Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Reader Dilyana wanted to see more top picks for corals… so here’s my current top ten list of coral lipsticks, lipglosses, and blushes! (See them in the Swatch Gallery here.) What are your favorites right now?

  1. Hourglass Radiant Magenta — a warm-toned, pinky-coral with a satin finish
  2. Too Faced Bon Bon — a bright, warm-toned coral
  3. Chanel Reflexion — a shimmering, coral-red gloss
  4. Clinique Peach Pop — a muted, coral-orange with a luminous finish
  5. Maybelline Caramel Infused — a soft, pink-coral gloss
  6. Urban Decay Streak — a glossy coral-pink
  7. Tom Ford Love Lust –a shimmering, dark coral
  8. Burberry Camel Pink — a peachy-gold shimmered coral-pink gloss
  9. Givenchy Rose Dressing (202) — a vibrant, pink-coral
  10. MAC Be a Lady –a brightened, pink-coral
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

I thought coming up with a beautiful rainbow of hues might be a fun (and challenging!) theme to work under.  Of course, I took liberties with the concept of rainbow and added a few in-between shades to make a full list of ten.  I would love to see what your top ten shades are, in rainbow-order, so-to-speak! :)

  1. Urban Decay 69 — a bright, medium-dark red with cool undertones
  2. Zoya Amy — a fiery, gold-shimmered orange
  3. Sugarpill Buttercupcake — bright, matte yellow
  4. Illamasqua Fledgling — rich, grassy green with a matte finish
  5. OCC Man by Man — a metallic teal
  6. Urban Decay Radium — a medium blue with shimmer
  7. Sephora My Boyfriend’s Jeans — a blue-purple with shimmer
  8. Fyrinnae Parental Advisory — a bold, cool-toned purple
  9. Too Faced Lollipop — violet with fuchsia shimmer
  10. Dior Aventure (81) — because life isn’t complete without taupe

Share your favorites…  For bonus points, feel free to share picks for teal, violet, and taupe :)

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Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Too Faced Teddy Bear Brush Set
Too Faced Teddy Bear Brush Set

Too Faced Teddy Bear Brush Set ($65.00) is a new, five-piece brush set that features synthetic brushes. I think, generally, if you have larger-sized eyes or tend to do looks with one or two colors, these may work. I also think it may have been more practical to include an additional face brush (perhaps a blush brush) rather than just one (and then four eye brushes) or made them all eye brushes (perhaps an angled eyeliner brush). The set had me feeling a bit like Goldilocks; the eye brushes were, generally, too large for my eye shape/size. As a result, it was challenging for me to use them with my eye shape, so this is just an overview, rather than an in-depth review. The brushes are soft, and I haven’t had any issues after washing them a dozen or so times.

Powder Brush is a large, moderately dense, dome-shaped brush designed to apply powder. The brush head is 43mm in length, 50mm wide, and 35mm in thickness with a pinched ferrule. It had a total length of 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters. I’ve tried it with finishing and setting powders. With setting powders, I usually use a patting and stippling motion, and then I do more feathery, sweeping strokes towards the end to blend, buff, and even everything out. When I do more of a stippling motion, I find the brush somewhat uncomfortable to use; there’s a slight scratchiness to it, which is usually not something I’ve encountered with synthetics before. If you stick with more sweeping, gliding strokes, it feels nice, blends and applies powder well (not too densely, not too sheerly).

Contour Brush is a rounded, angled brush–an interesting, uncommon-shaped brush to be sure. It’s designed to be used to contour the eye area. It worked better for blending out the crease than laying down precise color into the crease for me. I liked it best for applying color to the inner lid, as the angle seemed to work well in that area. It is 11mm in length, 9mm in width, and 9mm in thickness with a round ferrule. It had a total length of just over 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters.

All-Over Shadow Brush is a medium-large-sized, dome-shaped flat brush. It is 14mm in length, 11mm in width, and 5mm in thickness with a pinched ferrule. It had a total length of just over 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters. This is a larger eyeshadow brush, so it works well to lay down all-over color–like a wash of powder eyeshadow or a cream eyeshadow base. For powder, it tends to have a sheerer application, so if you want more opaque color, you may need to go back and pack it on.

Liner Brush is a medium-sized pencil brush that comes to a finer, thinner pointed edge. It is 11mm in length, 5mm in width, and 5mm in thickness with a round ferrule. It was soft, and I thought it was best for applying thicker eyeliner or lightly smudging product. For me, I find the pointed edge less desirable for smudging or applying eyeshadow to the lower lash line (which is just what I personally use this type of brush for most often). Also, to note, my liner brush came a little wonky, and it took four washes to get the shape to go back to normal.

Blender Brush is a medium-large crease brush that flares outward slightly and comes to a just barely rounded edge. It is 18mm in length, 9mm in width, and 9mm in thickness with a round ferrule. It was rather dense, so it was not as useful for blending color as it was for depositing color. However, the size is on the larger end of the spectrum, so depending on your eye shape, it may apply color significant above/below the crease area. I wish the brush was fluffier and more tapered, so it would fit into the crease just a bit better.

The Glossover


Teddy Bear Brush Set

I think, generally, if you have larger-sized eyes or tend to do looks with one or two colors, these may work. If you have smaller eyes or tend to look for precision brushes, these may feel too large.
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Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

2013 was good year for lipsticks, particularly if you loved yours bold, bright, and/or matte. There were new formulas to fall in love with, and plenty of new and limited shades released from my favorite formulas. This was a tough list to compile! Because I really do believe variety is the spice of life, I tried to pick across a variety of formulas!

What lipsticks did you fall in love with this past year?

Sunday, December 29th, 2013

Choosing my top ten favorite palettes from the ones I tested and reviewed in 2013 was a lot more difficult than I anticipated! To give you an idea on how stiff the competition was, there were 128 reviews filed under “makeup palettes,” so you can see there were plenty to choose from! (And if you were curious, I have 1,261 posts filed under “reviews,” and the majority of those posts feature more than one shade, for the past year.) I considered which ones gave me warm, fuzzy feelings, that were high quality, and that I could really reach for over and over again. With those things in mind, here are my favorites…

What were your favorite palettes that you tried this past year?