Top 10: Summer Highlighters

When I think of summer, I think gorgeous, glowing cheeks, and one of my weaknesses is a good highlighter. This post features ten of my favorite permanent highlighters, and some of them may be more blush-like on certain skin tones (and some are highlighting blushes on my medium skin tone), and I can’t wait to hear what your personal favorites are (share your skin tone!). I love liquid highlighters for mixing in with my moisturizer or foundation (typically the latter for me), while cream highlighters are lovely for a more dewy finish or to layer blush on top with for better hold and intensity.

  1. Becca Opal/Pressed
  2. Cle de Peau Sand Beige
  3. Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight
  4. Becca Rose Gold/Pressed
  5. Becca Opal/Original
  6. Kevyn Aucoin Starlight
  7. Laura Geller Ballerina
  8. Becca Rose Gold/Poured
  9. Josie Maran Argan Enlightenment
  10. theBalm Cindy-Lou

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5 Sparkling Eyeshadows for Summer

I love the impact that glitter and sparkle can have on a look, as it can be so brightening on the lid and just fun to wear. These are five of my current favorites (that are permanent) for summer :)

  1. Make Up For Ever D716 Crystalline Papaya — a sparkling, pinky-peach beige
  2. Urban Decay Maui Wowie — a sparkling, muted, almost antique gold
  3. ColourPop So Quiche — olive-brown with pink and gold micro-glitter
  4. ColourPop Chipper — a glittery sea foam green
  5. Make Up For Ever D104 Black Diamond — a rich black with silver sparkle

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5 Yellow-Orange Eyeshadows for Summer

It used to be hard to find a more yellow-based orange (most of the orange-hued eyeshadows would have a strong red base), but now, there is more variety than other. I think that yellow-toned oranges can sometimes be easier to wear if you’re new to orange eyeshadow! Here are some of my current favorites:

  1. Burberry Shell — a shimmery, golden orange
  2. ColourPop Sunnies — a pop of yellowed orange with a satin finish
  3. Makeup Geek Chickadee — a yellowed, medium orange with a matte finish
  4. OCC Mimosa — a shimmering tangerine
  5. Milani Bella Mandarin — a muted, yellowed orange

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5 Cool-Toned Blushes for Summer

If you prefer cooler-toned blushes, here are my top five picks for summer cheeks this year :)

  1. Clinique Pansy Pop — a luminous lavender
  2. Urban Decay Bittersweet — a purple with a natural finish
  3. Surratt Se Pomponner — a brightened magenta pink
  4. ColourPop Pie — a bright, fuchsia pink
  5. NARS Desire — a bold, matte fuchsia pink

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5 Beautiful Coral Blushes for Summer

As a coral fiend, summer is often one of my favorite times of the year for new products, because brands tend to release corals, but there are plenty of corals to choose from year-round. Here is my current list of favorites! What are yours?

  1. Urban Decay Quiver — a bold, coral-red
  2. Makeup Geek Love Affair — a warm, pink-coral
  3. Chanel Malice — a luminous coral
  4. Clinique Peach Pop — a shimmery, peachy-coral
  5. Tom Ford Love Lust — a luminous, medium-dark coral

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Five Tips for Long-Wearing, Summery Makeup

With the temperatures steadily rising, it’s time to start thinking about our favorite ways to make our makeup look better longer,-and in the world of beauty, summer collections are already releasing! Coachella, one of the biggest musical festivals of the year, is heading into its second weekend, and Sephora Collection is the exclusive beauty sponsor for the festival this year. If you’re attending this weekend, you can stop by their DIY Beauty Bar and play with on-trend products or try a complimentary Fiber Mask (which might be just the pick-me-up one needs at such an event!). If you’re not, you can check out Sephora’s top DIY Festival Beauty picks here.

In the spirit of festival beauty, here are five of my top tips (and tips within tips!) and some high-end recommendations from products I’ve reviewed over the years.  What are your tried and true favorites that last all day for you?

PRIMER IS YOUR FRIEND | One of the main reasons we reach for primer is to improve longevity out of any products, whether you’re working in an office environment for 12 hours a day or you’re going to be attending your favorite concert outdoors. Eyeshadow and face primers are excellent for prolonging wear, keeping oil at bay, and generally help the products you layer on top adhere better in the first place.

CONSIDER LIQUID & CREAM BLUSH | Liquid and cream cheek blushes and stains often wear longer than their powder counterparts, but the real magic can occur when you use a liquid or cream as your blush primer and then “set” with a powder blush. I recommend using the color you want the most in the cream version, and then layer with a slightly sheerer, more subdued version of it in powder form, which will help you maintain the color, brightness, and intensity you wanted without overdoing it. Alternatively, you can also use translucent setting powder patted over a cream to lock it in place, or if you have a really bold cream blush, you can use flesh-toned setting powder to tamp it down and set it.

CHOOSE YOUR STATEMENT | A more minimal makeup look that uses key products to make a statement is easier to maintain and gives you less to worry about even in the hottest, most humid climates. The easiest way to this is to incorporate a pop of color on the eyes or on the lips. I love using a boldly colored eyeliner on the lash line. If you prefer pencil eyeliners, smudge a similarly-colored eyeshadow on top to help keep it in place even longer than usual. Liquid and gel formulas tend to be more reliably longer-wearing, especially those that go on more liquid and really set and lock in place. One trick I’ve picked up over the years is just how far a bright, rich lip color can go to brightening the face. What’s nice is even a shorter-wearing, but bold, formula is often easy to reapply and keep in a pocket or small bag. However, if you want to avoid touch-ups, opt for a satin or matte shade in a richer hue, like a red, berry, or plum, or a liquid lipstick, as these tend to have the longest wear. You can also use lip primer or a matching lip pencil to extend the wear of your lip color of choice. Keep lip balm or a gloss of your choice with you for easy touch-ups for extra long days out (12+ hours).

SET & FORGET | Setting powders and setting sprays can help to lock in your look before you walk out the door and give you a lot of breathing room for extra-long wear. When setting with powder, make sure to properly apply: it’s not a mere feathery dusting of product; you want to gently press the powder into place with a brush, pouf, or sponge. I like to do a final sweep in a more feathery motion afterwards, which I find gives a more even, smooth look. If you’re not looking for ultra-long wear, you can do a quick spritz of any facial mist or even just water held eight to ten inches away from the face to finish, as this will take away any excess powder and give you a more natural finish overall. Whenever I know I’m going to be outside on a hot day, I’ll use a setting spray as my last step, and I find it does seem to keep everything look a little better a little longer–particularly for base products and preventing blush from separating over time. It took me awhile to come around to them, but I’ve definitely noticed they help. If you have really oily skin, consider keeping a powder compact with you for touch-ups as needed.

DON’T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN | There’s no way to share tips for getting the most out of your summer beauty routine without a reminder to wear your sunscreen. Head to toe, and never skimp on the quantity! You want a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. If you’re going to be outdoors for a really extended time, consider a tinted moisturizer with a higher SPF rating that is easy to reapply throughout the day so you can maintain your protection as well see if physical sunscreens can work for you. A good hat and sunglasses are also additional ways to keep your skin safer from the sun! If you’re reapplying over heavier makeup, pat gently and avoid too much rubbing, but if you need to rub, rub in small circles.