Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Zoya’s Twist Collection debuted this spring season, and since spring is just officially starting… I’m really not late to review it, am I? Twist consists of six shades, ranging from gray to pink. Zoya polishes retail for $6 a pop, or you can get the set of six for $36.

  • Harley is a medium gray with golden shimmer.
  • Jo is a deep, medium sky blue on me. It comes out fairly bright, actually. I can definitely see this polish work well in the summer, too.
  • Malia is a neutral-cool violet purple color. It isn’t lavender, but it isn’t royal purple either. It’s a good cross between a dark shade and a light shade.
  • Barbie is a medium pink with some brightness and matching pink shimmer. It is a bit cool-toned, so it’s not the most flattering shade on me.
  • Cassi is a strawberry-coral with silvery-ish shimmer. I found this color to be much more flattering on my skin tone than Barbie, and I can see myself wearing it often.
  • Moxie is a deep, cream berry-red. I personally wish they’d come out with a shade more in line with the rest of the shades from Twist, because I feel it doesn’t match the trend the others set.

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Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Zoya’s 2008 Winter Collection is called Flourish and contains six excellent shades of polish perfect for the season. Zoya’s formula is one of my favorites, because I always find their colors are rich and pigmented and two coats is always enough. Their Color Lock System is my go-to for keeping my nail color long-lasting, durable, and chip-free. I’m so happy to say that Flourish doesn’t disappoint in the least. In fact, Zara stands out so much amongst the pack that it is almost back-up status worthy. (If I didn’t have seventy some-odd polishes and did my nails more often…) Mieko is this delightful strawberry red color–there’s just something about it that really draws me in. I anticipate wearing it beyond winter–probably summer–as well.  You can get their sampler platter featuring all six polishes for $36 at

What’s your favorite?

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Thursday, September 11th, 2008

Zoya wants YOU to vote, both in their unofficial “Polish Poll,” as well as in real life.Â

Friday, June 6th, 2008

Who doesn’t like deals?  When you purchase a Color Lock System Try Me Kit, Zoya will give you a complimentary full size sampler of the Gossip collection (The Hills-inspired launch) when you enter in promo code SUMMER.  This promotion will run through Tuesday, June 10th.  I have to tell you that the Color Lock System is something that is a staple in my life.  I use it all of the time, so it’s well worth trying.  The system is designed to give you Anchor (your base coat), Armor (your top coat), Hurry Up (your speed-drying coat), as well as Remove+ (an excellent polish remover that is gentle and easy to use!).

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

ZOYA has launched their summer collections, Chit Chat (pictured above) and Gossip (pictured below). Chit Chat includes six shades of fun colors that are perfect for summer. My favorite shade is probably Elke, which is a hot rose metallic (pictured on my thumb). My pointer finger is donned with Annie a bold berry metallic, while my middle finger has Lianne (an ultra tangerine metallic). My ring finger has Bekka, which is a cool chartreuse metallic (and surprisingly not as neon as you would think), with my pinky colored with Erika, a soft pink metallic (sheerest of the bunch). My other thumb (not pictured here, but you can see it in the secondary pictures) is Gaia, a white metallic.

I would say Gaia is my least favorite, just because it seems rather unoriginal compared to the other colors, and I personally wouldn’t wear all-white nails, and I never have time to get a manicure for French nails, either. I like the orange in Lianne because it isn’t so “in-your-face,” and Annie has an awesome duochrome shimmer to it.

Gossip was inspired by the girls of The Hills, and I know we have some fans of the show around these parts. I actually LOVED every single one of these polishes because the pigmentation was insane. Seriously, I could have used just one coat and been on my way. As creams, all of these have such a beautiful finish with no shimmer, but they don’t look flat or dull. I do, personally, use the Zoya Color Lock System as my preference for base/top/dry coats, but these nails are pictured without any base or top coat. You really do get what you see in the bottle! On the left most thumb pictured, I used Audrina, which is a red-purple cream that is gorgeous and reminds me of lazy days on the beach; while my right thumb has Whitney, a hot fuchsia cream, which is just magnetic. Pair it with your Heatherette goodies! My pointer finger has LO, an electric cerise cream, my middle finger has Elodie, a bold poppy cream, my ring finger has Heidi, a hi-beam orange cream, and my pinky has LC, a summer red cream.

Which Halloween Mask entry was your favorite?

  • "Spring Mask" (43%, 113 Votes)
  • "Leopard" (22%, 58 Votes)
  • "Abstract" (17%, 44 Votes)
  • "Wicked French Woman" (6%, 15 Votes)
  • "Jigsaw" (5%, 14 Votes)
  • "Zombie" (4%, 11 Votes)
  • "Mermaid Punk" (3%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 262

My favorites were… well… all of them really! I don’t normally wear bright reds or oranges, but I do love LC for its wearable shade of bright red (if that makes any sense!). Both Audrina and Whitney are super fun colors, and Audrina isn’t too bright in the least (while Whitney may be a touch more “hey, check out my nails”). Elodie is also quite pretty as a brighter coral, and I suspect I will be rockin’ this one a few times on beach-going days.

Zoya polishes are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DPB (the “big three”), and I own numerous bottles and have not been disappointed in their application, color, or quality. They last a full week on me when used with a base and top coat with no chipping and minimal tip wear. Get yours at

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Friday, January 25th, 2008

For Spring 2008, Zoya has two different collections, each with six shades, Blissful and PurityBlissful is a beautiful collection of creamy pastels, while Purity is composed of sheerer pastels ideal for manicures (and I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have visions of bridal nails with these colors, too).  Today I’d like to show you swatches from Blissful.

It was actually really hard to pick a favorite shade out of the six, because I loved them all!  Let me say that one really versatile color is Penelope, which is a darker pink-peach color that’s incredibly creamy and goes on smooth.  It isn’t too warm, so I think even cooler-toned hands can pull this one off with no issues.  I think anyone entranced by pastels will find Laurie a very lovely shade of pale, milky pink.  It is also a cream finish leaving fingers looking incredibly soft and feminine.  Miley is much like Laurie, only it is a milky pastel lavender.  Lulu is a warm shade of peach that’s soft and subtle, and I see this as a great shade for spring, but also a nice way to transition into summer.  Zanna is a mauvey-purple with pink in it, and it also has a creamy finish.  I found this applied so easily and well, with no streaking or worries about distribution.  Felicity rosey color with golden shimmer, which makes it completely unlike the other five in the Blissful family.  It’s a fun color, and I like that it is the odd-one-out with its shimmery composition.  Overall, I liked the buildability and opacity of these pastel colors; they give me a way to get less in-your-face nails while still getting a good bit of color when I don’t want to opt for straight out sheers.

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