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How do you save money when buying makeup?

Ulta has the best rewards program that I’m aware of-points that convert to dollars off – with opportunities for 2x, 3x, and 5x points throughout the year. I like Nordstrom’s rewards, since you can spend on anything, not just beauty. For items that are not urgent and are higher-end, I try to wait for a Neiman Marcus gift card event (spend X, get Y back to spend in the future). For basics, I’ll try to buy 1-2 backups of go-tos (like moisturizer or lip balm) when retailers run a 15-20% off promo.
-- Christine

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Temptalia’s Favorites | July 2016

Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit
Anastasia Sweets Glow Kit

At some point, you may have noticed we added a Favorites section to the site (it’s in the navigation above), which I try to update monthly with my current favorites. The Favorites section also highlights my all-time favorites across various categories, which I also updated recently (removed some discontinued formulas, added some new, enduring favorites). These are products that I’ve recently tested and/or used more recently and really enjoyed (so they can be products from the past, too), maybe have worn a few times when I have a spare moment, or am otherwise enamored with.

I thought it might encourage me to update my favorites more timely if I also shared them on the main blog. Let me know if you liked seeing this! 🙂

Thoughts on some of my favorites…

  • Marc Jacobs Flesh & Fantasy Air Blush | I was incredibly impressed by the Air Blush as a formula, and this is definitely one of my favorite shades–long-time readers will probably recognize that I like rosy, plummy, and brownish blushes as go-tos.
  • Anastasia Sweets / Moonchild Glow Kits | While Moonchild may not have been A+ in quality, I really dug the colors and how it inspired creativity in finding combinations that worked in a more “everyday” sense.  It paired well with the Sweets palette, which had gorgeous shades (loved Taffy).
  • Tom Ford Velvet Orchid Lip Color | The color itself is the type I find myself wearing and reaching for, as it is rich enough to be noticeable but works with a variety of other looks, including bolder eyes, but I loved the more complex pearl to this one.
  • Too Faced Honey Bear La Creme | It’s like a darker, more fun version of my natural lip color with shimmer, and it’s a shade I leave in my photo room so I can wear it when I need something relatively universal for days with more blush swatches. (I often will wear the first lip color I want to photograph/swatch, but sometimes the grouping might be all reds or the like!)  I will eventually write an official review for this one…
  • Tarte Metallics Shadow | Why this is a limited edition formula is absolutely mind-boggling!  It’s richly pigmented, soft, smooth, blendable, and so easy to use.  The only downside is that the shades are more dupable, but the formula is incredible.  I really enjoyed applying these.

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