Sneak Peek: Urban Decay Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette ($60.00 for 20 x 0.03 oz.) includes twenty eyeshadows that are all new and (at least, presently!) exclusive to this limited edition, holiday palette. I’ll have a full review for you soon, but for now, take a look at this sneak peek! The palette will launch on Urban Decay on the 13th with a full release to other retailers around October.

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Urban Decay Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Holiday 2014 Launches: Vice3, Ten & Black Magic Pencil Sets

Urban Decay Holiday 2014 Launches
Urban Decay Holiday 2014 Launches

Vice3 Eyeshadow Palette ($60.00) (Limited Edition)

Vices are all consuming, insatiably addictive and always leave us wanting MORE! Something tells us we’re not the only ones who feel that way—especially when it comes to our palettes. Enough with the “will they or won’t they?” speculation; Urban Decay launches Vice3. Satisfy your eyeshadow cravings with 20 velvety, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN shades—from an amazing soft black and a stunning burgundy to a rich, smoky red-black. Even MORE covetable than our previous Vice palettes, the mesmerizing, jewel-inlaid case includes a huge mirror and a double-ended brush. The perfect finishing touch? A gorgeous matching bag. (See, we thought of everything!)

Wende LOVES the Vice palettes—from developing 20 all-new shades to brainstorming design concepts. With Vice3, she wanted to create a beautiful, functional component even sleeker than our previous Vice palettes. It’s the perfect go-to palette you’ll want to use all the time! Every shade has a metallic finish that echoes the iced-out metallic look of the palette itself (more on that in a minute). Where we really geeked out was developing 50 shades to get to the perfect 20 in the perfect order. You wouldn’t believe how many iterations we went through to make sure that the shade layout really communicated the whole story. We arranged the shades in columns: neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the middle and smoky shades on the right. Pair up the vertically color-coordinated quads or go wild and mix them up.

  • Truth Pale pink-nude matte
  • Dragon Bright metallic green shimmer
  • Vanity Smoky metallic eggplant with multidimensional micro-glitter
  • Alien Pink-peach with golden shift
  • Last Sin Champagne shimmer with silver micro-glitter
  • Undone Pink-beige matte-satin with subtle floating tonal pearl
  • Freeze Metallic medium blue with multidimensional micro-glitter
  • Lucky Metallic bronze
  • Alchemy Deep fuchsia satin
  • Angel Light taupe with silver micro-glitter
  • Downfall Warm light brown matte
  • Heroine Deep navy blue with subtle floating tonal pearl
  • Reign Rich brown satin
  • Bondage Deep, smoky burgundy shimmer
  • Defy Smoky taupe satin
  • DTF Taupe matte with subtle floating pearl
  • Brokedown Metallic golden brown shimmer with gold micro-glitter
  • Bobby Dazzle Metallic white with pale gold micro-glitter
  • Sonic Metallic red-copper
  • Revolver Soft black satin with subtle floating iridescent pearl

Black Magic 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

Like most women, we’re obsessed with black liner. But we’re also serious color addicts. Enter Black Magic 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set from Urban Decay. It’s the ultimate pairing set for black liner junkies: four of our DOUBLE-ENDED Eye Pencils—for a total of eight habit-forming hues—all in our award-winning, waterproof 24/7 formula. The best part? Each pencil includes a black shade AND a rich, colorful shade. So whether you’re in the mood to go black or you’re craving a little color, you always have the perfect weapon at the ready. Experiment with every black shade we make (including our 24/7 Velvet formula in Black Velvet), plus other iconic UD shades like
Demolition and LSD. We even brought back two in-demand shades you won’t find anywhere else: Black Market (charcoal-black) and Tornado (dark eggplant).

  • Zero + Demolition Zealous black cream/Deep brown matte
  • Black Velvet + Smoke Rich, smoky black matte/Deepest gray matte
  • Black Market + Tornado Charcoal black satin/Dark eggplant pearl
  • Perversion + LSD Blackest black matte/Navy shimmer with bright turquoise micro-sparkle

Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder ($29.00)

  • Aura Soft pink shimmer with golden iridescent sparkle

Ten 24/7 Glide-On Pencil Set ($52.00) (Limited Edition)

It’s no surprise our pencil sets have a cult following. Ask any UD junkie to name her favorite Urban Decay products, and nine times out of ten our award-winning 24/7 Eye Pencil makes the cut. Always one-upping ourselves, Urban Decay launches Ten 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil Set. The follow-up to last year’s Ocho Loco 2, this set contains TEN of our creamy, waterproof 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (one full-size, nine travel-size) and a Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener in one loaded, limited-edition set. First up, our highly coveted, blacker-than-black shade, Perversion. To go along with it: nine NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN shades from neutrals to intensely sparkly shades to bold brights. This set has it all!

  • Perversion Blackest black matte
  • Glitter Rock Metallic pink with pink multidimensional sparkle
  • Moonspoon Metallic gray with silver sparkle
  • Vacancy Bright metallic teal
  • Faint Warm taupe matte
  • Gonzo Electric blue matte with tonal shimmer
  • Smokeout Rich taupe-black satin
  • Stargazer Soft metallic gold with dimensional sparkle
  • Mugshot Light metallic taupe with slight pink shift
  • Voodoo Bright metallic purple with dimensional sparkle
  • Grindhouse Double Barrel Sharpener

Availability: September 13th at; October 2014 at all other retailers

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Urban Decay Shadow Box Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette ($34.00 for 0.12 oz.) is one of the more disappointing palettes I’ve come across from the brand for one simple reason: these eyeshadows aren’t like the originals/individual/permanent versions. There is something distinctly different in the texture and application in just about all the shades; they’re drier, thinner, and more powdery–they don’t adhere as well to bare skin (which isn’t usually an issue I have with Urban Decay’s formula), lack some depth/intensity compared to the original or standalone version, and are just… off. There’s a soft, dense, buttery feeling that is present with the majority of Urban Decay’s eyeshadows that is missing in action in this palette. The palette is also in dire need of more variety in finishes–it is primarily frosted–and two of the three “new” shades are quite similar to existing/previously released shades.

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Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Shadow Box Review, Photos & Swatches

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Sneak Peek: Urban Decay Shadow Box Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette ($34.00 for 12 x 0.01 oz.) includes twelve eyeshadows–three are new and exclusive to the palette and nine are previously released shades. I’m working my way through testing these, so I hope to have a review up soon. Two things I noticed were that Bordello is noticeably warmer in this palette, and Tornado lacks some of the intensity of the original, though the colors are similar (it’s just like one has more depth). Full review to come! 🙂

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5 Bright Teal Eyeshadows to Try

I have a very soft spot in my beauty-lovin’ heart for all things teal, and I thought this would be a good weekend to share with you some of my favorites! 🙂 I’d love to hear about your favorites!

  1. Make Up For Ever S234 Azure Blue — a bold, satiny teal
  2. Fyrinnae Gender Bent — a shimmery, bluish-teal
  3. Make Up For Ever D236 Lagoon Blue — a bold, bright, sparkling teal
  4. Urban Decay Deep End — a muted, shimmery blue-teal
  5. Inglot #338 — a matte blue-teal

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