Saturday, May 29th, 2010

The Look Book

If you were using MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

Did you come up with a look you’d like to share featuring today’s product? You can link to your images, embed your images using HTML, or you can submit your images via e-mail to share them with readers to help give them inspiration on how to use the product!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

What beauty product would you love to see re-released? Why?

Temptalia's Answer.

We were discussing this on Twitter earlier, and I know I’ve asked this before, but let’s do it again. I’d love to see some of these (all MAC): Mari-sheeno lipstick (made perm in U.S.!), Molten Sol liquidlast liner, Firespot eyeshadow, Going Bananas eyeshadow, Tease ‘n Teal eyeshadow, Gold Dusk pigment, Fashionably Fuchsia lipstick, Crystal Rose lipglass, Deja Rose lipglass…

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Tag: Your Recent Beauty Adventures

I want to hear all about the beauty products you’ve recently purchased and worn. Tags are kind of like glorified surveys, but they’re fun ways to pass the time and learn a little more about each other :)

Feel free to tag your friends or other beauty bloggers if you want to see theirs, too! :)

Here’s mine…

  • Last Mascara you bought: Chanel Exceptionnel (repurchase!)
  • Last Lipstick you wore: MAC Beachbound
  • Last Look you wore that you LOVED!: A coral & bronze look (details here)
  • Last Eyeshadow you fell in love with: MAC Sweet & Punchy — I LOVE the texture. It’s so amazing.
  • Last Blush you wore: MAC Get-Away Bronze; I like it, but it can be hard to get to look just right in photos so it doesn’t just look dirty.
  • Last time you washed your brushes: Last night!  Any time I do a bolder/more colorful look, I wash my brushes right away so there is no staining to deal with!
  • Last nail polish you removed: China Glaze For Audrey — gotta put it on my toes again soon!

Leave a comment and copy & paste the list below and fill it in with your answers! :)

Last Mascara you bought:
Last Lipstick you wore:
Last Look you wore that you LOVED!:
Last Eyeshadow you fell in love with:
Last Blush you wore:
Last time you washed your brushes:
Last nail polish you removed:

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Choose or Lose

What kind of makeup do you like the most?

  • Eye products (54%, 1,461 Votes)
  • Lip products (22%, 610 Votes)
  • Cheek products (13%, 340 Votes)
  • Skin products (10%, 268 Votes)
  • Hair products (1%, 21 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (1%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,717

Feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comment section!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Free for Haul Friday

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams x5, Kiehl’s UV 50 (the new one), MAC Marine Life

Excited for: No school on Monday!  Which mostly just gives me extra time to prepare for the last week of the quarter & get ready for finals.

Friday plans: I’m actually kind of a homebody.  I think it’s because I’m pretty busy during the week, and my weekends do slow down a bit, so I like to spend time with my family (the boyfriend and Mellanhead) or visiting my parents.  I think we may go out for either lunch or dinner and then settle in for some DVR!

This week’s Mellan photo… Continue reading →

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Temptalia Asks You

Do you prefer colored or neutral eyeliner? Which kind do you seem to use most often?

Temptalia's Answer.

I’m definitely a colored eyeliner gal myself. I’ll use black, but I’ll often pair it with another colored eyeliner/eyeshadow on the lash line anyway!