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Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

Don’t Forget the Blush!

Three Reasons Why Blush is a Must

Are you skipping the blush?  Do you only use one blush for every look?

Aside from my inner beauty addict fainting from your admission… blush is not something to be scared of.  It is something that can really break, complete, or even make a look.

Sometimes blush is all you need

In a rush?  Blush can be a quick and easy way to add color and a look of “I’m awake, I didn’t only get three hours of sleep last night!”  I find that cream blushes often work incredibly well for this purpose, because they tend to look very natural and subtle on skin when applied with a light, even hand.  You can apply them quickly, too — many just use fingers to do so!  (I do, though, recommend a brush and later blending with fingers if necessary.)

Get that Glow

Blush can give you that glow-from-within look.  It’s not always the sheen of a highlighter that can make you look like you’re feeling great, well-rested, and as happy as can be!   A perfect product that gives color and glow is a new favorite from me, Benefit’s Sugarbomb, which I wear all the time.

Tie things together

When you’re putting a look together, blush can really act as a tie-in between the eyes and the lips.  I may be warm-toned, but you can bet I’m still going to rock some cool-toned shades every now and again.  One trick I find to make this easier is by warming it up with a blush.  For example, in this ultra black smoky eye, with such bold eyes and lips and cool-tones, a warmer bronze made this better integrated with my features and skin tone.  Someone who was cooler could pair this with a cool-toned pink or purple and have rocked that, too; but for me, it likely would have been a little too cool.

Why do you wear blush?

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