Week in Review | October 31st through November 6th

Here’s a look at the top 10 products reviewed in the last week, plus a summary of how many products and brands were reviewed and a break out of ratings! :)

Laura Mercier Amethyst

Permanent. $28.00/0.05 oz.

Amethyst is described as a "soft mauve with pearl." It's a subtly warm-toned, medium-dark taupe brown with a frosted sheen.


02. Anastasia Weekend Barbie

Weekend Barbie is described as a "vivid Mattel pink." It's a bright, medium-dark fuchsia pink with strong, cool blue undertones and a smattering of fuchsia shimmer. Read full review.


03. Urban Decay Perversion

Perversion is a deep, rich black with a semi-matte finish. It was richly pigmented and very creamy, while still wearing well (eight and a half hours). Read full review.


04. Laura Mercier Khaki

Khaki is a muted, medium-dark olive brown with lighter green shimmer that gives it a pearly sheen. It had good color payoff with a smooth, creamy consistency that applied evenly. Read full review.


05. Anastasia Socialite

Socialite is described as a "sophisticated scarlet red." It's a rich, medium red with subtle, cool undertones and a creamy finish. Read full review.


06. Anastasia Date Night

Date Night is described as a "romantic ruby red." It's a brightened, medium-dark red with cool, blue undertones and lighter fuchsia and ruby red shimmer. Read full review.


07. Laura Mercier Sugar Frost

Sugar Frost is a light-medium champagne gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. It had semi-opaque pigmentation--about 85% coverage or so to my eye--with a creamy, slightly "wet" feel to it that glided across the lid without skipping or tugging. Read full review.


08. Anastasia Metallic Rose

Metallic Rose is described as a "shimmery classic mauve." It's a slightly muted, medium-dark rose with warm undertones and lighter pink and white shimmer. Read full review.


09. NARS Paloma Highlight

Read the full review from the link below. Read full review.


10. Smashbox Sky

Sky is a muted, light-medium bluish-white with cool undertones and a pearly finish. It had nice pigmentation with a soft, blendable texture that was just a bit powdery--it was surprisingly good compared to how dusty other shades were (and pastels tend to be the worst offenders!). Read full review.

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Oct 31, 2015 — Nov 6, 2015


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I buy everything with the intention of reviewing it (which is my version of wearing it), and generally, I’m not someone who will buy makeup just to look at – like I’ll buy a pretty limited edition compact and use it, even if it destroys an embossing, and I’m okay with that. The way I see it is that if you enjoy looking at a compact more than using it, and you have the funds to do it, then it becomes more like a piece of art or decor to enjoy aesthetically–and that’s just fine!
-- Christine

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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #313

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: philosophy shower gels, Origins skincare
  • Weekend plans: Hopefully a bike ride!
  • What’s your favorite part about November?: Thanksgiving!

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This week’s Mellan photo…

MAC 239s (or Chikuhodo GSN-09s) for initial application of color (although, I will just as readily use them for all placement, blending, including crease color and brow bone color!). For the crease, if I want something more diffused, I’ll use a larger, rounded crease brush like Wayne Goss #19 or #03, and if I want something with more definition, then I’ll use a more tapered, smaller crease brush like Wayne Goss #04. For the brow bone, I use Hakuhodo J5523, which isn’t too fluffy nor too dense.
-- Christine

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If I’m unhappy with the version I have, and I think the dupe is better, that would generally be the way to go. There are shades that I just really like, and so I enjoy having different finishes (even when slightly different), undertones, lightness/darkness, but they’re shades I would be more likely to reach for (e.g. I don’t have any desire to run out and get every single mustard yellow out there!).
-- Christine

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