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Do you have any beauty icons or inspirations?

Not really! I didn’t grow up idolizing anyone’s look (I didn’t keep up with celebrities, and I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, so I didn’t even have much interest/awareness of makeup until the last year or so in high school, and interest began in college), so I think that as an adult, that’s contributed to how I still feel/interact with celebrities and the like. I do enjoy following some makeup artists and enthusiasts on Instagram, though I think I am more inspired by their attitudes/approaches to makeup than specifically their work (though the two go hand-in-hand!).
-- Christine

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Free for Haul Friday, Volume #335

Share any beauty goodies you may have picked up in the last week or so, or maybe what’s on your way or on your wish list for next week or month. :)

  • Haul: Anastasia eyeshadows, Tarte Lipglosses, Viseart Eyeshadow Trios, ColourPop Alchemy Collection, LORAC Highlighters
  • Weekend plans: Writing (typing) until my fingers fall off!
  • What’s a non-beauty blog/website you enjoy browsing?: Reddit 😉

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This week’s Mellan photo…

He always manages to put himself in precarious positions. 😩

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For all-over glow, I love liquids mixed in with foundation for the most even coverage more so than dusting a powder highlighter all-over. For all-day wear, I prefer a cream blush with a powder blush lightly tapped over it. I prefer powder blushes/highlighters/eyeshadows in general, though I like cream eyeshadows for one-and-done kind of looks or as bases.
-- Christine

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Hmm, I am having trouble recalling packaging mishaps with really good product inside. One thing that does come to mind is Urban Decay’s penchant for bulky packaging on their palettes (sometimes better these days), as they could always go slimmer! I’d also love for Guerlain Rouge Gs to be redone so that I can read the label and keep them standing up.
-- Christine

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