Temptalia’s Red Lips Challenge — Christiana, Fie, Vanessa, Linn, Jayme, Gloria, & Charlene Show You Why Red is Hot!

Check out these ladies who took the Temptalia Red Lips Challenge! Make sure you see the first round of submissions, second round, and third round too!

Thanks to all of the lovely ladies who participated in the challenge!  I hope they have inspired and assured those who have been more hesistant to rock the red to go out there and paint the town RED.

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Temptalia’s Red Lips Challenge

The Challenge | Discover the confidence, fun, and wickedness that is red lipstick (or red lipgloss!).  Who are you when it comes to red lips?

  • “I couldn’t!” | Your Challenge:  Wear it in the comfort of your own home.
  • “Only when I’m alone–just to experiment!” | Your Challenge: Go out and paint the town red–with red lips that is!
  • “I do love a particular shade of red…” | Your Challenge: Try a new kind of red.  Blue-based.  Orange-based. Yellow-based.  Matte, creamy, glossy.
  • “I rock red lips all day!” | Your Challenge: Show others the many joys of red lips by submitting or sharing your favorite products, techniques, and experiences.

Are you ready for Temptalia’s Red Lips Challenge? I took it last night, and I hope you will, too.

If you take the challenge, I encourage you to submit the results in picture form to [email protected], as well as all testimonials and written results are happily taken–just include your comment on this post!  If you’re a little wary of your photos being on the blog, think about posting them on the forum, where only members can view your photos.