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5 Must-Have Burberry Beauty Products

Continuing on with our look at brand must-haves, here are my top five favorite formulas from Burberry! It’s fairly well-edited brand, so they have only a few formulas, a lot of classic, basic shades, and their powders have an exceptionally soft, silky feel while lipsticks wear well and feel great on lips.  And if you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that Burberry Trench is my go-to brow highlighter!

  1. Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow — though often not sheer at all, the eyeshadows are soft, silky, and ultra-flattering on the skin; favorite shades include Trench, Pale Barley, Almond, Taupe Brown
  2. Burberry Lip Velvet — a long-wearing, comfortable-to-wear matte lipstick; favorite shades include Rose Pink, Bright Poppy, Pink Amber
  3. Burberry Lip Glow — medium-coverage, shimmery, high-shine gloss that’s hydrating; favorite shades include Cameo Pink, Coral, Brick Red
  4. Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush — insanely silky texture with rich color payoff; favorite shades include Blossom, Earthy, Coral Pink, Tangerine
  5. Burberry Lip Cover — lightly luminous, richly pigmented lipstick that’s hydrating, comfortable, and wears well; favorite shades include Bright Plum,

What are your favorite Burberry products/shades?

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5 Must-Have Burgundy Lipsticks

Reader Rashmi requested a top five of burgundy lipsticks, and I have to say, finding a really lovely burgundy lip color that’s permanent is difficult. It seems to be a favorite hue to go-to for limited edition collections, though.

  1. OCC Black Dahlia — is a deep, dark burgundy with a hint of brown that lasts and lasts
  2. MAC Endless Drama — a deepened, semi-opaque burgundy red with a soft, frosted finish
  3. Giorgio Armani #408 — is a muted, reddish burgundy with a pearly shimmer
  4. Buxom Menace — a brightened, berry-ish burgundy with a shimmery finish
  5. Laura Mercier Merlot — a lightened, muted berry-burgundy with a natural finish

What’s your favorite burgundy lipstick?

5 Must-Have Illamasqua Products

If I had to pick one product, Illamasqua’s Nail Varnish would be my very, very favorite, but I really like quite a few of their formulas. Their polishes wear exceptionally long on me (fourteen days with just minor tip wear) and come in a variety of shades.

  1. Illamasqua Velvet Blusher — long-wearing, highly pigmented cream-to-powder blush; can’t wait until they have more shades
  2. Illamasqua Nail Varnish — one of the best nail lacquers on the market; favorites include Obsess (pictured), Raindrops, Creator
  3. Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss — for really opaque lipgloss, this is a good bet! Love shades like Belladonna (pictured), Hermetic, Move
  4. Illamasqua Eyeshadow — they have a particularly lovely matte formula that’s richly pigmented, blendable, and soft; recommendations include Sadist (pictured), Burst, Fledgling
  5. Illamasqua Cream Blusher — cream blush with a lovely, natural finish and nice color payoff; one of my favorites is Seduce (pictured)

What are your favorite Illamasqua products?

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5 Dior Beauty Must-Haves

The first Dior product I can remember falling head-over-heels in love with was their Diorskin Shimmer powders, specifically Amber Diamond. I spent a few hours yesterday reorganizing, and after seeing Amber Diamond, plus three others, I was left wondering why Dior hasn’t released any additional shades in so long.

  1. Rouge Dior Couture Colour Voluptuous Care Lipstick is a long-wearing, hydrating, nicely pigmented formula
  2. Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow — these are my new favorite cream eyeshadow for their pigmentation, shimmer, finish, and wear; favorites include Aventure and Millenium
  3. Dior Vernis — their more recent shades have a wonderful glossy shine and nice color coverage (most of my favorites are limited edition, unfortunately!)
  4. Diorskin Nude — lightweight, light-medium coverage, natural-to-dewy finish
  5. Diorskin Shimmer Star — a lovely all-over highlighter available in a bronze shade (Amber Diamond) or pink shade (Rose Diamond)

What are your favorite Dior products?

5 Must-Have Chanel Products

One of the things I appreciate about Chanel is that they’re often a brand that sets trends, and then many other brands follow them. They have a lot of silky, finely-milled powders in their range, from blush to eyeshadow.

  1. Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss — long-wearing, nicely pigmented, hydrating gloss; favorite shades include Reflexion, Merveille
  2. Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel — a cream-to-powder blush that came out recently that is one of the best cream blushes I’ve tried (all are awesome!)
  3. Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour — trend-setting polish with a large variety of shades; personal recommendations would be: Suspicious, Paradoxal, Particuliere, Taboo
  4. Chanel Joues Contraste Blush — incredibly soft, silky powder blush that sits well on the skin; some favorites are Frivole, Rose Initial, Espiegle
  5. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadow — sparkling, shimmering cream eyeshadow that wears well; my picks include Mirifique, Epatant, Illusoire

What are your favorite Chanel products and shades?

5 Must-Have MAC Makeup Products

MAC was the first brand I really fell in love with. MAC Pigments were what made me fall in love with makeup, period, and began a long-time love affair with the brand. Quite honestly, MAC will always hold a special place in my heart for helping me discover the world makeup, but MAC is the first brand that recognized this blog as, well, something. It was that recognition that fueled my drive and determination to build Temptalia into something bigger and better from then on.

  1. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots — creamy, long-wearing color that can be used alone or as a base; favorites include Camel Coat, Eclair, Soft Ochre
  2. MAC Lipstick — there are so many shades to choose from, as well as finishes; it’s hard not to find a few to love! A few picks: Viva Glam I, Rebel, Craving, Plumful, Velvet Teddy, Candy Yum Yum, Violetta
  3. MAC Pearlglide Intense Eyeliners — rich and sparkly, long-wearing eyeliners; Undercurrent is one of my favorites
  4. MAC Eyeshadow — particularly their Veluxe Pearl and Matte2 eyeshadows (and permanent range); some of my long-time favorites include Satin Taupe, Soft Brown, Bronze, Coppering, Antiqued, Amber Lights, Freshwater, Lucky Green, Bright Sunshine, Atlantic Blue, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Patina, Goldmine, Romp
  5. MAC Pigment — nicely pigmented loose eye color; the product that made me fall in love with MAC and makeup! Here are some recommendations: Chartreuse, Golden Olive, Teal, Museum Bronze

What are your favorite MAC products?

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