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MAC Cosmetics – Mattene Lipsticks Collection Product Swatches and Review


Overall, Mattene is impressive in its range of hues and shades (dirty corals to vibrant reds to deep berries) coupled with a deliciously smooth texture. One of my reasons for not owning many matte shades is due to the fact that they tend to be incredibly dry and without some sort of gloss, look quite awful on my lips. While I really am a gloss girl, so I doubt I’ll be sporting any of the true mattes (didn’t you know, half are semi-matte!) sans gloss, just because that’s a personal preference. Now, for those that love a great matte lip, look no further, Mattene lipsticks are the answer to that quest! You’ll find at least one color, if not a handful (armful?) that suits you beautifully. Remember, half are matte and the other half are semi-matte (you’ll see it noted in each individual product review); even the semi-mattes are incredibly close to being classified as a matte, so don’t let that put you off! My personal favorites were Seriously Rich, Immodest, Classic Dame, and Rapturous (bold colors I love, but how rarely I wear them!).

Keep reading for a detailed review, and don’t forget to view Temptalia’s swatches of all 16 new Mattene lipsticks here.

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MAC Cosmetics – Alexander McQueen Collection Promotional Product Photos and Images

We have them for you! Product images from the upcoming Alexander McQueen collection. This was originally scheduled to launch October 4th, but supposedly it has been pushed back to October 11th — so call your store to find out when they’re launching. View the collection information here!


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MAC Cosmetics – New Lashes & Interview with Christina Smith (Lash designer!)


Lashes have reached a whole new level No longer are lashes just for special nights out or glamorous events, they have become an everyday staple being worn by women of all ages.

This fall, MAC takes Lashes to the extreme  whether it’s a natural effect or a more dramatic look you want, it’s easily achieved with the re-launch of MAC Lashes. Acclaimed celebrity lash designer Christina Smith who has designed custom lashes for Hollywood leading ladies including Liza Minnelli, Kate Hudson, Hayden Panettiere and Gisele Bundchen, created 11 exclusive Lash styles with original, new features and streamlined packaging.


  • Color – MAC Lashes have a unique blend of black and brown natural hairs, so they blend more naturally with your own lashes. Great for even the fairest of lashes.
  • Clear Band – MAC Lashes feature a ground-breaking thin, clear band for easy application and flexibility. Lashes can move, bend and blend.
  • Shorter Width – Say goodbye to trimming false lashes to fit. MAC’s newly designed Lashes have a shorter width, so they fit comfortably to the length of your natural lash line.
  • Intentional Imperfection – No two lashes are the same or perfectly symmetrical. MAC created intentional imperfections in each lash design to create a more natural effect.

The new MAC Lashes are packaged in a unique white tray that holds the lashes around a circular post. The post is used for ease of identification, with the left lash on the left side, and the right lash on the right. The white inner tray slides into a clear outer case and locks into place for secure portability. In addition to beautifully displaying the lashes, the new case also allows for easy storage and reuse.

MAC Lashes will last through approximately 3-6 wears, with proper care. When removing Lashes from packaging or the lash line, gently lift one end and peel off slowly and carefully to keep Lashes intact. Store lashes in a cool, dry area as humidity or warm temperatures (often found in the bathroom) may compromise the curl of the lash.

Christina Smith
Questions & Answers
M.A.C Lashes

Q: Why do you feel lashes are an important part of a women’s regime?
Lashes create fullness, evoke sexiness, and can be used in many capacities. They open the eyes, and frame the eyes, they can create an emotion or mood depending on the style worn and most importantly they can positively affect someone’s confidence.

Keep reading to see the rest of the interview with Miss Christina Smith, plus learn more about the new lashes available!

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