Sunday, December 16th, 2007

How do you choose a lip combination? Are there any tips or tricks when it comes to selecting the right color, gloss, etc.?

I personally pick from one family of colors I know works for certain eyeshadow shades. I find corals to be excellent with nearly every color, especially greens; while super dark smoky eyes or really dramatic dark blues need paler, pink or peach neutral colors. I find blues work great with pinks or peaches, when they’re lighter rather than darker. I always like to have a slightly purple lip if I’m going for pink or purple on the eyes (or might go with a full on bright pink – just depends).

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Whether you have your nails done professionally or prefer to do them while watching an hour of reality television, we have picked some of our favorites to recommend to you for perfectly polished nails. As always, polishes in reds are always in season when it comes to the holidays, but we are fortunate enough to have experienced the trend of jewel-toned tips in shades like rich, bold navy blues and emerald greens.

Tips for Nails:

  • File down nails (preferrably with a glass file to minimize tearing and splitting) to even them out relative to each other. Sometimes if I break a nail, I may keep that one short but keep the rest even with each other. In general, I try to keep them all in line, in terms of length and shape, with each other.
  • Find the shape that suits your hand. I go for the “squoval” or a squarish oval.
  • Take care of cuticles by using a product like Creative’s Cuticle Eraser (I always keep a couple on hand and stash them around the house: by my desk, on my nightstand, and on the bookshelf near the couch).
  • Wash hands thoroughly before beginning the process of applying polish. Any dirt, grime, or lotions will make it harder for the polish coats to adhere to the nail base.
  • Find a good top, base, and fast dry coat to use. I love Zoya’s ColorLock system because it comes with everything you need, and I’ve been using it for weeks now with amazing results. I have also had good results using Creative’s Stickey base and Seche Vite’s Fast Drying Top Coat.
  • I prefer a top coat or dry coat that quickly dries my polish–enough at least–that I can resume some activity. Remember, nail polish doesn’t set immediately, even with a dry coat; usually the polish is fully set an hour later. Ensure that you don’t get texturized by your bed sheets by applying polish well before bed time!
  • By applying a base coat (which anchors the polish better) and a top coat (protects the color, prevents chips), you automatically increase the wearing time of your manicure.
  • Buy your salon favorites at online retailers like 8ty8 Beauty, Head2Toe Beauty, & TransDesign, rather than in drugstores. If you buy enough, you will not only offset shipping, but save money, too (and who doesn’t LOVE to do that?).

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007

We were lucky enough to score an interview with Anne Rogers, age 26, who has spent the past five years working as an independent makeup artist.  She also works at a Med Spa in Houston. She has several educational certificates, including Dinaire Airbrush, Stage Makeup training at Sam Houston State University, an internship with Paula Dorf, an apprenticeship with Tree Vaello, and three years of employment at the corporate office of Laura Mercier. Whew!

Temptalia: What advice do you have for those wanting to become a makeup artist?
Anne: Be a perfectionist! I’ve seen sloppy makeup artists who do not take care of their products and equipment. This is very unprofessional! There’s nothing that erks me more than a makeup artist who doesn’t treat expensive tools and/or products properly. I’ve also seen artists who skip out on their clients without any prior notice. It’s appalling to me that there are makeup artists out there who receive great work and credibility but they treat their clients horribly. Respect your clientele and take the time to understand their needs and wants. This is important because you’re not just there to make them look pretty, you’re there to make them feel pretty too!

Temptalia: What surprises you most about working as a makeup artist?
Anne: What surprises me most about being a makeup artist is how self-conscious people are about their looks. They hire you to do their makeup and yet they sit down and tell you how to do it. It’s amusing how people look in the mirror and see something completely different than what everyone else sees.

Learn about what inspires Anne, and what tips she can’t live without. Continue reading →

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

What’s your night time skin regimen? What steps do you go through or what products do you use?

For me:  1) remove makeup — I use either makeup remover wipes for really dark shadows or bold lips or a gel cleanser; 2) cleanse face (lovin’ Renee Rouleau, of course); 3) anti-aging treatment (if I’m testing one!); 4) moisturizer (usually a thick one); 5) lip balm/jelly.

P.S. – Weekend plans? Who has exciting plans? Who can’t wait to relax? I’ll be studying once again… last final is on Tuesday, thankfully! I scarcely even remembered that today was Saturday!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

What is your go-to cream to prevent/aid winter skin? How do you keep your skin super soft even during the drying months?

I’ve actually been trying out all sorts of different ones. I found Osmotics Cream Extreme to be EXCELLENT for super, super dry, flaking skin (like disgustingly flakey!). It’s a bit too expensive for me to use 24/7, though, throughout the winter.

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Coutorture will be guest edited by Jenny Flevin, Harper Bazaar’s senior editor, this Friday. She recently released a book called Harper’s Bazaar’s Great style, and they came up with some excellent categories of style. We thought we would run with their ideas and add our own beauty-take to them!

The Classicists
She’s the woman who goes for basic, classic, and utterly sophisticated in solid colors often in white, khaki, greys, and blacks. She isn’t distracted by the latest trend, she is truly timeless in her appearance.

With such effortless style, it is no doubt that makeup is absolutely minimal–at least to the human eye–and there only to enhance the natural structure and angles of the face. A light wash of wheat-hued shadow with lashes coated once or twice in a brown-black or soft black mascara; perhaps a touch of gray or navy liner for more adventurous days. Cheeks are always just a touch flushed, altogether naturally rosy. Classicists keep lips in neutral-pinks or neutral-peaches, depending on skintones; you’ll find a dozen lipstck favorites in semi-matte and semi-gloss finishes with only a gloss or two with just the faintest shimmery sheen for evenings out on the town.

The Bombshells
She’s the woman that attracks all eyes; women envy her sense of daring style and sense of sexy, while men are merely charmed by her nature. She is all about emphasizing her femininity with curve-hugging dresses with plunging necklines in bold colors.

Her best friend is likely the smoky eye, dark grays and blacks–maybe brown or bronze for tamer days–with long, sultry lashes in the blackest black. Sometimes she bats false lashes with enviable lengths and volume. Look for lips in glossy pinks when paired with a vixenish smoky eye. She may switch it up on you to keep you intrigued by going for a siren-red pout with plenty of eye-catching sheen. Her cheeks will make her glow, and her skin is eminently flawless.

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