Monday, September 3rd, 2007


Check out this post to see swatches of several limited edition and permanent blushes by MAC Cosmetics.

According to MAC Cosmetics…

Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks.


Iridescent, lightly shimmering colour. Adds highlights: provides a frosted “bloom” to the cheeks.

Flat matte finish. Goes on lightly. Builds well. Blends with the skin.

Light refractive sheen-style finish. Adds subtle highlights to the skin.

Shy-on tints in a sheer-on micro-refined powder. Not transparent. Goes on faint. Looks real.

Jet-milled and micro-fine, just like Sheertone, but tickled with just-enough shimmer to make light dance on the cheeks.

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Saturday, September 1st, 2007

I have lots of new “site” type stuff for you to check out!

First, Temptalia has a MySpace, and I would LOVE it if you’d add me as a friend! Just check out the profile for the blog here.

Now, I’ve gotten a few questions about me and what I do, so I wrote up a little “about me” biography-esque page on both myself and a few tidbits about the blog. You can view that by clicking the “about” link at the top of the site, or by going here.

If you take a look to the right side of your page, we have created a reader community on that you can join by going here. It’d be great to see all the readers in the community! :)

As you can see, we really try and listen to the readers, and those survey results told us a lot of things! Keep looking out for new changes!

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007


Louise Zizzo created this retro-glam look that puts an emphasis on a large, natural brow (which she totally fauxed on some models by using mascara or Blacktrack fluidline) paired with a plump red lip using Mahogany lip liner nearly all over the lips and then Russian Red lipstick on top.

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Saturday, August 25th, 2007

Q: Can you recommend a good MAC lipstick that would give me a nice nude lip? Whenever I try to do a nude lip, it always ends up a little too white, like a zombie or something. I’m looking for a pretty nude lip that will pair well with smokey eyes, but nothing too ghost-like.
A: With nude lips, sometimes the easiest way is to take any nude lipstick but use a lipglass with a bit more pink or peach to pump up the color to the right shade for you. Brew is a great nude to start off with!

Q: Can you tell me how to do that beauty queen/pornstar (lol) eye-makeup where they have a dark color in the crease and their eyes look really defined but still natural? It always looks so pretty and natural on them, but whenever I try to do it, I end up with just a smokey eye. It may be because I don’t have a deep crease. I’m not sure.
A: It might be that they have a deeper crease than you, or they may even fake the depth of their crease by also darkening right above it. Try using a very small brush to create an ultra-defined crease like the 219 and go very slowly. It probably ends up looking more like a smoky eye because it ends up getting too blended. You really won’t want to do much blending if you want it very defined!

Q: Can you recommend a MAC eyeshadow in their permanent line similar in color to coral and one similar in color to Jardin Aires?
A: Oh, wow, I know Goldbit is a great dupe, but that was limited edition as well. A permanent color that might be similar is harder to find, but I would suggest checking out these permanent alternatives: Honesty, Mythology, or Paradisco.

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Friday, August 24th, 2007

WHERE? I was fortunate enough to be extended an invitation to a dinner party hosted by MAC Cosmetics held at Perbacco in San Francisco, as a sort of kick-off to San Francisco’s Fashion Week.

WHO? Two key artists, Victor Cembellin and Louise Zizzo; along with Allison Greenberg and Heather Park, who work with public relations and the Global Communications department at MAC in New York. As far as guests went, I met several local bloggers and writers, including Donna over at the San Jose Mercury News; Annie, editor of; Sheryl, a freelance writer for, Mandy at Los Gatos Weekender, Karen from, and several other guests (about 12-15 people total).

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Friday, August 24th, 2007

After checking out how MAC works the backstage aspect of SF Fashion Week, I and fellow beauty blogger Karen, headed out to watch and snap photos of the runway action. As I work on my write-up of backstage with MAC, check out tons and tons of the photos I took of this fall’s runway looks.

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