Look Book – What would you pair with MAC Straw Harvest Eyeshadow?

If you were using MAC Straw Harvest Eyeshadow?, what look would you create with it?

What shadows would you use? What would you use on cheeks? Anything added to the lips? Create a look using whatever you want, as long as you include today’s look book product!

Did you come up with a look you’d like to share featuring today’s product? You can link to your images, embed your images using HTML, or you can submit your images via e-mail to share them with readers to help give them inspiration on how to use the product!

Maybelline Eye Studio Copper Chic Eyeshadow Quad

Maybelline Eye Studio Copper Chic Eyeshadow Quad ($9.99) is a stunning combination of slightly warmed-up neutrals.  I was really hoping Maybelline was going to knock it out of the park with this combination, but they didn’t quite hit the mark for me.  They’re so-so but just not stellar.  I’d still consider it pretty good by drugstore beauty standards, though–but it’s only decent against popular favorites like MAC, Make Up For Ever, and Urban Decay.

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Maybelline Eye Studio Copper Chic Eyeshadow Quad

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Blogging from the Heart, Blogging for the Soul

Blogging from the Heart, Blogging for the Soul

Temptalia has stolen my heart, but I don’t mind–because it soothes my beauty-lovin’ soul and lifts me up. It’s changed my life, who I am, my outlook on life, and opened my mind.  I’ve been wanting to write something to explain how I feel about Temptalia and the opportunities it has given me so far, so I hope you won’t think me too sentimental for today’s post. 🙂

For me, blogging is a supremely personal endeavor. Every post, every photo, and every comment is me. I feel like I put myself out there in so many of the posts, whether it’s my face for a look or my credibility when I review a new product. (I can’t tell you how many times I get the feeling of, “I hope they love it as much as I do… oh, I hope they don’t hate it!” when I fall in love with a product and recommend it to others! ) There is no question as to why I do what I do, why I am still excited to write every day—because I love it from the bottom of my heart.

Sharing a new post (or two or three…) with all of you each day brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Blogging has been one of the most rewarding (if not the most) experience in my life thus far. I really feel absolutely, positively, and truly blessed to be able to have Temptalia as such an incredible creative outlet.  It’s taught me to focus on the positive things in life and not dwell on the past but thrive in the now.

The first thought I have when I wake up is, “What am I going to write today?” and the last thought I have before I fall asleep is, “I can’t wait to write such and such post for tomorrow!” (I swear, the best brainstorming happens five minutes before you nod off, which is why I keep a notebook and pen on my nightstand!) It’s like I never knew what I wanted to do in my life until I started Temptalia and then there was that light bulb moment–“THIS… this is what I want to do!”

One of my favorite parts of the day is sitting down and reading through the comments and questions left by readers. Instant feedback is entirely addicting! It’s a real thrill to read through everyone’s responses to questions, reactions to the latest review, or whatever it happens to be at that moment. I love that connection we can have through discussion! I love that I can get recommendations or help on whatever beauty dilemma I’m currently suffering through, and I also love that I’m able to do the same for others in return.

It’s really the readers that read and enjoy Temptalia that keep me striving to be a better person and make this a better community and place for all of us to participate in! It’s like you are all my best friends who know and understand what it’s like to be head-over-heels for all things beauty! You all encourage me to work hard, be productive, and embrace what I love and reach for the stars. Thank you for letting me take a moment to share a few thoughts with you, but most of all, just thank you for reading and stopping by!