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Top 5 Shades of Black for Halloween

I shared my favorite oranges yesterday for Halloween, so of course, the other side of the coin is rich, inky blacks! Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Illamasqua Creator — a deep, dark black with silver flecks and sparkle with a glossy, high-shine finish
  2. Chanel Mirifique — a sparkling, creamy, deep dark black
  3. Urban Decay Perversion — a cult favorite; deep, dark, inky matte black for the lash line
  4. Milani Pitch Black — a deep, dark black eyeshadow with a matte finish for under $10
  5. Sugarpill Stella — a deep, dark black loose eyeshadow with teal, violet, pink, and emerald green micro-shimmer

What are your favorite black-hued beauty products?

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5 Shades of Earthy Green

Autumn makes me think of the changing colors of the leaves, rain, and a lingering dampness and crispness in the air–which always makes me think of earthiness. One of my favorite earth tones is greens, and this post is inspired by them; murky, mossy, and dirty greens that are beautiful to wear.

  1. Inglot #419 — a subtly warm-toned, dirty green with a frosted finish
  2. OCC Ripley — a gorgeous, gold-sparkled mossy green with threads of metallic shimmer for your nails
  3. Urban Decay Stash — a classic olive-green eyeliner that’s richly pigmented and glides on easily
  4. Make Up For Ever #84 — a muted, darkened green with neutral-cool undertones
  5. L’Oreal Golden Emerald — a richly pigmented, slightly warm-toned gold-shimmered forest green

What are your top favorites?

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5 Shades of Weathered Blue

I love weathered blues; which I interpret as blues that are dusty, muted, gray-tinged, stormy, and such. There’s just a faded quality to them, but there’s still depth and interest in the color. My very favorite of all-time is Urban Decay Strip, which was discontinued quite awhile ago.

  1. Urban Decay Shattered — a shimmering, muted blue with green and gold shimmer
  2. L’Oreal Infinite Sky — a gorgeous, glimmering stormy blue with a hint of gray
  3. Zoya Skylar — a muted, gray-tinged blue with gold sparkle
  4. Inglot #336 — slightly brightened and richer, but still a rather muted, navy blue with a matte finish
  5. Zoya Sunshine — a sparkling, muted navy blue polish

What’s your favorite shade of a weathered blue?

Round-up: Urban Decay Holiday 2013 Collection

In case you missed it, Urban Decay’s Holiday 2013 Collection features various kits, palettes, sets, and a few new products to round out the upcoming holiday season. Everything launches officially tomorrow at urbandecay.com. The Anarchy Face Case is exclusive to Sephora, while the Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder is exclusive to ULTA. All other products will be sold at online and in-stores (as applicable) at urbandecay.com, ULTA, Sephora, Macy’s, and Beauty.com.

Here are reviews, photos, and swatches for everything…

Anything strike your fancy?

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners (2013 Relaunch)

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners ($19.00 for 0.25 fl. oz.) have relaunched in new packaging–but the formula is the same as before–and two new shades. The brand describes the formula as a “water-based, buildable liner [that] contains super-fine glitter in a clear base that dries down quickly and really stays put … without any fall out.” Worth noting is the brand recommends removing the wiper (or the little black piece that fits in the opening of the tube) if you want more product on the brush.

ACDC is described as a “bright purple glitter.” It’s a medium-dark purple glitter with reddish tones.

Amp is described as a “light blue with iridescent glitter.” It’s a mix of lighter blue, darker blue, green, and teal glitter.

Distortion is described as a “iridescent glitter.” It’s an iridescent mix of glitter, so it flashes greenish-gold, fuchsia, pink, and blue.

Glamrock is described as a “silver glitter.” It is silver glitter and nothing but!

Junkshow is described as a “bright pink with iridescent glitter.” It’s a mix of fuchsia, dark pink, and a few bits of gold glitter.

Midnight Cowboy is described as a “beige glitter.” It’s a warm-toned, golden beige glitter.

Spandex is described as a “deep blue-black with iridescent glitter.” It’s a mix of black, fuchsia, bluish-teal, and navy blue sparkle and glitter (seems like multi-sized to me).

I haven’t reviewed that many glitter eyeliners, so I wasn’t able to come up with dupes, unfortunately!  The formula is very long-wearing and does dry down fairly quickly, but the time it takes to set really depends on how much product is applied–if you go for a fully opaque coat, it takes about thirty seconds.  Once it dries, though, it stays put.  If you scratch or rub at them, clumps will come off, but if you don’t fuss with your eyes, I only saw a few stray sparkles underneath my eye after eight hours for each shade when I wore them.

If you actually want a really bling-tastic glitter eyeliner, you absolutely have to remove the wiper. This results in the brush and wand getting totally loaded in glitter, and like you might apply nail polish, you’ll want to run the plastic wand (not the brush) along the inside of the opening so it’s not also coated in glitter. Sometimes you can get too much this way, though, but it is a lot more efficient and effective at applying more opaque color. It is most practical to pick your method: either live with a few sparkles and keep the wiper in, or remove it and have free access to it. You might use a separate eyeliner brush to apply a sheerer layer, as the brush itself does get completely loaded with product. The wiper takes me about a minute to remove (I just squeezed my nails underneath the wiper’s edge and the opening of the tube), because it fits tightly into the opening (as it should)–but it may not be practical to remove it each time. For reference, I used two pulls (and everything on each pull) to create a 1.5 inch line for the swatches.

If you keep the wiper in, it can be difficult to achieve a nice even line of glitter, because the glitter applies initially as you sweep the brush across the area, but it doesn’t pull all of the initial bits across, so you get uneven coverage. I would say you need five or so pulls of the product to get a semi-sheer to semi-opaque covergae for layering that is also even. Overall, I wish that the wiper had a larger opening so there could be more product on it but not quite as much as the brush gets when there is no wiper in place. I think this would enable the best of both worlds: the ability to layer, and then ability to build-up to more opaque coverage with two layers.

Urban Decay   Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

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