Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Choose or Lose

What's your favorite type of lip product?

  • Lipstick (39%, 733 Votes)
  • Lipgloss (34%, 643 Votes)
  • Lip Balm (26%, 476 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,865

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Nude Lipstick

The Spring Season: Warmer Pinks Lipstick Wrap-up

I’m actually surprised by the volume of warmer-toned pinks featured in the Spring Season. I always thought finding the right warm pink was difficult, but perhaps not!


  • #1 (Benefit Candy Store) is a more pigmented, slightly more coral version of #3 (Chanel Exquise).
  • #8 (Guerlain Gemma) is a stunning shade, and the closest dupe I’ve encountered thus far is #10 (Korres #22)–Gemma is brighter and pinker, but Korres #22 has the cool golden sheen of Gemma that makes it so unique.
  • #11 (Lancome Voile de Rose) made a big splash amongst readers, and though we have no exact dupe, #9 (Korres #13) and #15 (Shiseido PK 327) come close.
  • #7 (Guerlain Gabrielle) seems like a slightly more coral version of #17 (Urban Decay Peroxide).
  • #5 (Cle de Peau #106) is a brighter, more intense version of #16 (Urban Decay Naked).
    1. Benefit Candy Store Lipstick
    2. Bobbi Brown Rose Guarden Creamy Lip Color
    3. Chanel Exquise Lipstick
    4. Chanel Ming Rouge Allure Laque
    5. Cle de Peau #106 Extra Silky Lipstick
    6. Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Lipstick
    7. Guerlain Gabrielle Rouge G Lipstick
    8. Guerlain Gemma Rouge G Lipstick
    9. Korres #13 Natural Pink Lipstick
    10. Korres #22 Rose Guava Lipstick
    11. Lancome Voile de Rose Lipstick
    12. Maybelline Warm Me Up Lipstick
    13. NP Set Havana Lipstick
    14. Shiseido PK 224 Lipstick
    15. Shiseido PK 327 Sheer Lip Color
    16. Urban Decay Naked Lipstick
    17. Urban Decay Peroxide Lipstick
      Sunday, March 28th, 2010

      Happy Sunday! Hope everyone has been joining their weekend!

      Sunday, March 28th, 2010

      Nude Lipstick

      The Spring Season: Cooler Pinks Lipstick Wrap-up

      For our next visual recap of the Spring Season, we’re showcasing all of the cooler-toned pink lipsticks.

      • #1 (Benefit Jing-a-ling) is like a lighter, cooler version of #8 (Urban Decay Rush).
      • #6 (MAC Hue) and #7 (Maybelline Born With It) seem awfully similar, with Hue not quite as pink.  #5 (MAC Angel) is pinker than both the Born With It and Hue.
      1. Benefit Jing-a-ling Lipstick
      2. Guerlain Gentiane Rouge G Lipstick
      3. Guerlain Georgia Rouge G Lipstick
      4. Lancome Love It! Lipstick
      5. MAC Angel Lipstick
      6. MAC Hue Lipstick
      7. Maybelline Born With It Lipstick
      8. Urban Decay Rush Lipstick
      Saturday, March 27th, 2010

      Temptalia Asks You

      Do you wear bright lip colors? Love ‘em? Avoid ‘em?

      Temptalia's Answer.

      I LOVE bright lip colors, though I don’t seem to wear them very often.

      Saturday, March 27th, 2010

      Nude Lipstick

      The Spring Season: Warmer Nudes Lipstick Wrap-up

      I’m partial to warmer nudes myself, and I discovered several new favorites through the Spring Season–I hope you did, too!  One reason I love doing end-of-series roundups is because it gives me an opportunity to see if there are good dupes for certain shades.

      • For instance, #7 (Guerlain Guerlinade) is a new favorite nude for me, and the closest dupe here is #12 (MAC Freckletone), but it’s not quite there.
      • On the other hand, #9 (Korres #34 Nude) and #14 (MAC Touch) have similar coloring but different textures.
      • #8 (Julie Hewett Simone) is a pinker, more pigmented version of #2 (Chanel Mythic).  #10 (Lancome Rich Cashmere) seems similar to #11 (MAC Cherish).
      • #3 (Cle de Peau #103) seems like a cross between #9 (Korres #34 Nude) and #12 (MAC Freckletone).
      1. Benefit Sugar Cookie Lipstick
      2. Chanel Mythic Lipstick
      3. Cle de Peau #103 Extra Silky Lipstick
      4. Guerlain Barbara Rouge G Le Brilliant Lipstick
      5. Guerlain Forever Beige Lipstick
      6. Guerlain Gardenia Rouge G Lipstick
      7. Guerlain Guerlinade Rouge G Lipstick
      8. Julie Hewett Simone Lipstick
      9. Korres #34 Nude Guava Lipstick
      10. Lancome Rich Cashmere Lipstick
      11. MAC Cherish Lipstick
      12. MAC Freckletone Lipstick
      13. MAC Honeyflower Lipstick
      14. MAC Touch Lipstick
      15. Maybelline Caramel Kiss Lipstick