What's the Most Life-Changing Beauty Tool that you've tried?

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I don’t think most would consider it a tool, but cleansing oils in general made removing makeup so much easier (and efficient) that I feel I have no excuse to not remove makeup at the end of the day–when I was younger, it made a really compelling case to always remove my makeup. Now, I’m used to removing, so it seems wrong not to these days! A more tool-like item would be the T3 blow dryer, because it dries my hair so, so much faster than any blow dryer I had used previously and didn’t suck up my hair either.

-- Christine

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Sephora End of Summer 2016 Sale | Highlights

Sephora.com, Inc.

Sephora has just updated their sale selection with additional items! I’ve included general sale highlights below, but these are some of my very top picks: Urban Decay Urban Spectrum Palette (now $29, was $55; review here), Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion (jumbo size for $10, regularly $24), Tarte Maracuja Oil (jumbo size for $48, regularly $75), and Make Up For Ever’s Artistic Artist Palette (now $34, was $42; review here).

Sale Highlights

Thanks to Nicole D. for today's question!

How do you adapt or reject trends based on your personal style?

I like contouring, but I personally like mine subtle, so even though the trend might be to highlight and contour on a daily basis and might seem more extreme, I stay with subtle but might contour more often (because it’s more on my mind than normal)! I’d say in general if it’s a trend that I like or works for my tastes, I’ll use it and apply to the extent that I like but won’t wear it exactly as is trendy if I don’t like it.
-- Christine

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