Temptalia’s Holiday Gift Guide 2007 — Gifts Under $10

Just because it is the holidays is no reason for people to go into debt. In fact, we are a firm believer in creating and setting a budget, as well as a plan of who to buy and who to not buy for. As a result, we want to give you a guide that keeps your budget in mind, so here are some of our favorites to give this year that are less than $10.

Score these perfect, inexpensive gifts for your loved ones this holiday season.

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Temptalia’s Holiday Gift Guide 2007 — The Good Ol’ Boys

Many of us have brothers, boyfriends, husbands, and great guy friends, so this guide is for those girls who are looking to add some beauty to their favorite boys’ lives. We gave you a guide dedicated to your amazing father, and now we want to help you find the perfect gifts for the other special men in your life!

Find your guy, and then see what we recommend from the treasure trove of beauty that we’ve gone through this year.

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Temptalia’s Holiday Gift Guide 2007 — The Gal Pals

You may treat your very best friend(s) incredibly well this season, but if you have more casual gal pals that you want to give the gift of beauty to, don’t fret, we’ve found some great ideas! We’ve kept in mind that these ladies are your friends, but not your closest ones, so we’ve made our guide to reflect gift suggestions to reflect the gift giver with a modest budget who still wants to give something to everyone!

So readers, fret not for we have some ultimate finds for your darling gabby girlfriends…

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Temptalia’s Holiday Gift Guide 2007 — Darling Sister

Sisters are absolutely precious, and it helps even more that they’re of our like gender–it makes them easier to shop for… at least beauty wise! As much as we’d love to get our boys addicted to skilled skin regimens, we often fail, but we can convince our marvelous younger sister to invest in an acne treatment or introduce our older sister to the bliss of anti-aging products.

No matter what your sister is like, we have some amazing products in store for her this season!

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Temptalia’s Holiday Gift Guide 2007 — The Best Friend

With the holidays, I know I can’t help but treat my best friends to some of my favorite beauty products I’ve tried (and running a beauty blog certainly has given me a plethora of products to pull from!). In fact, I am a total gift-builder. I love to pick up baskets from a craftstore, add a few embellishments (like faux flowers, potpourri, etc.), and stuff it full of what I’m giving. I find it adds a great personal touch!

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