearl and micro-glitter
  • Delete Deep chestnut brown matte-satin

Urban Spectrum Palette ($55.00) (Limited Edition) ( Exclusive)

We couldn’t survive without our everyday black basics (tank tops, skinny jeans, boots and, of course, coffee)—but when it comes to makeup, we’re all about color. Urban Decay introduces Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette. Satisfy your color addiction with a stunning spectrum of 15 shades of our iconic Eyeshadow. Experiment with never-before-seen shades like Flashback (an amazing bright, deep purple), Daybreak (a versatile soft bronze) and Flatline (the perfect metallic pale pink highlighter), as well as cult favorites like Junkie (teal green shimmer). Arranged in a gorgeous ombré rainbow of greens, blues, purples, pinks and neutrals, this LIMITED-EDITION palette is a shadow junkie’s dream.

Having a moment of déjà vu? It’s not you; it’s the case! We modeled the component after our coveted 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection, only this time we drenched the whole thing in black. And if you thought that palette was amazing, you’ll go nuts for Urban Spectrum. With a veritable rainbow of shades, the combinations are endless! Match up the carefully coordinated trios or go wild and mix them up. We loaded Urban Spectrum with five totally new shades, four of the most popular shades from our current collection, and six returning favorites from past palettes (like the original Book of Shadows, The Vice Palette and Vice 2).

Urban Spectrum comes in a stunning, collectible black case with a smoky gray, faceted “UD” jewel and laser-cut, filigreed edges. The detachable lid houses a full-size mirror and stands up on its own—perfect for on-the-go touchups. Since a palette this gorgeous should live on long after the shadows are gone, we built Urban Spectrum to last! When you’re done with the shadows, remove the tray and use the velvet-lined box to stash jewelry and other mementos.

  • Protest Golden forest green shimmer
  • Junkie Teal green shimmer
  • Madness Bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-glitter
  • Deep End Bright teal shimmer
  • Evidence Deep navy blue shimmer
  • Prank Deep navy matte with turquoise floating pearl
  • Omen Bright metallic purple with blue shift
  • Flashback Bright deep purple with pink sparkle (New)
  • Voodoo Metallic purple shimmer with iridescent purple micro-glitter
  • Flatline Metallic pale pink (New)
  • Bordello Pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter
  • Backlash Bright pink with orange floating pearl (New)
  • Daybreak Soft bronze with silver glitter (New)
  • Burn Medium golden brown shimmer (New)
  • West Deep metallic brown shimmer

Naked Illuminated ($29.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Lit Soft bronze shimmer with golden bronze sparkle

24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil ($20.00) (New, Permanent)

Every once in a while, something comes along that changes everything, and THIS is one of those times. Urban
Decay introduces 24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil—a liner like no other. Developed specifically for use on the inner rim
in the waterline (and fully legit), this creamy, demi-matte pencil lays down waterproof color that lasts ALL day.

Line just your waterline or use this pencil to tight-line in between your lashes too. Even creamier than our original bestselling 24/7 Eye Pencil (yes, really!), this formula glides on easily and goes anywhere you want to put it. And
after the color sets, it won’t budge. We’re launching this pencil in five never-before-seen shades; once you try it,
you’ll want them all! Never considered using anything but black in the waterline? Steal Wende’s trick and try one
of our colorful shades for a look that really stands out.

  • Legend Black
  • Push Navy
  • Mood Charcoal
  • Street Green
  • Rail Brown

September 12th at, all other retailers on September 25th; Spectrum palette launches exclusively at on October 20th.

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NARS Pro Palettes for September 2015

NARS Pro Palette
NARS Pro Palette

As a leader and authority in makeup artistry, NARS Cosmetics is excited to introduce the NARSPro Palette – the first offering in a line of products designed especially for the professional makeup artist community. The ultimate tool for makeup artists on-the-go and backstage, NARS invites you to curate your very own palettes with over 64 refill shades now available for purchase at NARS’ freestanding boutiques and on E-Commerce. Mix and match the artistry essential shades of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and pressed powders in one palette or create a comprehensive palette of blushes or eyeshadows. Pop in color, open up your inner artist.


  • Large Palette ($18.00)
  • Small Palette ($14.00)

Single Eyeshadow Refill ($18.00)

  • Galapagos Bitter chocolate infused with gold
  • Ashes to Ashes Shimmery violet based brown
  • Abyssinia Delicate pearl sheen
  • New York Plum brown
  • Night Star Sheer peach shadow with pearls
  • Persia Paprika
  • Nepal Soft, sheer rose
  • Daphne Matte deep violet
  • Bali Neutral
  • Outremer Bright true blue
  • Blondie Neutral, soft matte
  • Fathom Pink tulle with shimmer
  • Mekong Expresso infused with gold
  • Sophia Cool brown
  • Biarritz Rich chocolate brown
  • Kamchatka Navy smoke
  • Bengali Rich chocolate brown
  • Goldfinger 24 karat shimmer
  • Coconut Grove Deep brown infused with reflections
  • Night Porter Black with pearls

Duo Eyeshadow Refill ($25.00)

  • Alhambra Metallic rose mist / Golden champagne
  • All About Eve Flesh-toned neutrals / One with shimmer
  • Bellissima Shimmering beige with subtle glitter / Matte gray-brown
  • Sugar Land Sparkling apricot / Gilded orchid pink
  • Kalahari Gold confection / Sugared cocoa
  • Mad Mad World Vivid cyan / Parakeet green
  • Madrague Matte cream / Matte caramel
  • Rated R Electric cobalt blue / Shimmering chartreuse
  • Kuala Lumpur Rose gold / Boysenberry infused with gold
  • Kauai Gold lame / Iridescent smokey orchid
  • Silk Road Icy pink / Rose gold with golden flecks
  • Bouthan Soft pink tulle / Bright pink with gold shimmer
  • Isolde Frosted ginger / Shimmering copper
  • Pandora Sheer white shimmer / Matte black
  • Cordura Shimmering warm rich brown / Shimmering sooty dark brown

Blush Refill ($21.00)

  • Orgasm Peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • Outlaw A soft rose tone with golden shimmer
  • Deep Throat Flirty, sheer peach
  • Seduction Sangria
  • Super Orgasm Peachy pink with gold glitter
  • Desire Cotton candy pink
  • Amour Peachy pink
  • Exhibit A Matte red blush
  • Torrid Warm coral with golden shimmer
  • Taj Mahal Blazing burnt orange with golden shimmer
  • Dolce Vita Matte dusty rose
  • Angelika Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle
  • Luster Sheer golden apricot
  • Gaiety Bright candy pink
  • Sin Berry tone with gold shimmer
  • Sex Appeal Soft peach
  • Lovejoy Shimmering bronzed rose
  • Mata Hari Pink with a race of crimson

Highlighting Blush Refill ($21.00)

  • Albatross Luminous glow
  • Miss Liberty Soft, shimmering peach
  • New Order Sheer highlighter with golden shimmer

Contour Blush Refill ($30.00)

  • Paloma Pink beige / Deep Rose
  • Olympia Ivory / Rose

Pressed Powder Refill ($25.00)

  • Beach For deep reddish-brown skin tones
  • Desert Light rose undertones to enhance medium skintones
  • Mountain For the deepest true brown skin tones
  • Flesh To complement fair skin tones

Bronzing Powder Refill ($27.00)

  • Laguna Diffused brown powder with golden shimmer
  • Casino A diffused deep brown powder with golden shimmer

AVAILABILITY | September 2015 at and NARS Boutiques

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Dior Addict Lipstick Relaunch for Fall 2015


Dior Addict Lipstick Relaunch for Fall 2015
Dior Addict Lipstick Relaunch for Fall 2015

The new Dior Addict formula is a breakthrough hybrid lipstick, delivering intense color and a long-lasting top coat in one. Featuring a Hydra-Gel Topcoat and a Triple Oil Complex at the core of the lipstick, Dior Addict lips are plumped with more volume and spectacular color than ever before. In addition, the collection of fashion-forward shades has been reimagined in three eye-catching finishes: pure color, shimmering and pearlescent.

Dior has created four must-have It Shades and corresponding Vernis shades to illustrate the new Dior Addict Lipstick Collection. Be Dior is an audacious raspberry inspired by the emblematic rose of the House of Dior, Wonderful is a fresh baby pink created in tribute to Monsieur Dior’s declaration that pink is a shade that can be worn “at any hour,” Smile is a versatile pinky nude that creates an illuminating, natural effect on the lips and Tribale is a pearly coral reminiscent of Monsieur Dior’s classic pearl accents. Each lip shade can be paired with a corresponding shade of Dior Vernis: Be Dior #892, Smile #552, Wonderful #868 and Tribale #588.

Dior Addict Lipstick ($35.00) (New, Permanent)

  • Purity #138
  • Urban #178
  • Mirror #211
  • Bright #260
  • Delight #266
  • Incognito #316
  • Spring Ball #343
  • Dream #422
  • Tribale #451
  • Girl #485
  • Tailleur Bar #535
  • Lucky #536
  • Smile #553
  • Wonderful #561
  • Sparkling #572
  • Diorkiss #578
  • City Lights #612
  • Confident #622
  • Not Shy #623
  • Riviera #639
  • Diablotine #643
  • Mutine #655
  • Avenue #667
  • After Party #680
  • Oversize #685
  • Fantasy #686
  • True #722
  • Rock ‘n Roll #750
  • Fusion #752
  • My Love #756
  • Tout-Paris #762 (Sephora Exclusive)
  • Bold #780
  • Zig Zag #842
  • Power #871
  • Fashion Night #881
  • Artsy #885
  • Too Much #951
  • Gotha #967
  • Be Dior #976
  • Insoumise #983

Vernis Nail Lacquer ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Smile #552
  • Tribale #588
  • Wonderful #868
  • Be Dior #892

AVAILABILITY | September 2015, spotted online already at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

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