Thursday, July 16th, 2015

The Hit List

What’s the Best Bronzer that you’ve tried?

Share your pick!  And don’t forget to share why :)

I love Tom Ford and Guerlain Terracotta for bronzers (that are still available). One of my favorite formulas was the Pro Longwear Bronzing Powders by MAC, but it was limited!

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Temptalia Asks You

When does the hunt for a holy grail product end? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI feel like the drive to find a holy grail product ends when I find one that does everything I ever wanted it to, but something new or that someone raves about may make me want to try something else.

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Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Survey Says

Fill in the survey below with your answers, and then share your answers with us in the comments section! :-)

  • Your skin tone/coloring:
  • Favorite foundation for summer?
  • Favorite lip combo for summer?
  • Favorite cheek combo for summer?
Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette
Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette

Smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette ($69.00 for 1.06 oz.) includes eight eyeshadow trios (so 24 eyeshadows), plus three blushes. There are a variety of finishes from mattes to shimmers, cooler and warmer shades.

Several of these shades can be found either as permanent trios in the Smashbox range or as part of other trios, so if time runs out (as in it sells out), I may still review to capture some of those permanent shades. The following trios are included: Multi-Flash (Naked, Crisp, Doe), Filter (Vanilla, Sable, Sumatra), Dark Room (Opal, Granite, Blackout), Cover Shoot (Flirt, Dusk, Haze), Skybox (Sky, Steel, Nocturnal). These are the shades that are in this palette but can be found in other trios (but not together): Golden Orchid, Obsidian, Amethyst, Parfait, Ambient. I will try my best to review this in a timely manner, but the palette stack (about 12) is daunting at the moment and this being mega-sized may mean it doesn’t get tested quickly enough.

At the very least, here are some swatches!

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Monday, July 13th, 2015

Temptalia Asks You

If you could ask a beauty salesperson one question and get an honest answer, what would you ask? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerI might ask how much pressure there is to meet sales goals, and if they’re realistic, or else I would ask them why they’re working where they are. For me, I’d rather work with a salesperson who is genuinely into beauty or is at least enthusiastic about doing an excellent job (even if they’re not really into beauty) so that they’re still an expert.

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