Free for Haul Friday, Volume #059

Welcome to Free For Haul Fridays!

A play on Oh No They Didn’t’s “Free For All Fridays,” every Friday is Free For Haul Fridays! Friday is a day for fun — whether you’re already off enjoying your weekend or if you just need a way to get through til the end of the work day, FFH is here for you!

Share your latest beauty hauls! Once you’ve done that… say anything you’d like. Tell us about the greatest thing that happened to you this week, why your pet is the cutest, what you’re doing this weekend… whatever!

First, I’ll share mine!

Haul: Some products from Chanel spring, but they won’t arrive for like… at least a week.  Maybe after Christmas if I’m lucky.

Weekend plans: Got tons and tons of blogging to do so that I can relax over Christmas (without you ever knowing!).

What’s on your cheeks:  Still gotta jump in the shower, so nada yet!

Keep adding your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! 🙂

This week’s Mellan photo!

We were part of Pawcurious’ 12 Days of Petmas; Mellan was 5 bells ringing!

More Mellan photos…

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Maybelline Khaki Green Define-a-Line

Maybelline Khaki Green Define-a-Line ($4.49 for 0.01 oz.) is a tarnished olive green with soft gold and green shimmer. Interesting enough, while the black eyeliner in this same formula is too creamy and ends up smudging all over the place on me, Khaki Green stays in place as it should. I wouldn’t even describe it as a creamy formula; it’s smooth enough and glides on without tugging and deposits a good amount of color in a single pass. I wonder if the shimmer causes it to be a “drier” formula and subsequently helps it to adhere to the lash line.

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Maybelline Khaki Green Define-a-Line

Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

Do you have a question idea? Submit yours here.

e.l.f. Studio Minty Lip Gloss

I know that they’re only a few bucks, so why complain at all about quantity? At the same time, most of E.L.F.’s products grew famous for being $1 each, and then they introduced their Studio line which is the “higher end” range–but you’re only getting 0.08 oz. It’s like MAC Dazzleglass all over again. I won’t dock points for it, but I find it intereting they skimped on quantity. (For example, their Mineral Lipgloss–also from the Studio line–contains 0.22 fl oz.)

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E.L.F. Minty Lip Gloss