Sunday Link Love, Volume #076

Foundation 102 by Dusty

Happy Sunday!

How are you? I hope you’ve been having a nice weekend thus far.  Today’s plans include blogging (but of course!), some freelance work, and then working on a jigsaw puzzle with Shaun while football is on (thank goodness for RedZone!).  Sometimes I’m at a total loss as to what to say on Sundays, just because my life has a lot of routine, which is really how I like it–I operate so much better when I’m on a schedule and keep to a routine.  I am much more productive that way!  And speaking of routines, Mellan’s internal clock is always impressive.  He knows exactly when it’s time for breakfast (9AM) and when it’s time for dinner (5PM); he’ll come to me at my desk and squeeze his head through the arms of my chair and firmly press his bony jaw against my thigh or arm until I relent and feed him.

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What We’re Wearing, Vol. 044

What We’re Wearing, Vol. 044

I was testing out Guerlain’s Les Aquas eyeshadow palette (new for spring) along with Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy Eyeliner on the lower lash line!  I was totally surprised by the brightness of the palette–you just don’t see a lot of vibrant color from high-end/luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, etc.

What was your favorite look you wore this week?

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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #109

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  7 Jack Black Lip Balms! Gotta keep my cabinet stocked 🙂  I also bought
  • Weekend plans:  Give Mellan a bath, farmers’ market if it doesn’t rain, do a puzzle
  • What’s your favorite kind of weather?:   I love slightly cloudy skies with the sun still shining, around 80 degrees, with a light breeze.  I also enjoy a crisp autumn day with overcast skies (but no rain), a nip in the wind (but not a bite).

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This week’s Mellan photo…

Mellan helping to put up the tree (at my parents’ house)… as you can, very helpful.